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Medicine and surgery, Practitioner's encyclop. of Murphy (J. K.) 35s. net.......... . . Apr. 13 Medicine: Ionic medication, Jones (H. L.) 5s. net June 13 Medicine, Lectures on, Cuff (H. E.) 3s. 6d. net

Nov. 13 Medicine: Materia medica pharmacy, &c., White (W. H.) 6s. 6d. net.. Νου. 13 Medicine, Minor, Wynter (W. E.) (s. net Nov. 13 Medicine, Place of climatology in, Gordon (W.) ....Aug. 13

3s. 6d. net...

Medicine: Practitioner's practical prescriber Macdonald (D. M.) 5s. net..

Medicine, Preventive, Rosenau (M. J.)

Νου. 13

255. net June 13 Medicine, Quarterly Journal of, v. 6, 25s. net Aug. 13 Medicine: Syrian anatomy, &c., Budge (E. A. W.) 42s. net July 13 Medicine, Tendencies of modern, Plunkett (Sir H.) 6d. . May 13 Medicine, Tropical, Castellani (A.) and Chalmers (A. J.) 21s. net.. ...May 13 Medicine, Tropical, Daniels (C. W.). Pt. I. 7s. 6d. net.. ...Oct. 13 Medico Chirurgical Society of EdinburghTransactions. Vol. 31, new ser., Session 1911-12 8vo., pp. 226, 8s. 6d. net ....J. THIN, Jan. 13 Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh (The)Transactions. Vol. 32. New Session 1912-1913. 8vo., dp. 284, 8s. 6d. J. THIN, Nov. 13


Medieval see Mediaeval.

Meditation and health, Curtis (A. M.) 5s. net

July 13

Meditation for beginners, Wedgwood (J. I.) 6d.

Oct. 13 Meditations, Rudolph (H.) 3s. net ..Apr. 13 Meditations, Book of, Allen (J.) 5s. net.. July 13 Mediterranean, American, Bonsal (S.) 12s. 6d. net June 13 Mediterranean, Sea-wolves of, Currey (F. H.) Is. net... .Νου. 1ο Mediterranean: Worst singer in the world, Fox (G. E.) is. net ...... Sep. 13 Medley (Dudley Julius)-A Student's manual of English constitutional history. 5th edit. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 720, 12s. 6d. net B. H. BLACKWELL, June 13 Medusae, &c., in N.-W. Pacific, Bigelow (H. B.) 4s. 6d. net. ... Sep. 13 Medwin (Thomas)-The Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley. New edit., printed from a copy copiously amended and extended by the author and left unpublished at his death. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 574, 12s. 6d. net......MILFORD, Oct. 13 Mee (Arthur)-Letters to boys. 12mo., pp. 166, IS. net ....HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Meehan (J. F.)-A Few of the famous inns of Bath and district. Illus. Demy 8vo., pp. 43, 6d. net ...B. & J. F. MEEHAN, Aug. 13 Meek (A. S.)-A Naturalist in cannibal land. Illus. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 256, 10s. 6d. net UNWIN, May 13 Mehalah, Baring-Gould (S.) 7d. net...... June 13 Mehegan (John J.)-O'Higgins of Chile; a brief sketch of his life and times. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7X4, pp. 244, 5s. net


J. & J. BENNETT, June 13 Meissonier (J. L. E.) Masterpieces, 1815-1891, 18mo., Is. net; swd. 6d. net

GOWANS & G., Feb. 13 Melanesia: Isles that wait. 1s. 6d. net.... Dec. 12 Meldola (Raphael)-Chemistry. 12mo., pp. 256 Is. net (Home university library) WILLIAMS & N., Feb. 13 Meldrum (Roy)-The House of silk. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 434, 6s..... ...A. MELROSE, Sep. 13 Meldrum (Roy)-The Ways of Eve. Cr. 8vo. 7X5 pp. 336, 6s. .A. MELROSE, Jan. 13


Melford (Mark)-Life in a booth. Cr. 8vo., pp. 256, Is. net .HENDERSON'S Nov. 13

Meller (J.)-Ophthalmic surgery. 2nd edit. 8vo., 12s. 6d. net..... .REBMAN, Mar. 13 Mellersh (Kate)-His by right: a story for boys. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 224, IS. 6d. R. T. S., Sep. 13 Mellor (C.) The airman: experiences while obtaining a brevet in France. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 71×4, pp. 136, 3s. 6d. net ..LANE, July 13 Mellor (J.)-Ophthalmic surgery. Edit by W. M. Sweet. 2nd edit., rev. 8vo., 12s. 6d. net REBMAN, Sep. 13 Mellor (J. W.)-Treatise on the ceramic industries Vol. I, A Treatise on quantitative inorganic analysis with special reference to the analysis of clays, silicates, and related minerals. 8vo. 8×6, pp. 778, 30s. net......GRIFFIN, Aug. 13 Meloney (William B.)-The Girl of the Golden Gate. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 320, 6s.


Melton (Frederick E.)-Dick Whittington. Retold. 8vo., IS. .....

...NELSON, Sep. 13

[blocks in formation]

Melville (Fred J.)-All about postage stamps.
Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7×4), pp. 284, 6s. net
T. W. LAURIE, Nov. 13
Melville (G. J. Whyte-) see Whyte-Melville.
Melville (Lewis)—The Life and letters of William
Cobbett in England and America: based upon
hitherto unpublished family papers. 2 vols.
Illus. 8vo. 9 X5ł, pp. 346, 346, 325. net
LANE, Jan. 13
Melville (Lewis)-Philip Duke of Wharton: life
and writings. Illus. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 358,
16s. net
..LANE, June 13
Broadley (A. M.) and
.Oct. 13

Melville (Lewis) sce also

Members one of another, Smith (N.) 6s.
Mémoires, Retz (Cardinal de), 1s. net....Mar. 13
Mémoires d'un collégien, Laurie (A.) 2S...Apr. 13
Memoirs, Damas (Comte R. de) 15s. net Mar. 13
Memoirs, Hickey (W.) 12s. 6d. net..
.May 13
Memoirs, Hyde de Neuville (Baron) 218. net Oct. 13
Memoirs, Li Hung Chang, ios. 6d. net....Oct. 13
Memoirs of a mother-in-law, Sims (G. R.) 7d. net

Aug. 13 Kellogg ..Νου. 13

[blocks in formation]

Memoirs of an American prima donna,
(C. L.) 10s. 6d. net...........
Memoirs of Court of England in 1675,
(Baronne de') 16s. net
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle (Sir
7d net

Memoirs of the husband of an ex-Crown Princess,

[blocks in formation]


Memories of my life, Spark (F. R.) ... .Nov. 13 Memory, Heredity and, Ward (J.) 1s. net Dec. 12 Memory: How to remember, Miles (E. H.) 2s. 6d. net .Apr. 13 Men and the world of enterprise: addresses delivered at the first National Conference, Laymen's Missionary Movement, Buxton. Oct. 10-13, 1913. Cr. 8vo., pp. 160, 1s. net OLIPHANT, Dec. 13 Men and rails, Kenney (R.) 6s. net.... Sep. 13 Men and women of the Bible, Greater, Hastings (J.). Vol. I. IOS... Oct. 13 Men around the Kaiser, Wile (F.) 6s. net May 13 Men, Letters to, Richardson (G. L.) 9d. net Oct. 13 Men mended, Studies of, Smith (E.) IS. ..Dec. 13 Men of mark, Coburn (A. L.) 25s. net.... .Oct. 13 Menas Expedition: Three years in the Libyan Desert, Falls (J. C. E.) 15s. net........ Feb. 13 Mende natural hist. vocabulary, Migeod (F. W. H.) 4s. 6d. net ..Jan. 13

Mendel's principles of heredity, Bateson (W.) 12S. net Jan. 13 Mendelism and problem of mental defect, Heron (D.). Pt. 1, 25. net..... .....Oct. 13 Mending of life (The): being an anonymous version of about A.D. 1400 from " De Emendationæ vita" of Richard Rolle of Hampole. Edit. in a modernised form, &c. Intro. and notes by Dundas Harford. 12mo. 6×41, pp. 152, IS. 6d. net ALLENSON, Nov. 13 Mendi (Gladys)—Parentage. Cr. 8vo. 7 X5, pp. 314, 6s. ........CHAPMAN & H., Feb. 13 Menelek in a motor-car, To, Halle (C.) 12s. 6d. net Mar. 13 Mennell (F. P.)-A Manual of petrology. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 264, 7s. 6d. net CHAPMAN & H., Apr. 13 Mental defect, Mendelism and, Heron (D.). Pt. I. 25. net..... . Oct. 13 Mental Deficiency Act, 1913, Guide to, Wormald (J. & S.) 5s. not . Nov. 13 Mental diseases, Cole (R. H.) 10s. 6d. net Dec. 13 Mental diseases, Mod. treatment of nervous and, White (W. A.) and Jelliffe (S. E.) 60s. net May 13 Mental method of beauty culture (A.). By a Beauty Culturist. Cr. 8vo. 7X4, pp. 64, 2s. 6d. net POWER BOOK CO., Jan. 13 Mentally defective, Law relating to, Davey (H.) 8s. 6d. Nov. 13 Menzies (H. S.) The Beaufort hunting diary. Oblong 4to. 7s. 6d. net, -mor. 10s. 6d. net MILLS & B., Oct. 13 Menzies (Mrs. Stuart)-Women in the hunting field. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×5, pp. 272, 75. 6d. net VINTON, Sep. 13 Mercantile year book (The) and directory of exporters, 1913. Edit. by W. L. Jones. 8vo. 74×4, pp. 675, IOS. LINDLEY JONES, Apr. 13 Mercenary, Eccott (W. J.) 65. ....Oct. 13

Mercer (J. Edward)-Nature mysticism. Cr. 8vo 71×41, pp. 272, 35. 6d. net G. ALLEN, Feb. 13 Merchant Shipping Acts, Shipmaster's handbk. to, Cole (S. D.) 5s. net ....July 13 Merchant shipping-Life saving rules, 3d. (post free) .WYMAN, Jan. 13 Merchant of Venice (The). Told by a popular novelist. Illus. by Averil Burleigh. Cr. 8vo 74×44, pp. 308, 6s. ....GREENING, Dec. 13 Merchants, manufacturers, &c., Kelly's Directory of, 1913, 30s., 36s. .Apr. 13 Merchiston Castle: School sermons, Smith (G.) 3s. 6d. net .May 13 Mere woman, Nikto (V.) 6s...........Apr. 13 Meredith (George)-Beauchamp's career. 8vo., swd., 6d. .CONSTABLE, June 13 Meredith, George: life, &c., Photiadès (C.) 6s. net July 13 Meredith (James Creed)-Proportional representation in Ireland. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 182, 2s. 6d. net SIMPKIN, Aug. 13


Merejkowski (D.)—The Romance of Leonardo da
Vinci. 2 vols. New edit. 8vo. 21s, net
PUTNAM, Jan. 13
Merely man, Warden (G.) 6d....
Mar. 13
Merely Mary Ann, Zangwill (I.) is. net Mar. 13
Merhaut (E.)-A New and practical German
grammar, based on the analytical-direct method
Čr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net......E. HELLMAN, Nov. 13
Merhaut (E)-A New and practical German
grammar: based on the analytical direct
method. 8vo., pp. 240, 2s. 6d.

E. HELLMANN, Nov. 13 Mérimée (Prosper)-Colomba. Notes by H. L. Hutton. 12mo., pp. 276, 1s. 6d. DENT, May 13 Mérimée (Prosper)-Colomba. Edit. by F. V. Massard. 12mo., 2s..... RIVINGTONS, May 13 Merimee (Prosper)-Colomba. Edit. by F. Victor Massard. 12mo., pp. 180, 2s. (Massard's French readers, senior series) RIVINGTONS, Sep. 13 Mérimée (Prosper)--Tamango José Maria le brigand. Cr. 8vo., pp. 98, 1s.

MILLS & B., Jan. 13 Merionethshire [geog.], Morris (A.) 1s. 6d. Dec. 13 Mermaid Tavern, Tales of the: poems, Noyes (A.) 6s, net ..June 13


Merrick (Leonard)—The Celebrity at home. id. CASSELL, Dec. 12 poems, Falconer (H.) 2s. 6d. net

Merrie Carlisle

Dec. 13 Merrill (E. D.)—A Flora of Manila. 8vo. 91×6}, pp. 490, 12s. 6d. net ........ ...WESLEY, June 13 Merriman (Henry Seton)-In Kedar's tents. 12mo. 7d. net .NELSON, July 13 Merriman (Henry Seton)-The Last hope. 8vo., swd. 6d. . HODDER & S., May 13 Merriman (Henry Seton)-The Slave of the lamp. 12mo., 7d. net ......HODDER & S., June 13 Merriman (Henry Seton)-The Vultures. 12mo., 7d. net ...NELSON, Jan. 13 Merriman (M.)-Elements of hydraulics. Cr. 8vo., 4s. 6d. net.... ...CHAPMAN & H., Jan. 13 Merry marauders, Rees (A. J.) 6s. ..Sep. 13 Merry puppy book, Aldin (C.) 3s. 6d. net Oct. 13 Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare (W.) (Tudor S. Emery) is. net.... .Mar. 13 Merz (John Theodore)-A History of European thought in the nineteenth century. Vol. 3. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 660, 155. net

BLACKWOOD, Jan. 13 Mesenteric vessels, Embolism, etc., of, Trotter (L. B. C.) 8s. net... Oct. 13 Mesozoic plants, Catalog. of, British Museum (Nat. Hist.) Pt. 5, pt. 1. 128. ....Dec. 13 Message for the times, Middleton (R.) is. net

Sep. 13 ...Oct. 13

Message from Mars, Lurgan (L.) is. net... Message of Christ to an age of unrest, Knox (E. A., Bp.) 6d., 1s. net.... .Jan. 13 Message of fate, Tracy (L.) 7d. net........July 13 Message of God, Brown (C.) 6s.. ..Oct. 13


[blocks in formation]

Mexico and Peru, Myths of, Spence (L.)



[blocks in formation]

Metallurgy of iron and steel, Sexton (A.
Primrose (J. S. G.) 125 6d. net..
Metals, Capacity for heat of, Griffiths (E. H. and
E.) 3s. 6d. net.
Aug. 13
(F.) 8s. 6d.

Metallurgy and assaying, Experimental, Gower (A. R.) 3s. 6d. net Mar. 13 H.) and

.Dec. 12

Metals, Microscop. analysis of, Osmond net. .Νου. 13 Metals, Precious, Sampling and assay of, Smith (E. A.) 15s. net Nov. 13 Metals, Welding and Cutting, Groth (L. A.) 6s. net Sep. 13 Metaphors of Brother Bozon, a Friar Minor. Trans. from a Norman French MS. of the 14th century, by J. R. Cr. 8vo. 7} ×4}, pp 216, 5s. net. .CONSTABLE, May 13 Metaphysics, Intro. to, Bergson (H.) 2s. net Mar. 13 Metcalfe (Cranstoun)-Peeresses of the stage. Illus. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 276, 10s. 6d. net A. MELROSE, Mar. 13 Metcalfe (Edith)-Pyramids of snow. 12mo. 6d, net ..NEWNES, Jan. 13 Metcalfe (Helen M.)-The Starry heavens. Illus. by 25 diagrams. Cr. 8vo., pp. 64, limp is. net G. PHILIP, June 13 Metcalfe (R. M.)-Practical drawing. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 164, 25. net F. ARNOLD, Apr. 13 Metcalfe (W. M.) ed.-Specimens of Scottish literature, 1325-1835. With intro., notes and glossary. Cr. 8vo. 7 X4, pp. 228, 2s. 6d. net BLACKIE, Mar. 13 Meteorological Committee (International)-Meeting of the Commission for Weather Telegraphy, Sept. 17-20, 1912. Report of Proceedings. WYMAN, Jan. 14 Meteorological Committee-8th annual report, 1912-13. IS. .WYMAN, Sep. 13 Meteorological Office-Storm warnings: codes of signals adopted and recommended by the International Meteorological Committee, 1910-1913 for; together with a list of the maritime weather signals at present in use in the various countries of the Globe. 4th edit. 4d. WYMAN, July 13 Meteorological Office-Weather reports. Weekly, ea. 6d. .WYMAN, Jan., &c., 13 Methley (A. A.)-Change of climate. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 316, 6s. .METHUEN, Mar. 13 Method, &c., of Descartes, Veitch (J.) 6s. 6d. Apr. 13 Méthode, Discours de la, Descartes (R.) 1s. net Apr. 13




Methodism, Hymns of, Bett (H.) 1s. net.. Feb. 13 Methodist idylls, Lindsay (H.) 2s. net.... May 13 Methodist law and usage, Grubb (A. P.) 1s. 6d. nct

Dec. 13 Methodist Sunday school notes, 1914. 8vo., 2s. 6d. net METHODIST BOOK ROOM, Nov. 13 Methodists, Conference, 1913, Minutes of several conversations, 2s. net.. .....Aug. 13 Methuen (A. A.) ed.-A Year book of Mary Queen of Scots. 12mo. 7×4, pp. 150, parchment. 2s. 6d. net ..FOULIS, Dec. 13 Metric and Eng. lengths, Rossetti (G. A.) 1s. net Sep. 13 . June 13


Metropolis, Sinclair (U.) 6d...................

[blocks in formation]

7s. 6d. net July 13 Mexico, Busy time in, Pollard (H. B. C.) 8s. 6d. net May 13 Mexico, Life in, Cameron de la Barca (Mme.) IS., 2S. net.. Sep. 13 Mexico, the land of unrest, Baerlein (II.) 165. net June 13 Meyer (F. B.)-Exodus XX, 18-XL. Cr. 8vo. 7x5, pp. 384, 2s. (A Devotional commentary) R. T. S., Feb. 13 Meyer (F. B.)-Expository preaching plans and methods. 8vo. 81 ×51, pp. 150, 2s. 6d. net HODDER & S., Feb. 13 Meyer (F. B.)-Life and the way through. 8vo. 81×51, pp. 198, 3s. 6d. net ..CASSELL, Oct. 13 Meyer (F. B.)-Memorials of Cecil Robertson of Sianfu, medical missionary. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 168, 2s. net .CAREY PRESS, Nov. 13 Meyer (F. B.)-My daily prayer: a short supplication for every day in the year. 32mo., is. net NATIONAL COUNCIL, Oct. 13 Meyer (Henry H.)-The Lesson handbook, 1914. 12mo., pp. 148, 1od. net .. C. H. KELLY, Oct. 13 Meyer (Kuno) trans.-Selections from ancient Irish poetry. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo., 3s. 6d. net CONSTABLE, Apr. 13 Meyerbeer, Hervey (A.) 1s. 6d. net........ May 13 Meynell (Alice)-Childhood. Cr. 8vo. 7 X 41, pp. 68. 2s. net. (Fellowship books) BATSFORD, Nov. 13 Meynell (Alice)-Poems. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 118, 5s. net ...BURNS & O., May 13 Meynell (Alice)-Poems. Large paper edit. 8vo. 8×6, pp. 148, bds., 10s. 6d. net BURNS & O., July 13 Meynell (Alice)-The Shepherdess, and other verses. 12mo., pp. 30, swd., Is. net

BURNS & O., Dec. 13 Meynell (Everard)—The Life of Francis Thompson, 8vo. 9 X5, pp. 374, 15s. net

BURNS & O., Nov. 13 Meynell (Viola)-George Eliot. Cr. 8vo. 7X4 pp. 390, 2s. 6d. net (Regent library) HERBERT & D., Feb. 13 Meynell (Viola)-Lot Barrow. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, Pp. 294, 6s... ... . . . . . . . . . . . M. SECKER, Jan. 13 Meyrick (Diana)-Peace alley. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo., pp. 308, Is. net........SIDGWICK & J., July 13 Meyrick (Diana)-Phyllis and felicity. Re-issue. Čr. 8vo., pp 308, Is. net. SIDGWICK & J., July 13 Meysey-Thompson (E. C.)—India of to-day. 8vo. 9X5, pp. 240, 6s. net....SMITH, E., Dec. 13 Miall (Agnes M.)-Meddlesome Mattie. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 166, 1s. 6d. .PARTRIDGE, Oct. 13 Miall (Bernard)-Pierre Garat, singer and exquisite his life and his world, 1762-1823. Illus. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 366, 1os. 6d. net

UNWIN, Oct. 13 Michael (C. D.)—The Boy's book of engines and ships. 4to., bds., 2s. 6d.....CASSELL, July 13 Michael (Charles D.)-Missionary heroes: stories of heroism on the mission field. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 7 X4, pp. 176, IS. PARTRIDGE, Oct. 13 Michael, Barber (E.) 1s. net. ......July 13 Michael Ferrys, Pasture (Mrs. H. de la), 6s. May 13 Michaelis gift: Flemish and Dutch paintings June 13


Michelangelo a record of his life as told in his own letters and papers. Trans. and edit. by Robert W. Carden. 8vo. 9X5, pp. 352, Ios. 6d. net... .CONSTABLE, Apr. 13 Michell (C.) see Kennedy (H. E.) and Michell. Microscope and how to use it, White (T. C.) 25. net Feb. 13

Microtomist's vade-mecum, Lee (A. B.) 15s. net Aug. 13 Mid clash of swords, Surrey (G.) 3s. 6d.....Oct. 13


Mid the thick arrows, Pemberton (M.)

7d. net Apr. 13 Phillpotts .Oct. 13 (E.) 12s. Oct. 13 Middle Temple bench book (The). Edit. by R. Ingpen. 8vo., 30s. (Middle Temple) MASTERS OF THE BENCH, Apr. 13 Middle watch musings. By Guns, Q.F.C. and Phyl Theeluker. 4th and cheaper edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 186, swd. Is. net ......SIMPKIN, Aug, 13 Middleground. By the author of "Mastering flame." Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 296, 6s. MILLS & B., May 13 Middlemarch, Eliot (G.) 3 vols., ea. is. net Nov. 13 Middlesex [geog.], Bosworth (G. F.) is. 6d. Jan. 13 Middlesex Hospital-Archives Clinical ser., No. 11 8vo. swd. 55. net ........MACMILLAN, Jan. 13 Middlesex Hospital-Archives, clinical ser., No. 12. 8vo. swd. 5s. net........ MACMILLAN, Nov. 13 Middlesex Hospital.-Archives. Vol. 27. Ryl. 8vo. swd. 7s. 6d. net .... MACMILLAN, Mar. 13 Middleton (G.)-Tradition; with, On Bail, Their wife, and other one-act plays of contemporary life. Cr. 8vo. 6s. net... ....BELL, Mar. 13 Middleton (G. A. T.)-The Evolution of architectural ornament. Illus. 4to 10 X7, pp. 134, 21S. net. .F. GRIFFITHS, Oct. 13 Middleton (Richard)-Monologues. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 288, 5s. net........ UNWIN, Oct. 13 Middleton (Robert)-A Message for the times. Cr. Svo., pp. 136, 1s. net.... JARROLD, Sep. 13 Middleton (Robert)-Stories of blessings. Cr. Svo., pp. 118, Is. net..... JARROLD, Dec. 13 Middy and ensign, Fenn (G. M.) 1s. net.. July 13 Midsummer night's dream, Shakespeare (W.) IS. . June 13 .Oct. 13 Mid-Victorian memories, Francillon (R. E.) 10s. 6d. net. .Nov. 13

Middle Ages, Kindred and clan in,
(B. S.) 1os. 6d. net....
Middle Ages, Law and politics in, Jenkins



Midsummer rose, Tynan (K.) 6s..

Midwifery: Labour-room clinics, Green-Armytage (V. B.) 2s. 6d. net

Midwifery, Notes on, Lassalle (C. F.)

Midwifery, Short practice of, Jellett (H.)

.Mar. 13

Midwifery made easy, Skinner (M. L.)

25. net

Jan. 13


6d. net

Dec. 13

10s. 6d.

.Feb. 13


6d. net

Νου. 13

5s. net

Sep. 13

(R. W.)

.. May 13


Midwifery, Short practice of, Jellett (H.)

Midwifery, Synopsis of, Bourne (A. W.)

Midwifery, Text-bk. of, Johnstone
Ios. 6d. net..

Midwife's pocket encyclopædia and diary (The), 1914. 16mo. limp 6d. net

SCIENTIFIC PUB. Co., Dec. 13 Migeod (F. W. H.)-The Languages of West Africa. Vol. 2, 8vo., 12s. 6d. net

K. PAUL, Feb. 13 Migeod (F. W. H.)-Mende natural history vocabulary. Cr. 8vo. 4s. 6d. net

K. PAUL, Jan. 13 Mighty hunters. 4to. bds., Is. NELSON, Sep. 13 Mignet (F. A. M.)-History of the French revolution from 1789 to 1814. 12mo., pp. 484, 1s. net (Bohn's top. lib.) .BELL. Oct 13 Mikhail (Kyriakos)-The Freedom of the press. Post 8vo., pp. 32, 1s. net ..SMITH, E., Jan. 13 Mikkelsen (Ejnar)-Lost in the Arctic: being the story of the "Alabama" expedition, 19091912. Illus. Ryl. 8vo. 10 X7, pp. 414, 18s. net HEINEMANN, Jan. 13 Miladi of the fist, George (H.) 6s. .Dec. 13 Mildews, rusts and smuts, Massee (G. and I.) 7s. 6d. .Nov. 13


Miles (Alexander) see Thomson (A.) and Miles.)


Miles (Alfred H.)-Recitations for little people. Cr. 8vo., swd., 6d. net GOODSHIP HOUSE, Apr. 13 Miles (Alfred H.) ed.-With hunter, trapper and scout in camp and field. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 8x51, pp. 382, 5s. ...HOLDEN & H., Nov.13 Miles (Eustace H.)-How to remember without memory systems or with them. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 7X41, pp. 302, 2s. 6d. net WARNE, Apr. 13 Militaires, Servitude et grandeur, Vigny (A. de) is. net...... ..Dec. 13

Militarism: an appeal to the man in the street. 8vo. swd. 4d. net UNWIN, Oct. 13 Military Billeting, Notes on, Greenly (W. H.) IS. net June 13 Military Company training, Haking (R. C. B.) 5s net Military

[blocks in formation]

Military German tactics, Pardieu (Maj. de) 5s.
..Apr. 13
Military hist. Jena to Eylau, Goltz (C. von der)
7s. 6d. net
June 13
Military law of the U.S., Davis (G. B.) 29s. 6d. net
Oct. 13
Military Medical officers of Territorial Force,
Grant (M. F.) 1s. 6d...
. July 13
Military Mosquito brigades, Ross (R.) 25., 18. net
Oct. 13
Military Musketry lectures, Clutterbuck (H.) 5s.
..Apr. 13
Military National Reserve, organizing a bat-
talion, Chapman (A. T.) 1s. net ..Jan., June 13
Military Organization, &c., made easy, Banning
(S. T.) 4s. 6d. net..
June 13
Military Staff duties, &c., Aston (G. G.) 3s. 6d.
.Feb. 13

net Military terms, French and Eng. list, Deshumbert (M.) 2s. 6d. net.. .. May 13 Military Training of infantry co., Kirkpatrick (E.) 2s. 6d. net .Oct. 13 Military Training Territorial infantry, Fuller (J. F. C.) 1s. 6d. net ..Apr. 13

Military Voluntary aid detachments in campaign, Bradley (C. R. S.) 1s. 6d. net ..May 13 Military: Yeomanry vade mecum, Calvert (H. C.) is. net.

[blocks in formation]

WYMAN, Apr. 13 Milk Supply (Irish) Vice-Regal Commission on.Second report d. ... WYMAN, July 13 Milk Supply (Irish) Vice-Regal Commission on.-Appendix to second report, 38...WYMAN Aug. 13 Milkmaid (The)-Illus. By Randolph Caldecott. 4to. 7 x71, bds., 18. net.... WARNE, Sep. 13 Milky way, Jesse (F. T.) 6s. .Oct. 13 Mill (Hugh Robert)-The Realm of nature: an outline of physiography. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 71×41, pp. 416, 58.........MURRAY, Sep. 13 Mill on the Floss, Eliot (G.) 28......... June 13 Mill on the Floss, Eliot (G.) 2 vols., ca. 1s. net Sep. 13 Millais (J. G.)-British diving ducks. (In 2 vols.) Vol. I. Imp. 4to. 15 x12, (set) 2528. net LONGMANS, Mar. 13 Millais (J. G.)-British diving ducks. (In 2 vols.) Vol. 2. Illus., col. illus. Imp. 4to. 15X12. (set) 2525. net..... ..LONGMANS, Nov. 13


Millais (J. G.)-The Natural history of British game birds. Illus., 18 col. plates, by Archibald Thorburn and J. G. Millais. Imp. 4to. 15 X 12, pp. 154, 168s. net..........LONGMANS, Oct. 09 Millar (Martha)-Useful hints on health and habits for the home. 12mo., pp. 128, 6d. net BLACKIE, Oct. 13 Millar (Martha)-Useful hints on household management, 12mo., pp. 128, 6d. net BLACKIE, Oct. 13 Millar (Martha)-Useful hints on sick nursing. 12mo., pp. 118, 6d. net......BLACKIE, Oct. 13 Millard (Percy W.)-Tithe rentcharge table, 1913. 8vo., swd., IS......................... .SHAW & SONS, Jan. 13 Miller (Capt.)-Captain of the Gordons. 10s. 6d. net. ...Dec. 13 Miller (E.)-John Knox. Cr. 8vo. 1s. (Splendid lives ser.) .S.S.U., Oct. 13 Miller (Esther)-Casserley's wife. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 382, 6s.........S. PAUL, July 13 Miller (H. C.)-Singing games: with pianoforte accompaniments. Ryl. 8vo., swd., 25. BLACKIE, Mar. 13 Miller (J. R.)-Come ye apart. Cheap edit. Cr. 8vo., Is. net ..A. MELROSE, Dec. 12 Miller (J. R.)-Devotional hours with the Bible: readings in the Acts, the Epistles and the Revelation. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 338, 5s.


HODDER & S., Oct.13 Miller (J. R.)-Devotional hours with the Bible: the Gospel by St. John. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 51, pp. 330 5S. ....HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Miller (J. R.)-The Devotional life of the Sunday school teacher. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 118, 2s. net T. F. DOWNIE, June 13 Miller (J. R.)-Finding God's comfort. Cr. 8vo., swd., Is. net............HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Miller (J. R.)-The Glory of the commonplace: parables and illustrations from the books of Dr. J. R. Miller. Selected and arranged by John T. Faris. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 41, pp. 280, 3s. 6d. ("Silent Times" ser.)....HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Miller (J. R.)-The Home beautiful. Cr. 8vo. 7×51, pp. 264, 4s. 6d. net

T. F. DOWNIE, Mar. 13 Miller (J. R.)-The Secret of a helpful life. Cr. 8vo. 7X41, pp. 280, 3s. 6d. (Silent times ser.) HODDER & S., Oct. 13 Miller (J. R.)-Setting out to follow in His steps. Cr. 8vo. 7X4, pp. 120, Is. net OLIPHANT. Oct. 13 Miller, J. R.: Jesus and I are friends, Faris (J. T.) 3s. 6d. ..Oct. 13 Miller (Joaquin)-True bear stories. Cr. 8vo. 71×5, pp. 222, 2s. 6d. net HARRAP, Aug. 13 Miller (William)-The Ottoman Empire, 18011913. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 564, 7s. 6d. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, May 13 Millidge (E. A.)-Esperanto-English dictionary. 8vo., pp. 500, 5S.

STEAD'S PUBL. HOUSE, Aug. 13 Milligan (George)-The New Testament documents: their origin and early history. 8vo. 9×5, pp. 340, Ios. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Mar. 13 Millionaire baby, Green (A. K.) 6d....... Feb. 13 Millionaire of yesterday, Oppenheim (E. P.) is. net Sep. 13 .Mar. 13

Millionaires, Moore (F. F.) 6d.
Millionaire's love story, Boothby (G.) 7d. net

July 13 ...Oct. 13

Millionaire's Island, Pemberton (M.) 6s. Mills (Enos A.)-In beaver world. Illus. 8vo. 8x51, pp. 242, 6s. net ..CONSTABLE, Dec. 13 Mills (G. P.) and Humphreys (H.)-A Text-book of surgery for dental students. Illus. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 352. 12s. 6d. net E. ARNOLD, June 13


Mills (J. Saxon)-The Panama Canal: a history and description of the enterprise. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, PP. 344, 25. net...... NELSON, June 13 Mills (John) The Life of a foxhound. Illus. by J. A. Shepherd. Re-issue. 8vo. 81x51, 6s. ....HODDER & S., Sep. 13

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net Mills (Pierre)-Two little Parisians (Caillou and Tili). Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 244, 3s. 6d. net LANE, Sep. 13 Mills (T. R.)—Histories, Thucydides, Bk. 2, 3s. 6d. Mar. 13

Milne (M. Lushington)-Lady Mabel's beauty. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 160, 3s. 6d...LONG, Dec. 13 Milne (John)-Earthquakes and other earth movements. 6th edit. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 404, 5s. (International scientific ser.) K. PAUL, May 13 Milner (Lord)-Nation and the Empire: speeches, &c., 10s. 6d. net.. May 13

Milner, Lord, Reconstruction of new colonics,
Worsfold (W. B.) 25s. net..
Nov. 13

Milnes (G. Turquet-) see Turquet-Milnes.
Milson (George)-The Clerk of works: a hand-
book on the supervision of building operations.
Cr. 8vo. 7X4, pp. 182, 2s. 6d. net
C. LOCKWOOD, July 13
Milton (John)-English poems. From the edit.
of the Very Rev. H. C. Beeching. 16mo., Is. net
H. MILFORD, May 13
Milton (John)-Lycidas,L'Allegro and IlPenseroso.
Edit. by Oliver Elton. 12mo., pp. 56, is. net
(Clarendon Press), MILFORD, Dec. 13
Milton (John)-Poems. 12mo., pp. 496, Is. net,
1thr. Is. 6d. net (World's classics)
H. MILFORD, May 13
Milton, John, Day with, Byron (M.) is. net
Oct. 13
Milton, John, Puritanism in poetical works of,
Butler (F. W. R.) 2s. 6d. net
Sep. 13
Milton, Essay on, Macaulay (Lord) (Creswell) 25.
Jan. 13

Milton's astronomy, Orchard (T. N.) 7s. 6d. net
Oct. 13


Milton (W. A.)-Principles of educational woodwork. 8vo. 81x61, pp. 366, 6s. (Manual training) ..BLACKIE, Sep. 13 Milum (J. Parton)-Revolutionary Christianity. Cheaper reissue. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 152, 2s. 6d. net............. ..Low, Jan. 13 Mimosa, Excitation in, Bose (J. C.) 2s. net May 13 Mind and health, Weaver F. E.) 8s. 6d. net

Mar. 13

Mind and its objects, Distinction between, Bosanquet (B.) 1s. 6d., Is. net ..Apr., June 13' Mind, History and power of, Ingalese (R.) 3s. net Feb. 13 June 13

May 13

Mind, Child, Dumville (B.) 2s. 6d..
Mind-reader, Rittenberg (M.) 6s..
"Mind the paint" girl: comedy, Pinero (A. W.)
2s. 6d., Is. 6d...
May 13
Minds in distress, Bridger (A. E.) 2s. 6d. net Sep. is
Mine gases, Ignition by filaments of lamps,
Clark (H. H.) and Ilsley (I. C.) is. net Sep. 13
Mine own essays, Clarke (A. J.) 5s. net Dec. 13
Mine surveying, Brough (B. H.) 6s. net.. Dec. 12
Mineral and aerated waters, Mitchell (C. A.)
8s. 6d. net...

May 13
Mineral resources of U. S., 1911, United States,
Geological Survey. 21S. net.
....Oct. 13
Mineral waters of Vichy, Cotar (C.) 4s. net Apr. 13
Mineralogy, Determinative, Lewis (J. V.) 6s. 6d.
.Feb. 13


Mineralogy, Outlines of, Cole (G. A. J.) 5s. net Oct. 13 Mines and mining in Lake Dist., Postlethwaite (J.) 3s. 6d. net ..Sep. 13 Mines and Quarries-General report, with statistics, for 1911. Part 3. Output, Is. 5d. WYMAN, Jan. 13 Mines and Quarries General report, with statistics, for 1912. Part 1. District statistics, 7d....... .WYMAN, Aug. 13

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