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He sung of God-the mighty source
Of all things--the stupendous force

On which all strength depends ;
From whose right arm, beneath whose eyes,
All period, power and enterprise

Commences, reigns, and ends.
Angels—their ministry and meed,
Which to and fro with blessings speed,

Ör with their citterns wait ;
Where Michael with his millions bows,
Where dwells the seraph and his spouse,

The cherub and her mate.

Of man—the semblance and effect
Of God and Love—the Saint elect
For infinite applause-

To rule the land, and briny broad,
To be laborious in his laud,
And heroes in his cause.

3 The world—the clustering spheres he made, The glorious light, the soothing shade,

Dale,, champaign, grove and hill ;
The multitudinous abyss,
Where seçrecy remains in bliss,

And wisdom hides her skill.

Trees, plants, and flowers-of virtuous root; Gem_yielding blossom, yielding, fruit,

Choice gums and precious balm; Bless ye the nosegay in the vale, And with the sweetness of the gale

Enrich the thankful psalm.

Of fowl-e'en every beak and wing
Which cheer the winter, hail the spring,

That live in peace or prey ;
They that make music, or that mock,
The quail, the brave domestic cock,

The raven, swan, and jay.

Of fishes—every size and shape
Which nature frames of light escape,

Devouring man to shun:
The shells are in the wealthy deep,
The shoals upon the surface leap,
And love the glancing sun.

Of beasts-the beaver plods his task,
While the sleek tigers róll and bask,

Nor yet the shades arouse ;
Her cave the mining coney scoops ;
Where o'er the mead the mountain stoops

The kids exult and browse.

Of gems-their virtue and their price,
Which hid in earth from man's device,

Their darts of lustre sheathe;
The jasper of the master's stamp,
The topaz blazing like a lamp

Among the mines beneath.

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Praise above all-for praise prevails :
Heap up the measure, load the scales,

And good to goodness add :
The generous soul her favour aids,
But peevish obloquy degrades;

The Lord is great and glad.

For adoration all the ranks
Of angels yield eternal thanks,

And David in the midst ;
With God's good poor, which, last and least
In man's esteem, thou to thy feast,

O blessed bridegroom, bidst.

For adoration seasons change,
And order, truth, and beauty range,

Adjust, attract, and fill :
The grass the polyanthus checks ;
And polished porphyry reflects,

By the descending rill.

Rich almonds colour to the prime
For adoration ; tendrils climb,

And fruit-trees pledge their gems;
And Ivis? with her gorgeous vest
Builds for her eggs her cunning nest,

And bell-flowers bow their stems.

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Sweet the young nurse with love intense,
Which smiles o'er sleeping innocence;

Sweet when the lost arrive :
Sweet the musician's ardour beats,
While his vague mind's in quest of sweets,

The choicest flowers to hive,

1 The humming bird.

Sweeter in all the strains of love
The language of thy turtle dove

Paired to thy swelling chord ;
Sweeter with every grace endued
The glory of thy gratitude

Respired unto the Lord.


Strong is the horse upon his speed;
Strong in pursuit the rapid glede,

Which makes at once his game : Strong the tall ostrich on the ground; Strong thro’ the turbulent profound

Shoots xiphias? to his aim.

Strong is the lion-like a coal
His eyeball-like a bastion's mole

His chest against the foes ;
Strong, the gier-eagle on his sail,
Strong against tide th' enormous whale

Emerges as he goes.

But stronger still, in earth and air,
And in the sea, the man of prayer ;

And far beneath the tide ;
And in the seat to faith assigned,
Where ask is have, where seek is find,

Where knock is open wide.

Beauteous the fleet before the gale ;
Beauteous the multitudes in mail,

Ranked arms and crested heads : Beauteous the garden's umbrage mild, Walk, water, meditated wild,

And all the bloomy beds.

1 The kite.

2 The sword-fish.

Beauteous the moon full on the lawn;
And beauteous, when the veil's withdrawn,

The virgin to her spouse :
Beauteous the temple decked and filled,
When to the heaven of heavens they build

Their heart-directed vows.

Beauteous, yea beauteous more than these, The shepherd-king upon his knees

For his momentous trust; With wish of infinite conceit, For man, beast, mute, the small and great,

And prostrate dust to dust.

Precious the bounteous widow's mite;
And precious, for extreme delight,

The largess from the churl :
Precious the ruby's blushing blaze,
And alba's 1 blest imperial rays,

And pure cerulean pearl.

Precious the penitential tear ;
And precious is the sigh sincere,

Acceptable to God :
And precious are the winning flowers,
In gladsome Israel's feast of bowers,

Bound on the hallowed sod.

More precious that diviner part
Of David, even the Lord's own heart,

Great, beautiful, and new;
In all things where it was intent,
In all extremes, in each event

Proof-answering true to true.

1 Rev. xxi. 11 (?)

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