The Forest of Essex: Its History, Laws, Administration and Ancient Customs, and the Wild Deer which Lived in It. With Maps and Other Illustrations

Butterworths, 1887 - 448 páginas

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Página 111 - John, by the Grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and count of Anjou...
Página 98 - It was true, we give law to hares and deer, because they be beasts of chase ; but it was never accounted either cruelty, or foul play, to knock foxes and wolves on the head as they can be found, because they be beasts of prey.
Página 71 - You shall true liegeman be Unto the King's Majesty : Unto the beasts of the forest you shall no hurt do, Nor to anything that doth belong thereunto : The offences of others you shall not conceal, But to the utmost of your power you shall them reveal Unto the officers of the forest, Or to them who may see them redrest : All these things you shall see done, So help you God, at his holy doom.
Página 98 - It is true, we give law to hares and deers, because they are beasts of chace; it was never accounted either cruelty or foul play to knock foxes and wolves on the head, as they can be found, because these be beasts of prey...
Página 49 - ... Ireland, are of different and unequall values in themselves, whereby, if a subdivision be not made in proportion to the reall difference of the said lands, some will have lands of a much greater value than others, which will be a very great prejudice to many ; for prevention whereof bee it ordained by his Highness the Lord Protector, by and with the advice and consent of his Councill, that it shall and may be...
Página 216 - ... of theyr bodyes will permit and suffer. For it is a spare and bare kinde of Dogge, (of fleshe but not of bone) some are of a greater sorte, and some of a lesser, some are smooth skynned & some are curled, the bigger therefore are appoynted to hunt the bigger beasts, & the smaller serue to hunt the smaller accordingly.
Página 43 - Sheriffs ; so that there was no way by which we had not been opprest, and destroyed, if the power of this Person had been equal to his Will : Or that the will of His Majesty had been equal to his Power. " He not only by this means made us liable to all the effects of an Invasion from without, but (by destruction of our Liberties, which included the destruction...
Página 239 - George) in each succeeding year, the boughs or branches of the trees growing upon the waste lands of the Forest, within the precinct of the said manor and parish (except upon Monks Wood and Loughton Piece), in such manner as not to destroy or unnecessarily injure the trees ; and at such a height from the ground . as not to destroy the covert or browsing of the deer of the Forest.
Página 44 - March in that year, being just four months after the meeting of the Long Parliament, the Earl of Holland signified to the House of Lords, that the King had commanded him to let them know " That His Majesty, understanding that the Forest laws are grievous to the Subjects of this kingdom, his Majesty, out of his Grace and Goodness to his People, is willing to lay down all the new Bounds of his Forests in this kingdom ; and that they shall be reduced to the same Condition as they were before the late...
Página vi - alwaies especiallie and above all theire other fforests, prized and esteemed by the King's Majestie and his said noble progenitors the Kings and Quenes of this Realme of England, as well for his and theire own pleasure disport and recreation from those pressing cares for the publique weale and safetie which are inseparablie incident to their kinglie office, as for the enterteynment of foreyne Princes and Embassadors thereby to show unto them the magnificence of the Kings and Queenes of this Realme.

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