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Right Hon. W. E. GLADSTONE, M.P., Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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A. CRAIG GIBSON, F.S.A., Stonesfield, Bebington, Birkenhead.


H. E. SMITH Esq., Aldboro' House, Egremont, Birkenhead.


W. BURKE Esq., 17, Bagot Street, Smithdown Road, Liverpool.

Hon. Secretary.

NICHOLAS WATERHOUSE Esq., Rake Lane, Liverpool.

Assistant Secretary.

J. H. GENN Esq., 37, Elizabeth Street, Liverpool.



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IV. Chest and Seal-Hawkshead Grammar School
V. Crimean Medal &c.

VI. Penny, William I; Shilling, Henry VII; Half-
crown, Cromwell .........

VII. Pennies, Henry III; Farthings, Edward I, II or
III; Groat, Edward III..................................................

VIII. Gold Noble, Henry III; Noble, Edward III; Quar-
ter or Ferling Noble, Edward III; Angel,

Henry VI; Sovereign, Henry VII

IX. Limestone Scaurs near Settle...........

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X. Ancient British Brooches &c., discovered in Lime

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The first List was dated 23rd November, 1848; all whose names appeared in it are therefore Original Members. Those who have been enrolled as Mayors or Sheriffs have their year of office attached.

The letter P denotes that the Members, in connexion with whose names it occurs, have read papers before the Society.

Those whose names are printed in SMALL CAPITALS are Members of the Council; and in Italics are Life Members.

Those marked thus are Resident. The post town Liverpool is usually omitted.




23rd Nov., 1848. Ainslie, Montague, Grizedale hall, Hawkshead,

1st Dec., 1859.

4th Dec., 1862.

17th Dec., 1857.

3rd May, 1849.

4th Dec., 1856.

23rd Nov., 1848.

15th Sept., 1854.

2nd Dec., 1858.

4th Dec., 1862.

11th May, 1854.

9th Oct., 1854.

H. Sh. Cheshire, 1857. 23rd Nov., 1848.



Ainslie, P. B., F.S.A. Scot., Guildford. *Anderson, John, 42, Bold street.

*Anderson, Thomas Darnley, 5, India buildings, Water street, and West Dingle.

*Anderson, Thomas Francis, Holly lodge, Fairfield, and 3, Cable street.

Ansdell, John, St. Helens.

Ansdell, Richard, A.R.A, Lytham house, St.
Alban's road, Kensington, London, W.
Arrowsmith, P. R., The Ferns, Bolton.
Artingstall, George, Warrington.

Ashfield, Charles Joseph, 9, Regent street,

Aspland, Rev. R. Brook, M.A., Frampton villas,

South Hackney, London.

Atherton, Henry, Sutton, Prescot.

Atkinson, William, Ashton heves, Chester. *Avison, Thomas, F.S.A., 18, Cook street, and Fulwood park, Aigburth.


3rd Jan., 1861. *Baar, Rev. Hermann, Ph.Dr., 98, Bedford street

8th June, 1854.

3rd Dec., 1863.

7th Feb., 1861.


*Banning, John Johnson, 20, Castle street.

*Barron, Charles, 51, Tower buildings, and 26, Richmond terrace.

*Bartlett, William, 22, North John street.

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*Bath, John D., Garston.
*Bath, William H. P.

Bazley, Thomas, M.P., Hayesleigh, Manchester,
and Reform Club, London, S.W.
Beamont, William, Warrington.
*Bean, Edwin, Revenue buildings.
*Bell, Christopher, Back Goree.

*Bell, Henry, Hamilton square, and Grosvenor road, Claughton, Birkenhead.

*Belshaw, John, Wason buildings, 4, Harrington


*Benas, B. L., 5, South Castle street.

*Bennett, William, Sir Thomas's buildings, and
109, Shaw street.

Birch, Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart., The Hazles,

Birchall, Major Thos., Ribbleton hall, Preston.
Birkenhead, E. H., B. Sc., F.G.S., Worsley
mesnes, Wigan.

Birley, Rev. John Shepherd, Moss Lea, Boltonle-Moors, Preston.

Birley, T. Langton, Carr hill, Kirkham.

Black, J., M.D., F.G.S., 2, George's square,

Blackburne, John Ireland, The Hall, Hale.
Blackmore, William, 10, Water street, and
Hooton, Chester.

*Bloxam, Frederick William.

*Blundell, Thomas Weld, Ince Blundell, Great

Booth, Benjamin Witham, Swinton, Manchester.
Booth, John Billington, Overleigh house,

Bossi, Arthur, Paris.

*Bouch, Thomas, 1, Oldhall street, and New Brighton.

*Boult, Joseph, Exchange buildings West, and
Parkfield road, Aigburth road.

Bourne, Cornelius, Stalmine hall, Preston.
*Bower, Anthony, Vauxhall foundry, & Seaforth.
Bowes, John, Blue Coat School, Warrington.
Brackstone, R. H., Lyncombe hill, Bath.

Bradbury, Charles, Salford crescent, Manchester. *Bradley, William Gibson, 52, Bold street, and 18, Kenyon terrace, Birkenhead.

*Brakell, Thomas, 7, Cook street, and 23, Richmond terrace, Everton.

*Bramley-Moore, John, Hon. Mem. Archæol. Association, Aigburth.

Brent, Francis, Custom house, Plymouth. *BRIGHT, E. B., 2, Exchange buildings, and Waterloo.

*BRIGHT, HENRY ARTHUR, A.M., Fairfield, and 1, North John street.

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