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He'll come to me at e'en though he's weary, 0,
An' the way be baith langsome an' eery, 0,

An' he'll tirl at the pin,
An' cry,“ Jeanie, let me in,
bosom it burns to be near ye, O!”

For my

He's a queer bonny laddie that I ken o',
He's a dear bonny laddie that I ken o';

For he'll tak’ me on his knee,

An' he'll reave a kiss frae me, The bonny, bonny laddie that I ken o'.


Copied from the Queen's Wake. Queen Mary hears an ancient bard singing it to her at a distance, and deeply affected. It was set to music on a single sheet by Mr Monzanni. I also composed an air for it, since known by the name of “ The Cameronian's Midnight Hymn.” See the Brownie of Bodsbeck.

O Lady dear, fair is thy noon,
But man is like the inconstant moon;

Last night she smiled o'er lawn and lea,
That moon will change and so will he.
Thy time, dear lady, 's a passing shower,
Thy beauty is but a fading flower ;
Watch thy young bosom and virgin eye,
For the shower must fall, and the flow'ret die.


Hush, my bonny babe!-hush, and be still!
Thy mother's arms shall guard thee from ill;
Far have I borne thee in sorrow and pain,
To drink the breeze of the world again.
The dew shall moisten thy brow so meek,
And the breeze of midnight fan thy cheek;
And soon shall we rest in the how of the hill-
Hush, my bonny babe !-hush, and be still !

For thee have I travail'd in weakness and woe,

The world above and the world below;

My heart was kind, and I fell in the snare,
Thy father was cruel, but thou wert fair.


I sinn'd, I sorrow'd—I died for thee,
Then O, my bonny babe, smile on me!
And weep thou not for thy mother's ill-
Hush, my bonny babe !-hush, and be still!

See yon

thick clouds of the murky hue, Yon star that peeps from its window blue Above yon clouds that are wandering far, Away and beyond yon little star,There's a home of peace that soon shall be thine, And there shalt thou see thy father and mine, Away from sorrow, away from ill Hush, my bonny babe!-hush, and be still !

The flowers of this world will bud and decay,
The trees of the forest be weeded away,
And all yon stars from the milky way,
But thou shalt bloom for ever and aye.
The time will come I shall follow thee,
But long, long hence that time shall be.
O weep not so for thy mother's ill!-
Hush, my bonny babe !-hush, and be still!


This and the foregoing songs are copied, with a slight variation, from the Queen's Wake, as pieces that might be successfully set to music.

O Thou, who makest the ocean to flow,
Thou, who walkest the channels below,
To thee the incense of song we heap,—
Thou, who knowest not slumber nor sleep,
Journeying with everlasting motion,
Great spirit that movest on the face of the ocean,
To thee !--to thee !—we sing to thee,
God of the western wind ! God of the sea !

To thee, who breathest in the bosom'd sail,
Who rulest the shark and the rolling whale,

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