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Here will I worship with delight,

pay the vows I made to thee, Until thy mild and modest light

Is cradled on the heaving sea.


A HUMBLE petition from the Ettrick Shepherd to his late loved sovereign, King George IV., to restore the titles of the last remnants of the brave defenders of the rights of their ancient dynasty.


There's nought but alteration;

The men that strove

Our throne to move,

And overturn the nation,

Are a' come round,

Wi' wit profound,
To those they branded sairly

An' show more might

For George's right
Than e'er they did for Charlie

The day is past,

It was the last

Of suffering and of sorrow

And o'er the men

Of northern glen Arose a brighter morrow.

The pibroch rang

With bolder clang Along the hills of heather;

An' fresh an' strong

The thistle sprung That had begun to wither!

Our sovereign gone,

Whom we think on As sons on sire regarded,

Of the plaided north

Beheld the worth
And loyalty rewarded.

Return'd their own,
And to the throne

Bound all their spirits lordly,

Now who will stand,
With dirk or brand,

As Donald does for Geordie ?


Her nainsell now be praying.

Though standard praw,

And broadsword law, She all aside be laying,

With Heelant might,

For Shorge's right, Cot! put she'll braolich rarely,

Gin lords her nain

Pe lords ackain,

That fell for sake of Charlie!


THERE's a bonny, bonny laddie that I ken o',
There's a bonny, bonny laddie that I ken o',

An' although he be but young,

He has a sweet wooing tongue, The bonny, bonny laddie that I ken o'.

He has woo'd me for his own, an' I trow him, 0, For it's needless to deny that I loe him, 0);

When I see his face come ben,

Then a' the lads I ken,
I think them sae far, far below him, O.

There is Annie, the demure little fairy, 0,
Our Nancy, an' Burns' bonny Mary, 0;

They may set their caps at him,

An' greet till they gae blin',
But his love for his Jean will never vary, 0.

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