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The orb of day in crimson dye
Began to mount the morning sky,
Then what a scene for warrior's eye

Hung on the bold declivity!

The serried bay'nets glittering stood,
Like icicles on hills of blood,
An aerial stream, a silver wood,

Reeld in the flickering canopy.
Like waves of ocean rolling fast,
Or thunder-cloud before the blast,
Massena's legions, stern and vast,

Rush'd to the dreadful revelry.

The pause is o'er, the fateful shock,
A thousand thousand thunders woke,
The air grows sick, the mountains rock,

Red ruin rides triumphantly!
Light boild the war-cloud to the sky,
In phantom towers and columns high ;
But dark and dense their bases lie,

Prone on the battle's boundary.

The thistle waved her bonnet blue,
The harp her wildest war-notes threw,
The red rose gain’d a fresher hue,

Busaco, in thy heraldry !
Hail, gallant brothers ! woe befall
The foe that braves thy triple wall !
For even the slumbering Portugal

Arouses at thy chivalry!


Spirit all limitless,

Where is thy dwelling place, Spirit of him whose high name we revere ?

Come on thy seraph wings

Come from thy wanderings, And smile on thy votaries who sigh for thee here!

Whether thou journey'st far

On by the morning star,
Dream'st in the shadowy brows of the moon;

Or linger’st in fairyland

Mid lovely elves to stand,
Singing thy carols all lightsome and boon;



Whether thou tremblest o'er

Green grave of Elsinore,
Stay’st o’er the hill of Dunsinnan to hover,

Bosworth or Shrewsbury,

Egypt or Philippi,
Come from thy roamings the universe over !

Come, O thou spark divine,

Rise from thy hallow'd shrine ! Here in the vales of the north thou shalt see,

Hearts true to Nature's call,

Spirits congenial,
Proud of their country, yet bowing to thee.

Here thou art call’d upon,

Come thou to Caledon,
Come to the land of the ardent and free

The land of the lone recess,
Mountain and wilderness,

This is the land, thou wild meteor, for thee!


And here, by the sounding sea,

Torrent and green-wood tree, Here to solicit thee cease shall we never !

Meteor, effulgence bright,

Here must thy flame relight, Or vanish from nature for ever and ever!

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