The Inner World: Based on Scientific and Theological Facts, Showing That the Earth Is A Hollow Sphere Containing an Internal and Inhabited Region. : A New Theory

T G S, 12 ago. 2009 - 68 páginas
It is well known that attraction and repulsion together not only play upon and between molecules, but upon and between masses, and is a principle that extends to the largest aggregations of matter, the planets, the solar system, the universe. In its terrestrial magnitude, therefore, attraction, drawing to centres, establishes the circumference of matter, while repulsion, driving matter from centre to circumference, makes of our Earth a hollow globe. The densest of matter, gold or platinum, scarcely compressible, in all probability consists of spherical molecules in which attraction has such overwhelming power and repulsion so little that there is hardly any internal space. It is the nature of each element to possess its own degree of attractive and repulsive force in proportion to its density -- the heavy metals being charged with attraction and the gases with repulsion in the greatest degree. Thus hydrogen gas, on being freed, is the most expansive of all elements, and its molecules assume great spheres (like the soap bubbles blown by children) of which the shell is the entity -- the matter -- surcharged from the centre by repulsive force, and the interior of the globe is absolute space, emptiness, nothing. Large 13 point font

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