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with great vigour, He was board and lodging at Greenaided by Giovanni Rizzardo, wich Palace ; his pictures were Muscorno's successor, who was admired; he received commisable to show up Muscorno as sions from the royal family, a liar, a rascal, and a heretic, but he was not happy. He The result of this first attempt had hoped that his path in against the ex-Ambassador was England would be paved with the liberation of Foscarini and gold, but the early extravagance the incarceration of Muscorno of James I. had apparently for two years in the fortress of compelled subsequent economy Palmanova. There, no doubt, he both on his part and on that nursed his schemes of revenge, of his son, greatly to De Servi's and planned a new attack on disappointment; “I seem to his enemy which was to be have arrived at a bad moment,” only too successful. He was, he laments. During the whole as I said, the real villain of the period of his sojourn in Engpiece ; but it is certain that land, however, he was receivhis band was immensely ing a salary (paid to his family strengthened by Foscarini's un- in Florence) from the Grand popularity ; it is certain, too, Duke of Tuscany ; both Lotti that Foscarini's extravagant and Cioli made him generous and senseless behaviour made advances, but the insatiable many people hate him. Fow painter was as greedy as a eccentrics have paid so terribly fledgling sparrow. He poured for their eccentricity.

the tale of his alleged poverty Amongst the other scapigliati into the ears of the Prince and described by Signor Gargano, of Princess Elizabeth, and perthe painter and architect De suaded the latter to write a Servi is mainly remarkable for note to the Grand Duchess of his assiduous attempts to ex- Tuscany on his behalf. This tort or borrow money from might have resulted in trouble, every one with whom he came for the Princess, being ignorant in contact, and for his collabo- of diplomatic usage, omitted ration with Thomas Campion to address the Grand Duchess in the production of a masque as your Most Serene Highwritten by that poet. After ness. .” They were sticklers for a successful career at various etiquette at the Tuscan Court. European Courts, he came to The malign Lotti, who by this England in 1611, and enjoyed time had grown heartily sick the patronage of the Queen of being sponged upon by De and the Prince of Wales, to Servi, allowed the letter to go whom he was presented by to Florence. Ottaviano Lotti. The Prince, De Servi’s correspondence is as we have seen, was engaged mainly devoted to his own in forming a collection of pic- financial grievances, and contures. De Servi was welcomed tains little that is of general at the Court and provided with interest. He seems to have

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been a subordinate of Inigo work with some short biogJones, but that great man raphies of various rascals : of apparently did not impress him. Petrucci, “il Cavaliere dell' Indeed, he makes no allusion Imperatore," who lived by writto art in England-an instance ing scurrilous verses about every of the fact, as Signor Gargàno one who refused to lend him remarks, that Italians in the money; of another “Cavaliere early seventeenth century re- Imperiale” (they were nearly garded English culture as negli- all Cavalieri) who tried and gible, and England merely as failed to get round the wily a base for financial exploita- James I. ; of Chiti, who worked tion. He esteemed himself, the confidence trick; of the and tried to make other people Archbishop of Spalato, who esteem him, as an amateur became Canon of Windsor and diplomatist, but his observa- Prebendary of Canterbury ; of tions in that genre are without “The Son of the Pope," who importance.

intrigued with Spain, and forged His most important commis- a letter from the Constable of sion was that of designing and Rome; of the Abate Scaglia, producing

the Somerset who dressed his page as Masque

Campion ; but

but woman, and so enabled Lady the standard set by Inigo Jones Purbeck to escape from a huin the “ Masque of Lords,” manitarian crowd which had where 'the stars moved in assembled to watch her doing an exceeding strange and de- penance for adultery-rogues lightful manner," and "few all, and many of them destined had ever seen more neat artifice to find an end to their operathan Master Inigo Jones showed tions in the prisons of the in contriving their motions," Inquisitors or at the stake in was too high for De Servi; his the Campo dei Fiori. I have pageant was a dismal failure, plundered Signor Gargano's and the pageant-master was treasury with both hands, but utterly discredited. Campion even so I have made no alluhimself described in his sion to a large amount of de“Masques

how the pig- lightful material. My excuse headed independence of De for the plundering must lie in Servi made real collaboration the charm and interest of his impossible. The Italian stayed book, both from the point of in England for a few more view of the historian and the months, painting portraits ; student of life. Every one who then he departed to serve knows Italian ought to read it, Prince Maurice at the Hague. and it certainly deserves trans

Signor Gargano concludes his lation.

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JACK's clothes were a real Sandy, being young and ignoworry to me! Goodness knows! rant, had irreproachable yachthe had enough of them, quite ing clothes ! three times as much as I had. The Don's feet were a conHe had suits and shirts of stant worry to him-and others. varying thicknesses and shades He seemed always to have on to suit every weather condition sea-boots when we landed for --cold fine weather, cold wet a walk, yet on coming on board weather, warm bright weather, he had frequently to be helped warm dull weather! Having across the deck because he had once accepted the unalterable nails in his shoes ! fact that his luggage would fill The day after our midnight an ark, let alone a small yacht, arrival at Crinan the wind was and even managed to stow the still howling and blustering stuff away--that was not my from the south-west, a point complaint. What I found hard of the compass which seems to to bear was that, with all this contain the main supply of wardrobe to choose from, he wind. Jack, of course, wanted never appeared in anything but to stay where we were ; to the perfectly dreadful remnants leave a good anchorage merely of a tweed suit and a Shetland to go out into a sou’wester, sweater of dubious colour! The for no special reason, was what

in case

the weather he calls a mug's game. A conditions required them; but, mug is evidently a person who

n like the Mad Hatter's jam, it thinks differently from onewas always yesterday or to- self, as far as I can gather from morrow, but never the neces- Jack's frequent, but diverse, sary weather to-day.

use of the expression. I have The Don needs severe fem- a soft spot for the mug myself, inine supervision at any time as it is always towards the side in the matter of clothes, so of fun and games that the poor with Jack's awful example and thing errs, and he seems to none of his own womankind, have very little serious sense of he degenerated rapidly, but responsibility. more from want of thought Sandy and I decided to back than want of heart, and ap- the mug this time, and Jack peared in whilom tennis trousers gave in to a certain extent. and an aged Norfolk jacket, "I shall certainly not go which, I fancy, is an heirloom outside the Dorus Mor in this


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weather,” said Jack, with im- counter, and trying to eliminate mense dignity and decision; one's feet till the baling is

but if you must always be finished. on the move when there is This island is certainly one more than enough to do where that likes to be visited,” like we are-well, we can go into Mary Rose's, but is infinitely Loch Craignish.”

less sinister, if equally romantic. Thank you, papa," I said The farmer's wife welcomed us humbly.

with charming Highland hospiThis journey took us about tality, more as if we were exan hour; an hour's sailing, of pected guests than stray strancourse, I mean—there is always gers. I asked if we might the great untimed period of have some eggs and butter, starting and stopping! Jack even a chicken, perhaps ? Oh, washed his hands of us, and yess—she would see about it if let us play our little game with We would wait in the parlour. the mug as we chose. But Scotch farm parlours are somehis

detachment was not as times a little awesome in their complete as the pretence of it, ugliness. The air has an almost for he bobbed on deck just in sepulchral feeling, from the lack time to verify his cross-bearings of use and open windows, and for the anchorage, and make ranged around stifly are photoit clear that we had not. graphs of stiff self-conscious

We anchored close to an relatives in unaccustomed island of fair size, and on that clothes, with expressions of island there was a farm, so, the grim endurance--I suppose they moving successfully over, of knew the result would be forcourse we wanted to go ashore ever entombed in the best parand explore.

lour! This room was delight“Good Lord ! You can't be fully different, and without the happy now you have moved, least feeling of a recently rebut must go ashore! What do moved corpse ! A spinningyou want with a yacht at all, wheel, obviously for use, not I wonder ? Your one idea ornament, was by one side of always seems to be leaving the fire, and by the other a it!"

table with mending and knitI tactfully suggested we might ting—and books; these also get some fresh provisions at for use, not ornament, which the farm. So sensible a pro- seemed more surprising even position rather placated Jack, than the spinning-wheel. The and the dinghy was ordered Don cannot be near a book round to the front door. I without picking it up, and as have not yet got over the de- I was examining the wheel he lightful novelty of this dignified almost shouted with surprise proceeding! Such an improve- and pleasurement to hauling the thing up "By my halidom, these are oneself, scrambling in off the unexpected books to find on a

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desolate island ! Their titles I said it was exceedingly read like the Hundred Best kind of her, as our man was Books, chosen by some one not very equal to dealing with who really meant to read them anything less prepared for cook—and they have been, by ing than a slice of bacon. At Jupiter!

that she offered to cook the "Perhaps they belong to birds for us as well, and when lodgers,” I guessed.

she added that it would be Not much,” said Sandy; easy, as they had the fresh “ look at this.”

herbs in the garden, the Don And there, on many of the intervened and thanked her fly-leaves, was the name of elaborately, but from the heart the farmer himself, and his -I suppose “heart” is the

, certificates and prizes from the right expression ! University where he had taken I asked about the spinningà degree ! Unlike Voltaire's wheel, a thing I have never God, if this were not true one seen working, except in ‘Faust could not invent it, for it was and


Yeomen of the such pure Barrie as to be rank Guard,' when the vocal preplagiarism.

occupations of

of the

the spinner Sandy groaned. “O Lord ! seemed detrimental to the spinI am off! Reading these sorts ning, for the wheel generally of things is bad enough at goes as much backwards as college, and living in a farm forwards! Mistress Farmer oflike this bad enough at any fered to teach me if we were time—but, О ye gods ! fancy staying a little longer at the combining them for pleasure ! anchorage. I'm off to explore the island- “I should be much inI really can't stick this ; when terested,” to her surprise the the good lady returns, I sup- Don, not I, answered ;

spinpose, you will talk philosophy, ning is an art that much ininterlarded with pig-fare-thee- trigues me." well!” And he tiptoed out of His short-sighted peering at the house, and then escaped, it, and his long tentatively whistling.

poking finger, seemed to inThe lady of the house soon trigue the owner of the wheel returned with a large basket too ! I said we would certainly of eggs, butter, and wonderful come up next morning, when home-made scones, still warm the light was better, if she from the girdle, and oatcakes could spare us some time. as thin and curled as autumn When we got back on board leaves.

we found the restless Sandy I have got a chicken and had explored enough of the two young ducks I could let island, and wanted to row you have, but I will send them across to the opposite shore, down to the yacht, as they which certainly looked attrachave still to be plucked.” tive, and where Donald told

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