The Buccaneers and Marooners of America: Being an Account of the Famous Adventures and Daring Deeds of Certain Notorious Freebooters of the Spanish Main


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Pàgina 128 - Indians within a few days after his arrival took him prisoner, and tore him in pieces alive, throwing his body limb by limb into the fire, and his ashes into the air, that no trace or memory might remain of such an infamous, inhuman creature.
Pàgina 256 - In time of action, he wore a sling over his shoulders with three brace of pistols hanging in holsters like bandaliers, and stuck lighted matches under his hat, which, appearing on each side of his face, his eyes naturally looking fierce and wild, made him altogether such a figure, that imagination cannot form an idea of a fury, from hell, to look more frightful.
Pàgina 150 - They had not a sufficient number of men wherewith to assault so strong and great a city. But Captain Morgan replied : If our number is small, our hearts are great. And the fewer persons we are, the more union and better shares we shall have in the spoil.
Pàgina 234 - ... Captain Morgan having had some experience that those lewd fellows would not much stickle to swear falsely in points of interest, he commanded every one to be searched very strictly, both in their clothes and satchels and everywhere it might be presumed they had reserved anything. Yea, to the intent this order might not be ill taken by his companions, he permitted himself to be searched, even to the very soles of his shoes.
Pàgina 231 - ... to the river where his canoes lay. About this time a great rumour was spread in the city, of a considerable number of Pirates who intended to leave Captain Morgan ; and that, by taking a ship which was in the port, they determined to go and rob upon the South Sea till they had got as much as they thought fit, and then return homewards by the way of the East Indies into Europe. For which purpose, they had already...
Pàgina 258 - Such a day, Rum all out:— Our company somewhat sober: A damn'd confusion amongst us!— Rogues a plotting;— great talk of separation.— So I look'd sharp for a Prize;— such a day took one, with a great deal of Liquor on board, so kept the Company hot, damned hot, then all things went well again.
Pàgina 274 - My Lord, it is a very hard Sentence. For my Part, I am the innocentest Person of them all, only I have been sworn against by perjured Persons.
Pàgina 272 - ... there must go an intention of the mind and a freedom of the will to the committing an act of felony or piracy. A pirate is not to be understood to be under constraint, but a free agent ; for in this case, the bare act will not make a man guilty, unless the will make it so. Now a servant, it is true, if he go voluntarily, and have his proportion, he must be accounted a pirate, for then he acts upon his own account, and not by compulsion ; and these persons, according to the evidence, received...
Pàgina 154 - Pirates mounted them in great numbers, and with no less valour; having fireballs in their hands, and earthen pots full of powder. All which things, being now at the top of the walls, they kindled and cast in among the Spaniards. "This effort of the Pirates was very great, insomuch as the Spaniards could no longer resist nor defend the castle, which was now entered.
Pàgina 230 - Sir, my life is in your hands; but as to my body, in relation to that which you would persuade me to, my soul shall sooner be separated from it through the violence of your arms than I shall condescend to your request.

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