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.Aitchison, J. II Burton-oh-Trent

Armstrong, W. K Hudderslield

Barker, — Blackburn

Betts, H. J Edinburgh .

Bigwood, J Brompton

Blackmore, T. B Princes Risborough

Blake, J. II Trinity Chapel .

Blakeman, — High Wycombe

Booth, S. H Falmouth

Bonner, W. II Keppel Street

Compston, J Inskip

Cornford, R. H Ramsay

Cox, Samuel Southsea

Crofts, M. H ... Andover

Crumpton, D Oswestry

Davis, E ... High Wycombe

Dawson. John Bingley

Eyres, John Stradbrook

Flanders, M. W Cottenham .

Foot, W. Evans Honiton .

Grace, R Hurpole

Gregson, John Beverley

Gutteridge, R Middleton Chenev

Hawkins, W Hail Weston

Haycroft, Isaac Wisbeach

Jackson, W Horsforth

Jennings, E Spencer Place

Keats, II. T Haworth

Kcan, T. C Regent Street .

Kcighley, T. H Aisken Bedle

Lc Fevi-e, — Shotley Bridge .

Lewis, John Darlington

Lewis, John Kingstanley ,

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Metcalfe, John Birkenhead .

Mitchel, George Bacup

Morris, Thomas Whitchurch .

Murch, Spencer , Waltham Ahbey

Owen, J. J Sabden

Pearce, S Romford

Pearce, J Lessucss Heath

Peters, Thomas ... Raleigh .

Player, C. R., Jun Great Shelford

Pratt, C. E Ledbury

Pulman East Parley

Robinson, W Cambridge

Scarr, A Brandon

Smith, James Cheltenham

Sutton, W Bythorn

Thomas, A. C. Edinburgh

Whittemore, J Ainsford

Wilkinson, T Tewkesbury

Woodgate, P. B Carlton Road

Worrell, T. D Ashdon .

Recent Deaths.

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Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain

Scotland .

Shetland ....

Stepney College .

Suffolk Baptist Home Mission Union

..Ancient Coffins

Baptist Union ....
Chronological Old Testament
Church Catechism
City Mission
Colonial Bishops' Bill .
Crystal Palace
GoBpel of Matthew
Greek Septungint .
Louis Napoleon and Popery
Mathews' Greek Gospel
Moses Stuart

Offer to Sunday School Teachers
Old Church Historians
Prayers for our Conversion
Priestly Ascendancy in Europe
Protestants ought not to Persecute
Robinson, Dr., of New York
Robinson, Rev. Professor, D.D.
Scarcity of Materials for Fasting .
Subscriptions for Dr. Achilli's Liberty
Tracts for the Insane

Monthly Sotimart.Catholic Defence Association

Education] . .'

France . .

Foreign Persecution
London Church Union
Manchester Conference
Maynooth .
Nonconformist Club
Pope's Jubilee
Protestant Alliance
Voluntary Education

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Bayley, Mr. George, on Collections for Denominational Objects

B. B. on Votes of Young Members of Churches .

Brock, Rev. W., on Voluntary School Association ■

Brock, Rev. W., on the Education of Slaves

Carey, Rev. E., on Native Agency

Daniell on Aged or Infirm Baptist Ministers' Society

Deacons; What are they? .

Eastty, Mr. J., on Baptist Building Fund

Elven, Rev. C, on Deacons, &c. _ .

Francis, Rev. John, on Catechism in India .

Green, Rev. J., on Oratorios .

G. W.'s Answer to Query . .

Iota on the Announcement of Subscriptions .

Kitchen, Rev. W., on Deacons . _ .

Mary, on Petitions on Inspection of Nunneries

Milligan, Rev. J., on Special Wants of Dublin

Psalms, On the Chronological Arrangements of the

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Query and Answer ....

B. B. on the Announcement of Subscriptions

Secretaries of the Baptist Union, On the Union '.

Treasurer, A, on the Announcement of Subscriptions

Vines, Mr. C, on the Announcement of Subscriptions

Welhvisher, A, to the Voluntary Principle

Wilkins, Simon, Esq., on Hamburg

Wilkins, Simon, Esq., on Popish Tendencies .

Williams, John, on Eminent Baptists

Young Minister on Oratorios . . .


Achilli, Dr.

Alcock, Mr.

Anderson, Mr. Lewis

Annual Meetings

Army on the Continent

Baptist Irish Society .

Baptist Ministers, List of .

Birmingham Town Mission

Brown University

Bums, Dr. Jabez

Chapel Building Society .

Chapel Cases .

Chapel Registration

Chipman, Professor

Church Exclusion

Circular on Baptist Magazine

Elliott, Rev. W. H.


Fishbourne, Rev. G. W. .

Garside, Rev. Joseph .

Gibbon v. Fletcher

Gotch, J. G., Esq.

Green, Rev. John

Groser, Rev. Philip

Ham, Rev. J.

Hoby, Dr.

Kelly, Mr.

Leisure Hours .

Marriott, Thomas, Esq.

Morning Advertiser


Preaching, &c., among the Poor

Private Correspondence with the Editor

Pulpit Recommendations of the Magaz

Russell, Rev. Joshua

Small, Rev. George

Society for Aged and Infirm Ministers

Symonds, Rev. W.

Transposition . .

Trestrail, Mrs. .

Weekly Tract Society

Youths' Magazine

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Erratum in the Number for November
For.Rev. H. Horsell, page 696, read Rev. H. Howell.

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Baptist Building Fund . .

Baptist Home Missionary Society

Baptist Irish Society

Baptist Magazine

Baptist Metropolitan Building Society

Baptist Missionary Society

Baptist Tract Society .

Baptist Union .

Bible Translation Society

General Baptist Missionary Society

Hanserd Knollys Society

Partioular Baptist Fund

Selection of Hymns

Society for Aged or Infirm Ministers


Baptist Theological Institution for Scotland

Bristol .........

Bradford ..... ...

Haverford West .......

Leicester .........

Pontypool ........

Stepney . . . . • ■ . ■ ..

Ward's, Dr., Trust


Aged Ministers' Society . .

Apprenticeship Society

British and Foreign Bible Society .

British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

British and Foreign Sailors' Society

British and Foreign School Society .

British Anti-State Church Association

British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Jews

Christian Instruction Society

City Mission ....

English Monthly Tract Society

Evangelical Continental Society

Female Education in the East Society

Female Orphan Institution . .

Inland Navigation and Railway Mission

London Society Protestant Schools

New Asylum for Infant Orphans .

Orphan Working School

Peace Society

Protestant Union .

Ragged School Union

Religious Tract Society

Soldiers' Friend Society .

Sunday School Union .

Voluntary School Association

Walthamstow Girls' School

Weekly Tract Society

Widows' Fund .

Working Men's Educational Union

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