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are stadedly enjoyed, as well as where they are only occasionally used God delights to hear prayer, the sincerity of which is witnessed by liberal sacrifices on his altar. In some blessed instances, while people were giving their substance to send the gospel to their destitute brethven, they have been awakened to a religious attention to their own souls. They sowed their carnal things and reaped spiritual things. The bread which they cast upon the waters, to feed people that were perishing for lack of knowledge, has been returned to themselves in the bread of life. In ministering to the destitute in the new settlements, the perishing heathen are not forgottet, though little as yet has been done to carry them the words of eternal life. A covenant of friendship has been entered into with the Stockbridge Indians, as the opening of a door to their more western brethren. And fifty dollars have been appropriated, to be used as soon as opportunity offers. The committee are making inquiries and waiting for the providence of God to order circumstances favourably to employ a missionary or school master with a prospect of success. Since the last annual meeting, $1329 91 have been expended, $981 58 1-2 have been paid to missionaries; $299 37 for books, including the printing of the last Report, and the binding of 160 vols. and $41 95 1-2 for other expenses. 344 bound volumes and 831 pamphlets have been sent out for distribution. To replace the monies taken from the treasury S1511 39 have been received ; of which $58.50 47 1-2 were contributed by towns and parishes in the county, besides S 193 10 1-2 given by the Charitable Female Associations, $6948 were contributed in the new settlements, $79 are donations of individuals out of the county, S119 were presented by the charitable Female Association of Whites. town, New-York, S, 11 20 were collected at the last annual meeting by public contribution ; $187 30 were obtained by books, &c. . A more detailed statement and the audit of the Tueasurer's accounts are contained in the Appendix ; which show the promising state of our funds.

The Charitable Female Associations in the county have furnished for several years most of the funds for a large supply of books for distribution, 317244 1-2 contributed by them remain in the treasury for future use. When Christ dwelt in flesh to preach to men, pious women accompanied him in his journeys ; “ who ministered to him of their substance.” Many of this sex are now his friends, and are ready by both their offerings and their prayers to aid his kingdom. They evidence their love to him by kind acts to his redeemed, and zeal to serve his cause, as well as by attendance on his worship. It was the character of Christ, that “he went about doing good.” To do good is the character of his disciples. It is the way for them to benefit their generation and secure a blissful immortality. The faith, which works by love, and produces imitation of Christ, is to everlasting life. Alms and prayers united are efficacious. Offered in the name of Jesus for the advancement of his cause, they are acceptable to God, and promotive of the salvation of men. With how delicious a pleasure the pious female who gives her cent a week to the treasury of her dearest Lord, contemplates its extensive effects in spreading the knowledge of his name, as the Saviour of a perishing world : And with what devotit satisfaction, will not godly hoisbands and fathers behold the piety of their wives and daughters in their liberality to Christ and prayerfulness for the prosperity of his king ion Strangers, that read the account of their deeds, have benevolent emotions cocited in their own hearts. Many are stirred up to imitate what they approve. The sacred flame communicates from breast to breast. It is grateful to view the extensive spread of the missionary spirit, in a few years, through the Christian world, and its effects in Europe, in

Asia, in Africa, and in America.

The translation of the inspired scriptures into the languages of the east, in which hopeful progress has been made, the extensive dispersion of Bibles by Bible Societies in Europe, and the employment of missionaries to preach the gospel in many dark parts of the earth, as well as in the intant

plantations of our land, evidence the power of God in awakening the zeal of Christians in his cause, and encourage the hope that he will soon do great things for Zion. It is an interesting age. The gates of hell are moved. The devil and 2. wicked men are engaged. False philosophy and violence combine to delude and destroy. Terrible wars are wasting large portions of the earth. God is shaking the nations and punishing their sins. All are called upon to exhibit a decided character. And who will not appear on the Lord’s side Not to perish with the wicked, we must be active in defending and promoting his kingdom. How great, or how long continued, will be the calamities of the nations, we cannot predict ; but we can with assurance say, God will preserve his church, the Lord Jesus will save every one that believes in him. Let sincerity and zeal in serving him be our hope of safety. To be happy on earth and eternally blessed in heaven, let our wisdom be that which is from above, and our actions those of faith and charity. And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. “He that soweth to the flesh, shall of the flesh reap corruption ; but he that soweth to the Spirit, shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” The Trustees request the several religious congregations belonging to the society, that they have a public contribution for the benefit of the society’s funds, on the day of the annual thanksgiving, or, if it be thought more convenient, on a Lord's day near that time. The Trustees also recommend it to the society to pass the following Resolves: Resolved, that in future years, the annual meeting of the society shall be holden at 10 o’clock of the day appointed by the constitution. Resolved, that in future the auditing Committees be directed yearly to examine the accounts of the Committee of Trustees. CALEB STRONG.

£y order of the Trustees.

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* The balance due to Mr. Dutton for 1805, was put into the hand of his agent, ant inserted in the last report as paid. But his agent, not having opportunity to contey it to him, returned it with interest, and his account was fally settled the present year.

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No. 111. Donations to the Hampshire Missionary Society, from Aug. 28, 1806, to August 27, 1807.

In towns and parishes.

Amherst, 1st parish, 334 40
Amherst, 2d parish, 13 18
Ashfield, 14
Belcherstown, 9 78
Blanford, 20
Charlemont, 3. 80
Chesterfield, 4 50
Colraine, 2
Conway, 19
Deerfield, 10
Easthampton, 24 38
Granby, , IO 50
Granville, middle Parish, 14
Hadley, 58 40
Hatfield, 48 18
Hawley, 15 20
Leverett, 5 75
Long Meadow, 60
Montgomery, 4 50
Northampton, 88 55
Norwich, 3
Palmer, 14 93
Pelham, West Parish, 6
Plainfield, 7
Shelburne, 12 40
Southampton, 69 26
South Hadley, 34 24
Springfield, 1st parish, 44 78
Sunderland, 46 22
Westhampton, 35 11
West Springfield, 1st parish, 23 69
Whately, 11 65
Williamsburgh, 55 46
Worthington, 26 60
850 46
By Female Associations.
Amherst, 1st parish,
Ashfield, 3 50
Easthampton, 2 50
Hadley, 14 82
Hatfield 16
Hawley, 6 50
Longmeadow, 28 50
Northampton, 9 80
Southampton, 41 16
South Hadley, 10
Springfield, 1st parish, 14
Westhampton, 14
West Springfield, 1st parish, 17 67
Williamsburgh, 13 56
193 Q1

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President. sHon. John Hastings, Esq. ; Rev. Joseph Lathrop, D. D. Hon. Ebenezer Hunt, Esq. Rev. Joseph Lyman, D. D. Justin Ely, Esq. Rev. Solomon Williams. William Billings, Esq. Rev. David Parsons, p. p. Charles Phelps, Esq. Rev. Richard S. Storrs. . Ruggles Woodbridge, Esq. Treasurer. Rev. Enoch Hale, Corresponding Secretary. Rev. Payson Secretary. Committee of the Trustees. Rev. Joseph Lyman, D. D. Rev. Solomon Williams, William Billings, Esq. Charles Phelps, Esq. Rev. Enoch Hale.


Williston, Recording


Extracts from the Report of the Directors of the London Missionary Society, read at the 13th General Meeting of the Society, May 14, 1807.

Continued from page 280.

- NAM Aco UAS. Ir was last year reported to the So

ciety that the two brethren, Christian

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and Abraham Albrecht, together with brother Sydenfaden, who is supported by the Netherland Society, all of whom accompanied Mr. Kicherer and the Hottentots in their return from Holland, had departed from the Cape, in order to introduce the gospel among the Namacquas, a remote and untutored tribe, situated at about a month's journey from the station at the Great Orange River, occupied by Anderson and Kramer. These brethren began their journey on the 22d of May, 1805, and suffered much in passing through the barren deserts. They had not only to provide for themselves, but for those who conducted their waggons, eleven persons in the whole, which they found exceedingly difficult, and were at one time ready to faint ; when, accordin to an earnest wish they had expressed to each other, that Cornelius Kok, (a Hottentot who resided in that part of the country) would come to their assistance, they were almost immediately gratified with the appearance of his son, who assured them that his father was coming to help them with two yoke of oxen. This proved a great relief for the present; but in the prosecution of their journey fresh difficulties occurred, every one being ready to perish with hunger and thirst : they met with repeated disappointments where they expected to find water; and were obliged to lodge in places infested with wild beasts, and where the Boschemen had before murdered all the inhabitants. In these distressing circumstances it was determined that Mr. Christian Albrecht, and some attendants, should proceed to the Great Namacquas, to explore the country, and learn the disposition of the people. This was happily effected; and he returned with the joyful news that he had discovered two fountains, which they called “ The Happy Deliverance,” and “The Silent Hope.” At the latter they shortly arrived, rejoicing in the merciful preservation they had experienced, and still more in the apparent readiness of the poor pagans to receive the gospel message. At the close of the year 1805, their work commenced in this place. They found, however, that their settlement would be more conveniently formed at “The Happy

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