Fear and Loathing in Ancient Athens: Religion and Politics During the Peloponnesian War

Acumen, 2014 - 316 páginas
Athens at the time of the Peloponnesian war was the arena for a dramatic battle between politics and religion in the hearts and minds of the people. 'Fear and loathing in ancient athens', originally published in German but now available for the first time in an expanded and revised English edition, sheds new light on this dramatic period of history and offers a new approach to the study of Greek religion. The book explores an extraordinary range of events and topics: impiety charges and prosecutions; the horrors of the plague; the mutilation of hermai and the profanation of the mysteries; the controversy created by the adoption of new gods; the impressive architectural structures of the sculptor Phidias; the military conflicts of the Peloponnesian war; and the thoughts of the mysterious philosopher Socrates. 'Fear and Loathing in Ancient Athens' will be an indispensible study for students and scholars studying Athenian religion and politics.

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Impiety trials against philosophers and Sophists
The Plague Pericles and the Peloponnesian War
Other prosecutions for impiety
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Alexander Rubel is Director of the Institute of Archaeology, Iasi, Romania. Michael Vickers, the translator, is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

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