The Russo-Turkish campaigns of 1828 and 1829: with a view of the present state of affairs in the East

Redfield, 1854 - 360 páginas
Chesney served in the British Royal Artillery forces. In 1829, he accompanied supplies to the Turkish forces to support their fight against Russian invasion; though the conflict was over by the time he arrived, he subsequently travelled in the region and interviewed a number of participants involved. Due to the tense relations between the Ottoman Empire and Russia in the 1850s, Chesney revisited the people he met in 1829 and the early 1830s and convinced officers from both Turkey and Russia to reminisce about the campaign.

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Página 342 - Principalities are, he said, in fact, an independent State under my protection, this might so continue, Servia might receive the same form of government, so again with Bulgaria, there seems to be no reason why this province should not form an independent State. As to Egypt, I quite understand the importance to England of that territory. I can then only say that if, in the event of a distribution of the Ottoman succession upon the fall of the Empire, you should take possession of Egypt, I shall have...
Página 331 - We have on our hands a sick man — a very sick man. It will, I tell you frankly, be a great misfortune if one of these days he should slip away from us before all necessary arrangements were made.
Página 332 - On the contrary, my country is so vast, so happily circumstanced in every way, that it would be unreasonable in me to desire more territory or more power than I possess ; on the contrary, I am the first to tell you that our great, perhaps our only danger, is that which would arise from an extension given to an empire already too large.
Página 338 - I will tell yon that, if your government has been led to believe that Turkey retains any elements of existence, your government must have received incorrect information. I repeat to you, that the sick man is dying ; and we can never allow such an event to take us by surprise. We must come to some understanding ; and this we should do, I am convinced, if I could hold but ten minutes...
Página 342 - As to Egypt, I quite understand the importance to England of that territory. I can, then, only say that if, in the event of a distribution of the Ottoman succession upon the fall of the empire, you should take possession of Egypt, I shall have no objection to offer. I would say the same thing of Candia; that island might suit you, and I do not know why it should not become an English possession.
Página 342 - Pasha, and should a general rising of the Christians take place in consequence, the Sultan will, in all probability, lose his throne ; but in this case he falls to rise no more. I wish to support his authority, but, if he loses it, it is gone for ever. The Turkish empire is a thing to be tolerated, not to be reconstructed. In such a cause, I protest to you, I will not allow a pistol to be fired.
Página 338 - It can hardly be otherwise but that the Sovereign who insists with such pertinacity upon the impending fall of a neighbouring State, must have settled in his own mind that the hour, if not of its dissolution, at all events for its dissolution, must be at hand.
Página 334 - His imperial majesty then alluded to a conversation which he had held the last time he was in England with the Duke of Wellington, and to the motives which had compelled him to open himself to his grace; then, as now, his majesty was, he said, eager to provide against events which, in the absence of any concert, might compel him to act in a manner opposed to the views of her majesty's government.
Página 359 - As soon as the Porte shall perceive that it is not supported by the other Cabinets, it will give way, and the differences which have arisen will be arranged in a conciliatory manner, without any conflict resulting from them.
Página 334 - A noble triumph would be obtained by the civilization of the nineteenth century, if the void left by the extinction of Mahommedan rule in Europe could be filled up without an interruption of the general peace, in consequence of the precautions adopted by the two principal Governments the most interested in the destinies of Turkey.

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