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festations of himself to his people, and the manner in which these manifestations were made ; the nature and use of the tabernacle and temple ; the appointment and qualifications of the ministers of the sanctuary ; their induction into office, and their respective duties; and he answers several inquiries relative to the Jewish priesthood. He explains particularly the duties of the prophets, the manner of their education, and the use and design of their ministry, which was to reprove the people for their corruptions, warn them of impending judgments, call them to repentance, shew them the subservience of the ceremonial to the moral law, and predict the grand events which related to posterity, to the Gentiles, and to the gospel dispensation ; and he subjoins a vindication of the character and writings of the prophets against the cavils and objections of infidels. He gives a better account, than can easily be found elsewhere, of the several sects, which appeared among the Jews, in and near the time of our Saviour, and shews their rise and origin, and their distinguishing tenets and manners. He shews how the numerous rites and ceremonies of the Hebrew ritual gradually unfolded the more perfect dispensation of the gospel. Lastly ; he compares the character and institutions of the Hindoos with those of the Hebrews; and proves, that the institution of the Hebrews could not be derived from the Hindoos, or from any other human source. Vol. III. No. 1 1.

These “Lectures on Jewish Antiquities” were to have been followed by a course of Lectures on “Ecclesiastical History.” We painfully regret that this design was arrested in the beginning by the hand of a righteous and sovereign Providence. Particular extracts from the work, which we have reviewed, we thought unnecessary, as we trust the whole work will be extensively read ; and in a work so uniformly important and instructive, and in which there is so little preference of one part to another, it is difficult to make selections. • Of the style and manner we need say no more than this : Doctor Tappan has written like himself, with perspicuity, correctness and energy. The Lectures were happily adapted to the design of their institution; and are well worthy of the perusal of ministers, students in divinity, and Christians in general. They cast light, not only on the subjects chosen for elucidation, but also on many obscure passages of the Bible. They lend their aid to display the evidences of the divine origin both of the old and new Testament, and give a full answer to the cavils of infidels against the divinity of the Mosaic institutes. As the Doctor studied conciseness, he has, in a summary way, passed over some matters, on which, we think, he might havo enlarged to advantage. The conquest of Canaan, and the extermination of its inhabitants he justifies by the warrant given to the Jews by him, who is the Sovereign of the universe. This certainly is a sufficient

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Tenth meeting of the Congregational Missionary Society in the Counties of Berkshire and Columbia.

Acre Early to appointment, the tenth annual meeting of the Congregational Missionary Society in the Counties of Berkshire and Columbia was holden at the meeting house in Pittsfield, Sept. 15th, 1807; at the opening of which a sermon was delivered by the Rev. Silas Churchill of New-Lebanon. At this meeting several new members were added to the Society, which was gratefully noticed, by the friends of the missionary interest, as a token of good from the Head of the church. The Trustees made a report of their doings from the time of their appointment, viz. from Sept. 1806, to Sept. 1807, which received the approbation of the Society. The Report is as follows : The Trustees of the Missionary - Society request the attention of the members to the following account of missions for the last year, and of their doings in the discharge of the trust which has been committed to them. The missionaries, respecting ohom information is now to be communicated, are Rev. Nathaniel Turner, Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth, Mr. Levi Parsons, Rev. Alvan Sanderson, Rev. Enos Bliss, Rev. Azel Washburn, Rev. Oliver Ayer, Rev. Jeremiah Osborn, and Rev. Samuel Shepard. Rev. Mr Turner’s missions was for 16 weeks in the north-western

Counties of the state of Vermont, and the new settlements west of Lake Champlain. His journal has been received, by which it appears, that he travelled 900 miles, preached 97 times, attended 19 conferences and church meetings, and 8 lectures preached by other ministers. He administered the sacrament of the Lord's supper twice, baptised I2 infants and one adult, visited and conversed with nearly 200 families on religious subjects, and received in contribution for the Missionary Society $10,2. From Mr. Leavenworth's journal it appears, that he performed a mission of 12 weeks in the Counties of Luzern and Wayne, that he rode 734 miles, preached 59 times, attended 22 conferences, and visited 153 families and 4 schools. He received in contribution from the people among whom he laboured $26,6. Mr. Parsons' journal has been received, from which it appears, that he performed a mission of 10 weeks in the western Counties of the state of New York ; that he rode upwards of 500 miles, preached 53 sermons, attended 5 conferences, visited 3 schools, made numerous family visits, and received in contribution 312,76. From the journal of Rev. Alvan Sanderson, who performed a mission of 12 weeks in the north western Counties of Vermont, it appears that

he was very laborious and faithful in his services, in attending conferences, in preaching lectures, in visiting families and schools, and that he received in contribution $18,50. The journal of Rev. Enos Bliss has been received, from which it appears, that he has performed a mission of 12 weeks in the new settlements, on the Black River, that he travelled 722 miles, preached 94 sermons, made 100 family visits, attended 18 conferences, visited 7 schools, attended 4 funerals, administered the sacrament of the Lord's supper twice, and baptism 3 times, and received in contribution $7,28. Rev, Azel Washburn was appointed to perform a mission, of 4 weeks, in the north eastern part of the County of Berkshire. From his journal it appears that he preached 26 times, visited 2 schools, attended one religious conference, visited from 60 to 70 families, and received in contribution $18,61. Rev. Mr. Ayer, by appointment, has performed a mission, of 20 weeks, in the western Counties in the state of New-York. On this mission he rode 1150 miles, preached 82 sermons, made 121 family visits, attended 4 funerals and 15 conferences, visited and catechised 3 schools, baptised 27 children, admitted 5 persons to the communion of churches, attended 3 church mectings, and received in contribution $52,94. Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth is engaged on another mission, of 12 weeks, in the Counties of Luzern and Wayne. He has sent to us a journal of 8 weeks of labour, as a part of this mission, accompanied by a letter, in which he gives assurance, that he

... will perform the remainder, in a short

time ; he having suspended missionary services, with a view of supplying, for a few weeks, a vacant society, as a candidate. From his journal of that part of his mission, which he has performed, it appears that he attended 14 conferences, preached 36 sermons, visited 6 schools and 128 families, and received in contribution S5,68. A missionary appointment has been sent to Rev. Jeremiah Osborn of Western, Tioga County, authorising him to labour in the service of the Society 4 or 5 weeks, at his discretion, in the vacant towns and settlements adjacent to him. Rev. Samuel Shepard was request. ed to spend a few days as a missionary, in the north east part of the County of Berkshire. His journal of this mission states, that he laboured 9 days, rode more than 80 miles, preached 13 sermons, visited FO families, 2 schools and a number of sick people. He received in contribution S3,63. Since the last Report of the Trustees to the Society, returns of 91 weeks and 2 days of missionary service, actually performed, have been made to the Trustees. The amount of contributions, in the new settlements, as stated by the journals received, is SI55,48. The amount of monies’ paid out, since the last Report, for missionary preaching is $458,58. The Report of the Treasurer was also heard and accepted by the Society. The following is his Report at large, with a statement of his acce unts continued to Feb. 4th, 1808, when they were audited.

A statement of the funds of the Congregational Missionary Society in the Countier of Berkshire and Columbia, and the expenditures of the same, from the 21st of November, 1806, to the 4th of February, 1888, inclusive.

Account of Monies received by the Treasurer.

Balance in the Treasury, Nov. 21st, 1806 - -

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1807, Jan.9, Of Rev. Enos Bliss, collected on his mission to Black River 7,28 Feb. 6th, Of Rev. Alvan Sanderson, collected on his mission to the

northern parts of the state of Vermont - - * - - 18,50 12th, Of Rev. Azel Washburn, collected on a mission in the north

- ern parts of the county of Berkshire - - - - 16,61 Mar. 20, Of Mr. Lewi Parsons, collected on a mission to the western

13th, Of Rev. Azcl Washburn, a donation - - - - 2,00

Of a member for arrears of annuities - - - - 2,00

25th, Of the town of Pittsfield - - - - - - 23,00

March 6, Of P. a donation - - - - - - - 2,60

Of R. E. a donation

2,00 of New York - - - * - - - - - - 50,06 1807, Jan. 9, To Rev. Enos Bliss for a mission to the scttlements on Black River, in the State of New York. - - - 64,00

counties of the state of New York - - - - - 12,76 April 21, Of the town of Lee - - - - - - - - 20, 11 June 10, Of a member for arrears of annuities - - - - - 1,00 17, Of Rev. S. Tracy, a donation - - - - - - 1,75 July 1st, Of deacon John Hall, a donation - - - - - 2,00 Sept. 4th, Of a friend of missions in Williamstown - - - - 10,00 Of Rev. Alvan Hyde, Jeing the profits arising from his sale of the second volume of the Panoplist - - - 37,00 15th, Of 27 members, their annual dues - - - - - 27,00 Of 5 members, arrearage of annual dues - - - - 5,00 Of 6 members, their entrance money - - - - - 6,00 Of Rev. Samuel Shepard, collected on a mission to the northern parts of the county of Berkshire - - - - 3,63 Of the town of Middlefield - - - - - - 17,06 Of the town of New Concord - - - - - - 13,37 Of the town of New Lebanon - - - - - - 7,67 Of a friend of gospel missions - - - - - - 2,00 Of Mr. Samuel Baldwin, jun. - - - - - - 4,00 Of Rev. Elisha Yale - - - - - - - 1,10 Of Mr. Leicester - - - - - - - - 1,00 Of Mr. William Allen - - - - - - - - I,00 S0th, Of a tricnd of missions in Dalton - - - - - 1,00 Oct. 5th, of Rev. Oliver Ayer, collected on a mission to the Western parts of the state of New York - - - - - 52,94 Of Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth, collected on a mission to the counties of Wayne and Luzern, Pena. - - - 4,70 Dec. 4th, Of a female friend of missions - - - - - - 2,50 Of a friend of missions - - 2,00

1808, Feb. 4, Of the North Society in the town of New Marlborough - 16,53 Of 9 members, arrearage of their annuities, received at sundry times since Nov. 21st, 1806 - - - - - 9,00

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The number of Books received since .Mov. 21st, 1806, viz.
Of the town of Pittsfield, 3 bibles, 7 testaments, 1 Spelling-
book, 1 Resurrection of Christ, 3 primers, and 1 Trial of
the Witnesses. -
Of Mr. Fox of Boston, 9 vols. of “A compendium of Chris-
tian Theology.”
The number of Books delivered out to Missionaries to be dis-
tributed in the new settlements, since Mov. 21st, 1806, viz.
6 Bibles, 4 testaments, 6 Primers and 6 “Cheap Religious
The number of books now on hand, viz.
40 Bibles, 54 testaments, 9 vols. of “a Compendium of Chris-
tian Theology,”"1 bible dictionary, 1 religious life, 1 spel-
lingbook, 1 resurrection of Christ, 1 Trial of the Witnesses,
3 Primers, and 36 dialogues, or “cheap religious tracts.”

Monies faid by order of the Trustees since Mov. 21st, 1806. Dec. 5, 1806, To Rev. Oliver Ayer, in advance of a mission to the counties of Otsego, Herkimer, Ontario, and Steuben in the state

* Jan. 12, To Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth for a mission to the County of Luzern, Pennsylvania - - - - - - S5,06

Jan.19th, To Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth in advance of a misson


To Mr. Levi Parsons for a mission to the County of Onon

dago, State of New York Feb. 6, To Rev. Alvan Sanderson

for a mission to the Northwesterly parts of the State of Vermont - - 12th, To Rev. Azel Washburn for a mission to the northerly parts of the County of Berkshire March 20, To Mr. Levi Parsons, for missionary services in the western Counties in the State of New York




- - *- - - 31,25

July 1, To Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth for missionary services in

the Counties of Wayne and Luzern, P-nnsylvania 20th, To Mr. Oliver Sergeant for missionary services Sep.15, To Rev. Dr. West, expense of advertising the meeting of

the Trustees

To Rev. Thomas Allen, expense of transporting Books

23,00 5,00

1,00 0,50

Oct. 5, To Rev. Oliver Ayer for a mission to the western parts of

the State of New York

To Mr. Ebenezer I. Leavenworth for missionary services i the Counties of Wayne and Luzern, Pennsylvania

- 90,00 n

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Dec. 30, To Rev. Aaron Kinne, for a mission to the northern parts of

the County of Berkshire 1808, Feb. 4, The Balance of money in the Treasury -

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- 21,00 -295,69

$802,51 WILLIAM WALKER, Treasurer. SAMUEL SHEPARD, Auditor.

Hon. BARNABAs B1 Dwell, Esq. Rev. SAM us L. SHE PARD. Rev. SAM use L. SHE PARD, Auditor of accounts. Comm Iror EE or TRusTEes. . Rev. STEPHEN WEst, D. D. Rev. A. L. v A.N HYDE. Rev. SAMUEL SHE PARD. The next annual meeting of the Society will be holden at the meeting-house in Lanesborough the 3d Tuesday in Sept. 1808, at 2 o’clock P. M. Rev. Jonathan Nash of Middlefield is appointed to preach on the occasion, and in case of his failure, Rev. John Morse of Green River, Alv A.N HYDE, Secretary.




THE Secretary of the London Missionary Society has received a letter from the Rev. Mr. Ringeltaube, dated Palamcotta, Feb. 7, 1807. This Missionary has acquired the language of the country, so as to write it correctly, and speak it with but little hesitation. . Mr. Ringeltaube has also sent his journal, from Sept. 12, 1806, to Feb. 6, 1807. He mentions that Dr. Buchanan had requested the loan of his Bible in the Tamul language, as he was about to commence the Malaya

lam translation of the scriptures immediately, there being 200,000 Christians in Malayalam, who are ready to receive it. Even the Romish bishop, it is said, signified his consent to the circulation of the scriptures among his people. The Doctor observes in his letter to Mr. Ringeltaube, that he has had singular success in obtaining ancient manuscripts, in Hebrew, Syriac, &c. Mr. R. greatly rejoiced at this good news; and sent him his only copy of that Bible without delay.

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