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Oct. 13

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158. net

BALLANTYNE Ballantyne (R. M.)-Erling the Bold. Re-issue.

Cr. 8vo. 74 X5, pp. 488, 25... NELSON, Sep. 13 Ballantyne (R. M.)-Freaks on the fells. Re-issue.

Cr. 8vo., pp. 346, 25. ...NELSON, Sep. 13 Ballantyne (R. M.)—The Wild man of the West. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo., pp. 396, 25.

NELSON, Sep. 13 Ballantyne (R. M.)-Young fur traders. 8vo.

75x55, pp. 370, 1S. ; limp, 8d. net (Chambers's

Standard Authors) ...CHAMBERS, June 13 Ballantyne (R. M.)-The Young fur traders. New

edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 318, 1S... PARTRIDGE June 13 Ballantyne (R. M.)—The Young fur traders. Illus. Reissue. Cr. 8vo., pp. 318, 25.

PARTRIDGE, Sep. 13 Ballard (Adolphus) ed.-British borough charters, 1042-1216. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 414, 155. net

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Apr. 13 Ballard (E. A.)—The Blessed woman. Illus. by J. E. Ballard. 4to. 87 X64, pp. 40, bds. is. net

MURRAY & E., Dec. 13 Ballard (Frank)-The Miracles of unbelief. Pop. edit. 8vo., pp. 398, swd. is. net

T. & T. CLARK, Nov. 13 Ballard (William Edgar)—Builders' quantities. Cr. 8vo. 73 X5, pp. 132, 25. 6d. net

LONGMANS, J uly 13 Balleine (G. R.)—The Layman's history of the Church of England. Illus.

Cr. 8vo. 73 X5, pp. 224, Is. 6d. net ......LONGMANS, Oct. 13 Balleina (R. W.)-Schemes of religious instruction for infant day-schools. 8vo. is. 6d. net

LONGMANS, Oct. 13 Ballen (Dorothy)- Bibliography of the roads of

the United Kingdom. Demy 8vo., pp. 300, I5S. net

P. S. KING, Dec. 13 Ballet, Russian, Johnson (A. E.) 215. net ..Oct, 13 Ballet, Russian, Terry (E.) 35. 6d. net.... Feb. 13 Balliol College, Oxford deeds of, Salter (H. E.)

(sub.) Balmforth (Ramsden)-Drama, music-drama and

religion as illustrated by Wagner's “ Ring of the Nibelung” and “ Parsiful" Cr. 8vo. 74 x 48,

pp. 94, Is. 6d. net YEAR BOOK PRESS, Nov. 13 Balzac (Honoré de)—Contes philosophiques.

12mo. pp. 416, is. net.. .......DENT, Oct. 13 Balzac (Honoré de)-Gobseck; ei, jesus Christ

en Flandre. Edit. with intro,, notes and index, by R. T. Holbrook, Cr. 8vo., pp. 214, 35. net

FROWDE, Mar. 13 Balzac (Honoré de)-Lost illusions. 12mo., PP.

400, IS. net; thr. 25. net. (Everyman's library)

...DENT, Sep. 13 Balzac (Honoré de)-Père Goriot. Intro. par Emile Faguet. 12mo., pp. 358, is. net

DENT, Nov. 13 Balzac, Honoré de, Brunetière (F.) is. net Oct. 13 Bam Wildfire, Mathers (H.) 7d, net ...Aug. 13 Bampton (Fr.)—Modernism and modern thought.

Cr. 8vo., 28. net ...... SANDS, Nov. 13 Bancroft (F.)—Thane Brandon. Cr. 8vo. 78 X5, PP. 332, 6s.

HUTCHINSON, June 13 Bancroft (H. H.)—Retrospection : political and

personal. New edit. [and] The New Pacific. Rev. edit. 2 vols in box. Cr. 8vo. 18s. net

ROUTLEDGE, Oct. 13 Bancroft (J. H.)—The Posture of school children. 8vo., 6s. 6d. net

.MACMILLAN, May 13 Band of brothers, Turley (C.) 6s.

Oct. 13 Band of Hope annual (The), 1913. Ryl. 8vo., Is. 6d. bds. is.

PARTRIDGE, Oct, 13 Bandaging and surgical dressing, Pye's, 23. Aug. 13 Bandaging, Elements of, Rankin (w.) 5s. net Bandaging made easy, Hosking (M. R.) is. net

May 13 Bandelier (B.) and Roepke (0.)-A Clinical system of tuberculosis. 8vo., 215. net

BALE, Feb. 13

Bandelier (Dr.) and Roepke (Dr.)-Tuberculin in

diagnosis and treatment. 2nd English edit.

Ryl. 8vo. 10 X6, pp. 324, 155, net BALE, Aug. 13 Bandôt printing telegraph system, Pendry (H. W.) 25. 6d. net......

..Feb. 13 Banister (Henry C.)-A Text-book of music,

New edit., rev. by W. Alfred Parr. Cr. 8vo.

74 x 43, pp. 352, 35, 6d. .BELL, Oct. 13 Bank interest calculator (The). Ryl. 8vo., 25. 6d. net......

..GALL & I., June 13 Bank of England-Accounts. id. (post free)

WYMAN, Jan. 13 Bank of England-Applications for advances, 1912. d.

. WYMAN, Jan, 13 Bank of faith, Huntington (W.) 6d. net.. July 13 Banking section, Statist,” 1913 ..Apr. 13 Banking, English practical, Moxon (T. B.) 45. 6d.

net Banking, Evolution of German, Joseph (I.) 35. 6d.

.Sep. 13 Banking law, Wallace (W.) and McNeil ' (A.)

.Aug. 13 Banking, Practical, Bagshaw (J. F. G.) and Hannaford (C. F.) 5s, net.

.Feb. 13 Banking, Principles of, Conant (C. A.) 7s. 60. net

Jan, 13 Banking terms, Pitman's Dict. of economic and,

Weston (W. J.) and Crew (A.) 25. 6d. net Oct. 13 Bankrupt, Horsnell (H.) 6$.

...Sep. 13 Bankruptcy-30th general annual report, 1912. 7d.

WYMAN, Aug. 13 Bankruptcy and deeds of arrangement Act, Fausset (F. P.) ...

..Dec. 13 Banks (A.)-Illustrative prayer meeting talks.

New edit. (Formerly called “Unus d Rain

bows") Cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. net .. REVELL, Sep. 13 Banks (Alice M.)-Common sense talks on health and temperance. 12mo., pp. 96, is. net

ALLENSON, Nov. 13 Banks (E.)-Correct business and legal forms. Cr. 8vo., 6s. net

PUTNAM, Feb. 13 Banks (John S.)-The Books of the New Testament, Immo., pp. 126, is, net

C. H. KELLY, Oct. 13 Banks (J. S.)--Central questions of faith. Cr. Svo

IS. net, swd. 64. net....C. H. KELLY, May 13 Banks (William)-William Adolplius Turnpike.

Cr. 8vo. 74 X4, pp. 266, 35. 60. DENT, July 13 Banks, London, Sc., Skinner (T.) 1913-14, 128. 6d. net ....

..... June 13 Bannard (H. E.)-Moses in Midian, and other Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 80, 25. net

SIMPKIN, Apr. 13 Banner with the new device, Hicks (W. W.) 6s.

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Oct. 13


Mar. 13

May 13

Oct. 13

Banning (S. T.)-Organisation, administration and

equipment made easy. [Military.] 13th edit.

Cr. 8vo., pp. 302, 49. 6d. net GALE & P., June 13 Bannockburn, Battle of, Mackenzie (W. M.)

28. 6d. net. Banquets : Cakes and ale, Spencer (E.) 25. 6d. net Banville (Theodore de)-Ballades. Trans, inte English verse by A. T. Strong. Cr. 8vo. 3s, net

MACMILLAN, Dec. 13 Baptism to Holy Communion, From, Hughes

(M. V.) 25. net Baptist handbook (The), 1913. 8vo., 35. net,

bds. 28. od. net. BAPTIST UNION, Jan. 13 Baptist pioneers, Peasants and prophets, Byford

(c. T.) is. 6d., is, net.. Baptists and their doctrines, Carroll (B. H.) 35. 60. net

Sep. 13 Baptists, Political activity of, &c., Brown (L. F.) 6s. 60, net

..Apr. 13 Bar, bat and bit, Leigh (Sir E. C.) 78. 6d. net

.Oct. 13

.Feb. 13

Nov. 13

Nov. 13

Bar examinations from 1905-1913: selection of

questions; by J. A. Shearwood. 8yo, bds. 35. 6d. net

... SWEET & M., Apr. 13

.Feb. 13

4S 6d.

Barbara of the snows, Greene (H. I.) is. net Jan, 13
Barbara of the Thorn, Syrett (N.) 6s. .... Sep. 13
Barbara s love story, Rowlands (E. A.) 60. July 13
Barbary coast, Edwards (A.) 8s. 6d. net. Oct. 13
Barbé (Louis A.) ed.--Histoire d'Aladdin ou la

lampe merveilleuse, is. 6d.....
Barber (Evelyn)-Michael. Pop. edit. Cr. 8vo.,

pp. 304, swd. is, net ..MURRAY & E., July 13 Barbier (GeorgeDesigns on the dances of

Vastav Nijinsky. ros. net
(75, Charing Cross Rd.), C. W. BEAUMONT,

July 13
Barbour (A. H. F.) and Watson (B. P.) Gyneco-

logical diagnosis and pathology. Illus. 8vo.

9X51, pp. 236, 75. 6d. net..W. GREEN, June 13 Barbour (G. F.)—The Ethical approach to theism. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5], pp. 124, 3s. net

W. BLACKWOOD, Feb. 13 Barbour (Ralph Henry)—Peggy-in-the-rain. Cr.

8vo. 71 x5, pp. 252, 6s. . . APPLETON, July 13 Barchester Towers, Trollope (A.) 6d. net..Aug. 13 Barchester Towers, Trollope (A.) 18. net.,Oct. 13 Barclay (Alfred E.)— The Stomach and

oesophagus : a radiographic study. Ryl. 8vo. 101 X64, pp. 134, 75. 6d. net

SHERRATT & H., June 13 Barclay (Florence L.)-The Broken halo. Cr.

8vo. 71 X41, pp. 408, 6s. .... PUTNAM, Sep. 13 Barclay (Mrs. Hubert)-East of the shadows. Cr. 8vo. 7* X5, pp. 312, 6s.

HODDER & S., Feb. 13 Barclay, Robert : life and work, Cadbury (M. C.) 28. net

.Jan. 13 Barris, Irish, later, Quiggin (E. C.) 39. 6d. net

June 13 Barfield (M.) and Trotter (E.)—The Baron of

Brandean. 12m0., is. net....BLACKIE, Jan. 13
Barfield's blazer, &c., Cule (W. E.) is. 6. Sep. 13
Barham (Richard H.) (" Thomas Ingoldshy") -

The Jackdaw of Rheims. With illus. by Charles
Folkard 4t0, 131 X10, Ios. 6d. net

GAY & H., Sep. 13
Baring (Maurice) -Gaston De Foix. Cr. 8vo.,

pp. 72, Swd. 2s, net ..B. H. BLACKWELL, Apr. 13 Baring (Maurice!—Letters from the near East,

1909 and 1912. Cr. 8vo. 7*X4, pp. 188,
35. 6d. net

.SMITH, E., Feb. 13
Baring (Maurice)-Lost diaries. Cr. 8vo. 7! X5,

pp. 224, 38. 6d. net ... DUCKWORTH, Nov. 13 Baring (Maurice)-Palamon and Arcite: a play for puppets. Cr. 8vo., pp. 48, swd., 25. net

B. H. BLACKWELL, Apr. 13 Baring (Hon. Maurice)— What I saw in Russia.

12mo., pp. 382, is, net ....NELSON, Mar. 13 Baring-Gould (Edith M. E.)- In the year one in the Far East. 8vo. 81 X61, pp. 104, is. 6d.

C. M. S., Nov. 13 Baring-Gould (Sabine)-A Book of folk-lore. 12mo., pp. 264, is, net (The Nation's library)

W. COLLINS, Nov. 13 Baring-Gould (Sabine)—The Broom squire. 8vo. swd. 6d.

NEWNES, May 13 Baring-Gould (Sabine) The Broom-squire, 12mo. 7d. net

. METHUEN, Mar. 13
Baring-Gould (Sabine)—John Herring. 1 2nio.
7d. net

..F.VERETT, June 13
Baring-Gould (Sabine)—Mehalah. 12mo., 7d. net

W. COLLINS, June 13
Baring-Gould (Sabine)-Old country life. 12mo.,
pp. 220, Is. net

.METHUEN, Feb. 13
Baring-Gould (Sabine)-The Vicar of Morwenstow :

being a life of Robert Stephen Hawker. Pop.
edit. 12mo., pp. 220, Is. net

METHUEN, Jan. 13
Barker (Aldred P.)--Camping with motor-car

and camera. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 71 X41, pp. 320,
45. 6d. net...

..DENT, A pr. 13

Barker (D. A.)—The Theory of money. Ryl. 16mo.

pp. 150, is. net ; Ithr. 25. 6d, net. (Cambridge
manuals of science and literature)

Barker (D. Wilson-) see Wilson-Barker.
Barker (Edward larrison)-A British dog in

France : his adventures in divers places and
conversations with French dogs. Illus. Svo.

81x51, pp. 2)4, 6s. net ....CHATTO, Nov. 13
Barker (Edward Harrison)-Wayfaring in France :

from Auvergne to the Bay of Biscay. Illus,
8vo. 81 x51, pp. 556, 75, 6d. net

Barker (Ernest)-The Dominican Order and

Convocation : a study of the growth of
representation in the Church during the 13th
century. 8vo., pp. 84, 3s. net

(Milford) CLARENDON Press. May 13 Barker (Ethel Ross) — Rome of the pilgrims and

martyrs : a study in the martyrologies, itineraries, syllogae, and other contemporary documents. 8vo. 9 X5), pp. 396, 12s. 6d. net

METHUEN, Nov. 13 Barker (Henry J.)-Little humorists at school, as

illustrated by children's oral answers and written exercises. Cr. 8vo., pp. 110, bds. is. net

JARROLD, Feb. 13 Barker (W. E.)-Pigeon racing : a practical guide to the sport. Cr. 8vo., swd. 2s. net

RACING PIGEON PUB. Co., Apr. 13 Barlow (C. W. C.)-Mathematical physics. Vol. 1, Electricity and magnetism. Cr. 8vo., pp: 320,

..CLIVE, May 13 Barlow (G.)--The Pageant of life: an epic of

man in five books. New edit. 8vo. 81 x 5, pp. 574, 5s. net

. .GLAISHER, Nov. 13 Barlow (Hilare)-The Mystery of Jeanne Marie.

Cr. 8vo. 71 X41, pp. 316, 6S. LYNWOOD, May 13 Barlow (Hilaré) — The Sentence of the judge. Cheaper re-issue. Cr. 8vo., pp. 294, is, net

LYNWOOD, Oct. 13 Barlow (Jane)-Doings and dealings. Cr.8vo.

73 X5, pp. 314, 65... HUTCHINSON, Oct. 13 Barlow (T. H.)- Via sacra. Cr. 8vo., pp. 282, 28. net (Expositor's librarv, cheaper Reissue)

HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Barn stormers, Williamson (Mrs. C. N.! ;d. net

Apr. 13 Barnaby Rudge, Dickens (C.) retold by Jackson, IS. 6. net.

..Oct. 13 Barnaby Rudge, Dickens (C.) (Univ. ed.) 28. 6d. net

.....Od. 13 Barnard (H. C.)-The Little schools of PortRoyal. 8vo. 9x5), pp. 274, 75. 6d. net

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Sep. 13 Barnard (H. Clive)—-Pictures of famous travel.

4to. 91x71, pp. 64, Is. 60. ....BLACK, Nov, 13 Barnard is., and Child (J. M.)- lixercises from

"A New algebra.” Parts 1-4. Cr. 8vo. 7! X41, pp. 280, 28. 6d.

MACMILLAN, Dec. 13 Barnard (S.) and Child (J. M.)-Key to a New

algebra. Vol. 2, containing Parts 4, 5 and 6. Cr. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

.MACMILLAN, Oct. 13 Bamard (S.) and Child (J. M.)-A New geometry.

Parts 1 and 2. Being a new edit. of " A New geometry for junior forms." Cr. 8vo., pp. 334, 28, 6d.......

Barnard (W. N.) see Hirschfeld (C. F.) and

Barnes (A. S.)-

The Early Church in the light of the monuments. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 5s. net

LONGMANS, Nov. 13 Barnes (R. Gorell)--Love triumphant, and other poems. 4to. 8} x64, pp. 62, 3s. 6d. net

LONGMANS, Oct. 13 Bames (R. Gorell)-Out of the blue. Cr. 8vo.

8 X54, pp. 318, 6s. ...LONGMANS, Mar. 13 Barnes-Grundy (Mabel) – The Third Miss Wenderby. 12mo., 7d. net




Feb. 13

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Nov. 13

Barnes-Grundy (Mabel)—Two in a tent_and

Jane. New edit. (originally published under
the title of “A Thames camp"). 12mo.,

pp. 300, is, net ...... ARROWSMITH, May 13 Barnet (S. A.)— Worship and work: thoughts

from unpublished writings. Selected and edited by his wife. Izmo. 6x38, pp. 242, Is. 6d.

net, Ithr. 25. net GARDEN CITY Press, Dec. 13 Bamett (John)—Barry and a sinner. Cr. 8vo.

71 x5, pp. 312, 63....... SMITH, E., May 13 Barnett (John)—The New guv'nor. Cr. 8vo.

7 X5. pp. 310, 6s... ....GARDNER, D., Sep. 13 Barnett (Lionel D.)-Antiquities of India :

account of the history and culture of ancient Hindustan. Illus. 8vo.9 % 54, pp. 322, 123. 6.1. net

.P. LEE WARNER, Oct. 13 Bamatt (Mary G.)-Young delinquents. Cr. 8vo.

73 X5, pp. 236, 35. 6d. net METHUEN, Oct. 13 Barnett (T. R.)-Fairshiels : memories of a

Lammermoor parish. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo., 25. 6d. net

.OLIPHANT, Oct. 13 Barnett (T. Ratcliffe)—Reminiscences of old Scots folk. Illus. 8vo. 81 x 5), pp. 216, 55. net

FOULIS, Nov. 13 Barometric pressures, Low: Physiological observ

ations on Pike's Peak, Douglas (C. G.) 6s. 6d. net Baron of Brandean, Barfield (M.) and Trotter (E.) is. net

....Jan. 13 Baronetage, knightage, etc, Debrett's, 1914. Dec. 13 Baroque architecture, Briggs (M. S.) 2is. net Barr (Amelia E.)-All the days of my life: the

red leaves of a human heart. Illus. 8vo. 9 X6,

pp. 540, 125. 6d, net........APPLETON, Oct. 13 Barr (Amelia E.)-Cecilia's lovers. 8vo., swd. 6d.

W. COLLINS, May 13
Barr (James R.) and Archibald (R. D.)-The

Design of alternating current machinery.
Illus. 8vo. 9 X6, pp. 512, 125. 6d. net

Barr (Robert)—Countess Tekla. 12mo., 7d. net

NEWNES, July 13 Barr (Robert)- In the midst of alarms. 8vo, swd, 3d." ("W.T." novels)

“ WEEKLY TELEGRAPII," Dec. 12 Barr (Robert)-Lord Stranleigh abroad. Cr. 8vo.

7* 4, pp. 304, 6s. .. WARD, L., June 13 Barr (Robert)-Lord Stranleigh, philanthropist. 8vo. Swd. 6d.

... WARD, L., June 13 Barr (Robert)-My enemy Jones : an extravaganza. Cr. 8vo. 7! X5, pp. 232, 33. 6d. net

NASH, Oct. 13 Barr (Robert)-The Speculations of John Steele. 12mo., 7d. net

..W. COLLINS, May 13 Barr (Robert)—The Swordmaker. 8vo. Swd. 6d.

HODDER & S., Feb. 13 Barr (Robert)-A Woman in a thousand. Cr. 8vo.

74 X5, pp. 316, 6s. ..HODDER & S., May 13 Barr (Robert) and Crane (Stephen)-The O'Ruddy.

8vo., Swd. 6d.... ... HODDER & S., Apr. 13 Barrack-room ballads, &c., Kipling (R.) 45. 6d.,

5s. net Barraclough (Augustus)—Preliminary arithmetic Cr. 8vo., pp. 192, Is. 6d. ; with answers is. gd.

CLIVE, Apr. 13 Barraud (G.)-Alphabet in French and English,

... Jan. 13 Barrès (Maurice)-L'Ennemi des Lois. 12mo.,

pp. 224, IS. net..... ...DENT, Oct. 13 Barrett (Edwin G.)-Screw-cutting in the lathe. Cr, 8vo., pp. 44, swd., Is. net


Barrett (Michael)—The Scottish monasteries of

old: the houses which existed in Scotland,
before the Protestant reformation, for monks
following the rule of St. Benedict. Demy 8vo.,

pp. 236, 1os. 6d. net.. ....0. SCHULZE, Oct.13 Barrett (Sir W. F.)-Swedenborg : the savant and the seer. Imo., Is, net, swd., 6d. net

J. M. WATKINS, Jan. 13 Barrett-Hamilton (Gerald E. H.)-A History of

British mammals. Part 13. 4to. 10 X61, pp.

313–360, 2s, 6d. net ....GURNEY & J., Feb. 13 Barrie (Sir James M.)- Margaret Ogilvy. Popular edit. Cr. 8vo. 7*X4, pp. 212, 3s. 6d.

HODDER & S., Aug. 13 Barrie (Sir James M.)—Peter and Wendy. Illus.

by F. D. Bedford. Re-issue. 8vo. 8 X 51, pp. 276, 6s. net

...HODDER & S., Nov. 13 Barrie (Sir James M.)-Quality Street: a comedy

in four acts. Illus. by Hugh Thomson. 4to. 103 x 8, pp. 206, 155. net; edit. de luxe, 425. net

HODDER & S., Nov. 13 Barrie (Sir James M.)- A Window in 'Thrums. Popular edit. Cr. 8vo. 71 X44, pp. 226, 3s. 6d.

HODDER & S., Aug. 13 Barrie (Sir James M.)—Works. 10 vols. Kirriemuir edit. Ryl. 8vo. 10 X61, 126s. net

HODDER & S., Dec. 13 Barrington-Bernard correspondence (The) and

illustrative matter, 1760-1770. Edit. by E. Channing and A. C. Coolidge. 8vo., pp. 330, 8s. 6d. net

.FROWDE, Mar. 13 Barron (Evan Macleod)—Prince Charlie's pilot

(Donald Macleod): a record of loyalty and devotion. Svo. 9 X5), pp. 214, 5s. net

R. CARRUTHERS, Apr. 13 Barrows (M. M.)—The Value of contentment.

16mo. 31 X2, Ithr, is. net (Value of friendship ser., 6)

. SIEGLE, H., July 13 Barry (Charles Alfred)—The First principles of

the Church : essays and notes. Cr. 8vo. 8 X51, pp. 234, 39. 6d. net..

.LONGMANS, Apr. 13 Barry and a sinner, Barnett (J.) 6s...

May 13 Barry Lyndon ; Book of snobs, Thackeray (W. M.) 6d. net

Aug. 13 Bartenstein case, Fletcher (J. S.) 6s.. . . Jan. 13 Barter-Snow (Laura A.)-Norah's victory; or,

Saved through suffering. Cr. 8vo. 74 X4, pp. 264, 25.

PARTRIDGE, Sep. 13 Barter-Snow (Laura A.)-Rupert's resolve. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 41, pp. 168, Is. 6d.

PARTRIDGE, Oct. 13 Bartholomew (J.)-Atlas : In full colours. izmo.,

6d. net. (People's books) ......JACK, Feb. 13 Bartholomew (J. G.)-Handy reference atlas of London and suburbs, 2nd edit. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net

J. WALKER, Apr. 13 Bartholomew (J. G.)-A Literary and historical

atlas of Africa and Australasia. izmo., pp. 230, IS. net; Ithr, 2s, net. (Everyman's library)

DENT, Sep. 13 Bartholomew (J. G.)-The Physical and political school atlas. With 32 plates. 4to., Is. net

(Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Feb. 13 Bartholomew's Tourist's map of South Africa. 25.

net ...... (Edinburgh) BARTHOLOMEW, Sep. 13 Barthou (Louis)—Mirabeau. Illus. 8vo. 9x51, pp. 360, ios, net..

HEINEMANN, Sep. 13 Bartlett (A. Cecil)-Gardening. 12mo, 6d. net (People's books)

JACK, Apr. 13 Bartlett (Ashmead.) see Ashmead-Bartlett. Bartlett (F. C.)-Exercises in logic. Cr. 8vo. pp. 156, 25. 6d.

...CLIVE, Apr. 13 Bartlett (Frederick Orin)—The Prodigal pro tem.

Cr. 8vo. 7} X4, pp. 328, 6s. F'. PALMER, Mar. 13
Bartlett (Lucy Re-) see Re-Bartlett.
Bartlett (M.) The Raised rood, and other poemis.
Ryl. 16mo., Is. 6d. net, swd. is. net

E. MATHEWS, Mar. 13



Feb. 13

58. net


BARTON Barton (A. P.)-Eternal punishment not found in the Bible. 12mo. 64 X4, pp. 56, swd. is. net

POWER BOOK CO., Sep. 13 Barton (Frank Townend)-Dogs: their selection,

breeding, and keeping. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5,

pp. 280, 35. 6d. net..... .JARROLD, Oct, 13 Barton (Frank Townend)-Gun dogs. Illus.

Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4, pp. 318, 5s. net LONG, Nov. 13 Barton (Frank Townend)-Some sporting dogs.

Plates by G. Vernon Stokes. 4to. 91x7,

Pp. 126, 3s. 6d, net....... ..JARROLD, Sep. 13 Barton (Frank Townend)—Toy dogs : their

points and their management in health and disease. New and enlarged cdit. Cr. 8vo.

71 X4!, pp. 220, 35. 6d. net EVERETT, Sep. 13 Bartram (George)-England's garland. Cr. 8vo.

8 X5, pp. 90, 25. 6d. net ..MACMILLAN, May 13 Barwon ballads and school verses, Cuthbertson (J. L.) 6s. net

.Jan. 13 Bascan (L.)-Lectures-dictées de phonétique Française. Cr. 8vo. IS.........

...DENT, May 13 Bascan (L.)—Manuel pratique de prononciation

et de lecture Françaises : phonètique, transcriptions phonêtique. Edit., rev. et corrigee.

Cr. 8vo., pp. 228, 2s. 6d. .....DENT, May 13 Bascule— Royal spades auction bridge, 3s. net

Mar. 13

.Oct. 13

Nov. 13

Bates (Edward L.) and Charlesworth (F.)-
Mechanics for builders.

Part 1

Cr. Svo,
71 x 41, pp. 210, 3s. net (Technical handicraft

..LONGMANS, Oct. 13
Bates (F. S. Montague-) see Montague-Bates.
Bateson (William)—Mendel's principles of heredity.
Ryl. 8vo. 91 x6}, pp. 430, 12s. net

Bateson (William)–Problems of genetics. Illus.

8vo., pp. 270, 178. net ......MILFORD, Oct. 13
Bath Abbey : its history and architecture.
Cr. 8vo., swd. is, net. (Homeland handbooks)

HOMELAND Assoc., July 13 Bath and West and Southern Counties Society

Journal. Fifth ser. Vol. VII, 1912–13. 8vo. 84 x 59, 6s.

. STANFORD, Apr. 13 Bath, Famous inns of, Meehan (J. F.) 6d. net

Aug. 13 Bath, Order of the, Perkins (J.) 7s. 5d. net Sep. 13 Bath waters, Radium in the, Hatton (J.) June 13 Bathe (E. de)-Out of the deep. Cr. 8vo., 25. 6d. net

....I. N. FOWLER, Oct. 13 Batiffol (Louis) —The Duchesse de Chevreuse :

a life of intrigue and adventure in the days of Louis XIII. 8vo. 9 X54, pp. 366, ros. net

HEINEMANN, Oct 13 Batten (I.oring W.1-A Critical and exegetical

commentary on the Books of Ezra and Nehe. miah. 8vo. 81 X5), pp. 384, Ios. 6d.

T. & T. CLARK, Nov. 13
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Oct. 13

Dec. 13

Oct. 13

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May 13
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(London Diocesan Sunday school manuals)

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HOLDEN & 11., Sep. 13

55. net



Oct. 13

.Oct. 13

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London. With notes on the Parliamentary representation of the City, &c. Vol. 2. Ryi.

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Ebbing of the tide. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 4*, pp. 396, 6s,

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verses. Colour illus. by Mabel Webb. 4to. 10 X71, pp. 72, 38. 6d. net A. RIVERS, Od. 13


May 13

Nov. 13

Oct. 13

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