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children, for their country, for themselves, they will use every probable means to rescue the rising generation from early profligacy. Selfish motives often prevail when all others are inefficacious. I repeat then, that for their own sakes, they must guard their offspring from riot, intemperance, and prodigality. If they are misguided by the example of Henry V. or any other reformed rake, so as to encourage their children in evil, or even to be negligent of them, they will probably repent in the day of old age, aud find poverty, shame, and anguish, superadded to the weight of years, and the unavoidable evils of a natural decay.

R. J.

You saw me when my infant years

Had scarcely numbered ten,
When simple were my hopes and lears,

Oh! I was happy tben!
You see me now, when time and care

Have deeply marked my brow,
With lineaments of fell despair :

Oh! I'm not happy now!
You knew me when, a careless child,

I roved and laughed at men
Who never laughed, and seldom smiled;

Oh! I was happy then !
You know me now, that grief and woe

Sit at life's vessel's prow,
While o'er me waves of sadness flow :-

Oh! I'm not happy now!
You found me when hope shone so bright,

It ne'er came in my ken,
It e'er could set in endless night ;-

Oh! I was happy then!
Yet shall not this world and its dreams,

To Heav'u be forc'd to bow ?".
Yes ! yes! a ray of daylight gleams,
Give thanks ! I'm happy now !


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FEMALE HEROISM. Barox Roll was accustomed to spend the summer at a charming seat, situated in a most romantic country, at a considerable distance from the main road. His castle, standing upon the top of an eminence, corresponded with his large fortune; it was spacious and elegant, and some hundred yards distant from the vil. lage to which it belonged.

Some business of an urgent nature obliged him 10 quit bis mansion for a few days, and to leave his lady, a young and charming woman, under the protection of his most faithful servants. He had not been absent above two days, when, as the baroness was just going to bed, a sudden and terrible noise was heard in an adjoining room. She called for her servants, but no answer was returned ; while the noise grew louder every monient. Not being able to conceive what could be the cause of this unusual uproar, she slipped on a nightgown, and went to the door to see what could occasion this increasing disturbance. Any woman less intrepid than herself would hare fainted away at the dreadful sight wbich she beheld on opening the door. Two of her men servants lay half-naked on the floor, with their brains dashed out; the whole apartinent was filled with strange men of a most horrid aspect; her woman was kneeling before one of them, and at that very moment was pierced through the heart by one of the midnight ruffians. When the door was opened, two of the barbarians rushed towards it with drawn swords. What man, however great his courage, would not have been appalled with terror, and eiiber have attempted to savo bimself by flight, or, throwing himself prostrate at tlie feet of the robbers, have conjured them to spare his life. The baroness acted differently, · Are you beie at last ? she exclaimed, with apparent rapture, flying towards her aggressors with an eagerness that surprised them, and made them pause just as they were ready to strike the fatal blow. . Are you here at lasi ?' she exclaimed once more, I have a long time wished to see visitors like you.' • Wished ! roared one of the

murderers, what do you mean by that? I'll teach you. He brandished his cutlass, but his comrade arrested his arm,- Stop a moment, brother ; let us hear what she wants of us. Nothing else, my brave lads,' said the baroness, but what is agreeable to yourselves; I see you have made quick work here; you are men after my own mind, and you will not repent of it, if you will listen quietly to me only for a few moments.' - Speak !' exclaimed the whole crew, 'speak, but be brief,' vociferated the most terrible of them, 'for we sball soon send you after your people.' " I much doubt whether you will,' said the baroness, ' after you have heard what I am going to say. I am married, in. deed, to the wealthiest nobleman in the country, but the wife of the meanest beggar cannot be more miserable than myself, as my tyrant is the meanest and most jealous wretch on earth; I hate him more bitterly than words can express, and have long been anxious to find an opportunity of breaking my fetters, and paying my tyrant in his own coin. I should have eloped long ago, bad I been able to effect my escape. All my servants are his spies, and that fellow yonder, whose skull you have so bravely handled, was the worst of all. My tormentor even compels me to sleep alone ; I am but twenty years old, and may at least flatter myself of not being wholly destitute of personal charms, should any one of you be willing to take me with him, I should not hesitate a moment to follow him, no matter whether his residence be in a cavern or in a village ale-house; nor will you repent of having spared my life. You are in a castle amply stored with treasures, but it is im, possible yoụ can be acquainted with every secret recess in it. I will discover them to you, and you may treat me as you have treated my woman if this discovery do not make you six thousand dollars richer.'

Robbers of this description are indeed villains of the blackest die, but, nevertheless, they cease not to be men. The unexpected tenor of their prisoner's address, the apparent unconcern with which she spoke, the more than common charms of a young female only. slightly dressed, a!l this produced most singular effects

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