The Medico-chirurgical Review, and Journal of Practical Medicine


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Página 329 - That slipp'd through cracks and zig-zags of the head ; All that on Folly Frenzy could beget, Fruits of dull heat, and sooterkins of wit. Next, o'er his books his eyes began to roll, In pleasing memory of all he stole, How here he sipp'd, how there he plunder'd snug, And suck'd all o'er, like an industrious bug.
Página 473 - I made such an impression on my eye that if I looked upon the clouds, or a book, or any bright object, I saw upon it a round bright spot of light like the sun, and which is still stranger, though I looked upon the sun with my right eye...
Página 94 - In a damp, hot, stagnating air, this African fever is generated from the putrefaction of animal substances, and especially from the swarms of locusts, not less destructive to mankind in their death than in their lives. The fatal disease which depopulated the earth in the time of Justinian and his...
Página 473 - I durst neither write nor read ; but to recover the use of my eyes shut myself up in my chamber made dark for three days together, and used all means to divert my imagination from the sun. For if I thought upon him I presently saw his picture, though I was in the dark.
Página 474 - I began in three or four days to have some use of my eyes again ; and, by forbearing to look upon bright objects, recovered them pretty well, though not so well, but that, for some months after, the spectrum of the sun began to return as often as I began to meditate upon the phenomena, even though I lay in bed at midnight with my curtains drawn.
Página 494 - blood is derived from the kidney, it is in general equally diffused throughout the whole urine ; on the contrary, when derived from the bladder, the blood for the most part comes away in greater or less quantity at the termination of the discharge, the urine having previously flowed off nearly pure.
Página 574 - ... deceased person to undergo anatomical examination, unless, to the knowledge of such executor or other party, such person shall have expressed his desire, either in writing at any time during his life, or verbally in the presence of two or more witnesses during the illness whereof he died, that his body after death might not undergo such examination, or unless the surviving husband or wife, or any known relative of the deceased person, shall require the body to be interred without such examination.
Página 473 - ... which is difficult to be seen, I could make the phantasm return without looking any more upon the sun ; and the oftener I made it return, the more easily I could make it return again.
Página 485 - Francis, accompanied by five or six of his friends, entered the furnace, and, after remaining two minutes, they brought out a thermometer which stood at 320°. Some of the party experienced sharp pains in the tips of their ears and in the septum of the nose, while others felt a pain in their eyes.
Página 474 - He could, however, distinguish blues when they were light. Dr Nichols has recorded a case where a person who was in the navy purchased a blue uniform coat and waistcoat, with red breeches to match the blue...

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