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From her couch of snows
In the Acroceraunian mountains;

From cloud and from crag,

With many a jag, Shepherding her bright fountains.

She leapt down the rocks

With her rainbow locks Streaming among the streams;

Her steps paved with green

The downward ravine Which slopes to the western gleams;

And gliding and springing,

She went, ever singing, In murmurs as soft as sleep;

The earth seemed to love her,

And heaven smiled above her, As she lingered towards the deep.

Under the bowers

Where the Ocean Powers
Sit on their pearlèd thrones,

Through the coral woods
Of the

weltering floods, Over heaps of unvalued stones;

Through the dim beams

Which amid the streams Weave a network of coloured light;

And under the caves

Where the shadowy waves Are as green as the forest's night;

Outspeeding the shark,

And the swordfish dark, Under the ocean foam,

And up through the rists

Of the mountain clifts
They passed to their Dorian home.

And now from their fountains

In Enna's mountains, Down one vale where the morning basks,

Like friends once parted

Grown single-hearted, They ply their watery tasks.

At sunrise they leap

From their cradles steep
In the cave of the shelving hill ;

At noontide they flow

Through the woods below And the meadows of Asphodel;

And at night they sleep

In the rocking deep Beneath the Ortygian shore;

Like spirits that lie

In the azure sky,
When they love but live no more.

Then Alpheus bold,

On his glacier cold, With his trident the mountains strook ;

And opened a chasm

In the rocks; with the spasm All Erymanthus shook.

And the black south wind

It concealed behind The urns of the silent snow,

And earthquake and thunder

Did rend in sunder
The bars of the springs below.

The beard and the hair

Of the river-god were
Seen through the torrent's sweep,

As he followed the light

Of the fleet nymph's flight To the brink of the Dorian deep.

“Oh, save me! Oh, guide me!

And bid the deep hide me, For he grasps me now by the hair!"

The loud ocean heard,

To its blue depth stirred, And divided at her prayer;

And under the water

The Earth's white daughter Fled like a sunny beam,

Behind her descended,

Her billows unblended
With the brackish Dorian stream:

Like a gloomy stain

On the emerald main, Alpheus rushed behind,

As an eagle pursuing

A dove to its ruin Down the streams of the cloudy wind.

THE QUESTION. I DREAMED that, as I wandered by the way, Bare winter suddenly was changed to

spring, And gentle odours led my steps astray,

Mixed with a sound of waters murmuring Along a shelving bank of turf, which lay

Under a copse, and hardly dared to fling Its green arms round the bosom of the stream,

[est in dream. But kissed it and then fled, as thou mightThere grew pied wind-flowers and violets,

Daisies, those pearlèd Arcturi of the earth, The constellated flower that never sets; Faint oxlips; tender bluebells, at whose



The sod scarce heaved; and that tall flower

that wets Its mother's face with heaven - collected tears,

[it hears. When the low wind, its playmate's voice, And in the warm hedge grew lush eglantine, Green cow-bind and the moonlightcoloured May,

(whose wine And cherry blossoms, and white cups, Was the bright dew yet drained not by

the day; And wild roses, and ivy serpentine, With its dark buds and leaves, wandering astray ;

[gold, And flowers azure, black, and streaked with Fairer than any wakened eyes behold. And nearer to the river's trembling edge There grew broad flag-flowers, purple

prankt with white, And starry river buds among the sedge, And floating water - lilies, broad and

bright, Which lit the oak that overhung the hedge With moonlight beams of their own watery light;

[green And bulrushes, and reeds of such deep Assoothed the dazzled eye with sober sheen.

So speaking, and by fervent love endowed With faith, the suppliant heavenward lifts

her hands; While, like the sun emerging from a cloud, Her countenance brightens, and her eye expands;

[grows; Her bosom heaves and spreads, her stature And she expects the issue in repose. Oh, terror! what hath she perceived ?--Oh,

[behold? What doth she look on ?--whom doth she Her hero slain upon the beach of Troy? His vital presence-his corporeal mould? It is—if sense deceive her not-'tis he! And a god leads him -winged Mercury! Mild Hermes spake, and touched her with

his wand That calms all fear: · Such grace hath

crowned thy prayer, Laodamia; that at Jove's command Thy husband walks the paths of upper air: He comes to tarry with thee three hours'

space: Accept the gift-behold him face to face! Forth sprang the impassioned queen her

lord to clasp! Again that consummation she essayed; But unsubstantial form eludes her grasp As often as that eager grasp was made. The phantom parts—but parts to re-unite, And re-assume his place before her sight.

· Protesilàus, lo! thy guide is gone! Confirm, I pray, the vision with thy voice: This is our palace,-yonder is thy throne: Speak, and the floor thou tread'st on will

rejoice. Not to appal me have the gods bestowed This precious boon, and blest a sad abode." “Great Jove, Laodamia! doth not leave His gifts imperfect:-spectre though I be, I am not sent to scare thee or deceive; But in reward of thy fidelity. And something also did my worth obtain ; For fearless virtue bringeth boundless gain.

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Methought that of these visionary flowers

I made a nosegay, bound in such a way That the same hues which in their natural

bowers Were mingled or opposed, the like array Kept these imprisoned children of the Hours

[gay, Within my hand, and then, elate and I hastened to the spot whence I had come, That I might there present it,-Oh! to






“With sacrifice before the rising morn, Vows have I made by fruitless hope inspired; And from the infernal gods, 'mid shades forlorn

(required: Of night, my slaughtered lord have I Celestial pity I again implore ;Restore him to my sight-great Jove,


"Thou know'st, the Delphic oracle foretold That the first Greek who touched the Trojan

strand Should die; but me the threat could not

withhold. A generous cause a victim did demand, And forth I leapt upon the sandy plain, A self-devoted chief-by Hector slain."

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“Supreme of heroes-bravest, noblest, best! Thy matchless courage I bewail no more, Which then, when tens of thousands were

deprest By doubt, propelled thee to the fatal shore; Thou found'st-and I forgive thee-here

thou artA nobler counsellor than my poor heart. “But thou, though capable of sternest deed, Wert kind as resolute, and good as brave; And he, whose power restores thee, hath decreed

[the grave; That thou shouldst cheat the malice of Redundant are thy locks, thy lips as fair As when their breath enriched Thessalian


But if thou goest I follow." "Peace!" he said.

scheered. She looked upon him, and was calmed and The ghastly colour from his lips had fled; In his deportment, shape, and mien ap

peared Elysian beauty, melancholy grace, (place. Brought from a pensive though a happy He spake of love, such love as spirits feel In worlds whose courseis equable and pure; No fears to beat away, no strife to heal, The past unsighed for, and the future sure; Spake of heroic arts in graver mood Revived, with finer harmony pursued:

"No spectre greets me, no vain shadow this: Come, blooming hero, place thee by my side! Give, on this well-known couch, one nuptial

kiss To me, this day, a second time thy bride!" Jove frowned in heaven; the conscious

Parcæ threw
Upon those roseate lips a Stygian hue.

Of all that is most beauteous, imaged there
In happier beauty; more pellucid streams,
An ampler ether, a diviner air,
And fields invested with purpureal gleams;
Climes which the sun, who sheds the

brightest day
Earth knows, all unworthy to survey.

Yet there the soul shall enter which hath

earned That privilege by virtue. — "III," said he, “The end of man's existence I discerned, Who from ignoble games and revelry Could draw, when we had parted, vain delight,

(and night; While tears were thy best pastime,-day “And while my youthful peers, before my

eyes (Each hero following his peculiar bent), Prepared themselves for glorious enterprise By martial sports; or, seated in the tent, Chieftains and kings in council were de

tained, What time the fleet at Aulis lay enchained.

“This visage tells thee that my doom is past:
Know, virtue were not virtue if the joys
Of sense were able to return as fast
And svrely as they vanish.-Earth destroys
These raptures duly-Erebus disdains:
Calm pleasures there abide, majestic pains.
“Be taught, O faithful consort, to control
Rebellious passion; for the gods approve
The depth, and not the tumult, of the soul;
A fervent, not ungovernable love. [mourn
Thy transports moderate ; and meekly
When I depart, for brief is my sojourn.'
“Ah, wherefore? Did not Hercules by force
Wrest from the guardian monster of the

Alcestis, a reanimated corse, [bloom?
Given back to dwell on earth in vernal
Medea's spells dispersed the weight of years,
And Æson stood a youth 'mid youthful

peers. “The gods to us are merciful, and they Yet further may relent; for mightier far Than strength of nerve and sinew, or the

sway Of magic potent over sun and star, Is love, though oft to agony distrest, And though his favourite seat be feeble

woman's breast.

“The wished-for wind was given: I then

revolved The oracle upon the silent sea; And, if no worthier led the way, resolved That, of a thousand vessels, mine should be The foremost prow in pressing to the strand,-

[sand. Mine the first blood that tinged the Trojan “Yet bitter, ofttimes bitter, was the pang When of thy loss I thought, beloved wife! On thee too fondly did my memory hang, And on the joys we shared in mortal life, The paths which we had trod, these fountains, flowers,

[towers. My new-planned cities, and unfinished

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