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Lung. Surgery of the, Garre (C.) and Quincke (H.) 12s. 6d. net ......Apr. 13 Lungivitz (A.) and Adams (J. W.)—A Text-book of horseshoeing. 11th edit. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net LIPPINCOTT, Oct. 13 Lunn (Arnold)-The Harrovians. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 320, 6s..... .METHUEN, July 13 Lunn (Arnold H. M.) ed.-The Englishman in the Alps: a collection of English prose and poetry relating to Switzerland. 12mo., pp. 314, (Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Jan. 13 Lunn (Sir Henry S.)-Retreats for the soul. 16mo. 51x31, pp. 284, IS. net

5s. net

HODDER & S., Aug. 13 Lure of Crooning Water, Hill (M) 6s.....Jan. 13 Lure of the little drum, Peterson (M.) 6s... Sep. 13 Lurgan (Lester)-A Message from Mars. Pop. edit. 12mo. pp. 288, Is. net GREENING, Oct. 13 Lurgan (Lester)-The Wrestler on the shore. Cr. 8vo. 7 X5, pp. 314, 6s... EVERETT, Feb. 13 Lusk (Hugh H.)-Social welfare in new Zealand. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 296, 65. net HEINEMANN, Oct. 13 Lusk (Lewis)-Sussex iron: a romance of the Forest Ridge, and of the man who started Shakespeare. Cr. 8vo. 7 X41, pp. 304, 6s. J. OUSELEY, Feb. 13 Lusty (G. H.)-Into the unseen. Cr. 8vo. 71×5, pp. 330, 6s. W. RIDER, Mar. 13 Luther, Grisar (11.) Vol. 1, 128. net...... Apr. 13 Luther, Grisar (H.) Vol. 2. 128. net ... Sep. 13 Lutterworth, Wycliffe's town, Dyson (A. H.) 7s 6d. net... . Sep. 13 Lutyens (E. L.)-Houses and gardens. Described and criticised by Lawrence Weaver. Folio 15X101, pp. 384, 25s. net. ("Country Life' Library) .....NEWNES, Dec. 13 Lutz (G. L. H.)-Lo, Michael! Cr. Svo., 6s. LIPPINCOTT, Aug. 13 Luxembourg: Grand Duchy and its people, Renwick (G.) Ios. 6d. net.... ...Oct. 13 Luxembourg Museum, Bênêdite (L.) 10s. 6d. net Feb. 13 and its


Luys (G.)-A text book on Gonorrhea complications. Ryl. 8vo., 155. net BAILLIERE, Aug. 13 Luzzi (Giovanni)-The Struggle for Christian truth in Italy. 8vo. 81X51, pp. 338, 5s. net REVELL, Mar. 13 Lyall, Sir Alfred Comyn, Life, Durand (Sir M.) 16s. net.. .Apr. 13 Lyall (David)-Bond or frée ? Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 352, 6s. .........HODDER & S., Sep. 13 Lyall (David)-The Ships of my desire. 8vo., swd., 6d. ..HODDER & S., Apr. 13 Lyall (David)-The Sign of the Golden Fleece. 8vo., swd., 6d.........HODDER & S., July 13 Lyceum annual (The). Ryl. 8vo. 10 X71, PP. 127, IS. net LYCEUM PRESS, Dec. 13 Lyster, Family of. See Lister Lycidas, etc., Milton (J.) (Elton) is. net Dec. 13 Lyde (Lionel W.)-The Continent of Europe. 8vo. 9×51, PP. 462, 7s. 6d. net


MACMILLAN, Oct. 13 Lydekker (R.)—Animal portraiture, Kuhnert (W.) 75s. net.. ..Jan. 13 Lydekker (Richard) see also under British Museum (Nat. Hist.)

Lyell (Denis D.)-Wild life in Central Africa. Illus. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 300, 10s. 6d. net H. Cox, Nov. 13 Lyell (M. M. and E. H.)-The Cubies ABC: verses by M. M. L.; pictures by E. H. I. Oblong cr. 8vo. 3s. 6d. net PUTNAM, Nov. 13 Lynam (C. C.)-To Norway and the North Cape in Blue Dragon II," 1911-1912. Illus. Ryl. 9×6, pp. 256, 63. net

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SIDGWICK & J., Oct. 13



Lynch (Bohun)Cake. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, pp. 332, MURRAY, Oct. 13 Lynch (J. G. Bohun)-The Complete amateur boxer. Illus. 8vo. 9 X5, pp. 248, 5s. net METHUEN, Nov, 13 Lyne (Robert Nunez)-Mozambique: its agricultural development. Illus. 8vo. 9X5, pp. 352, 12s. 6d. net.......................... UNWIN, Apr. 13 Lynn (Escott)-Blair of Balaclava. Cheaper edit. 8vo. 7×51, pp. 414, 35. 6d. CHAMBERS, Sep. 13 Lynn (Escott)-A Cavalier of fortune. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 240, IS. (Chambers's supplementary readers) ..CHAMBERS, June 13 Lynn (Escott)-A Hero of the Mutiny. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 432, 55......... ...CHAMBERS, Nov. 13 Lynn (Ruth) (Mrs. Thornley)-The Old clock on the stairs. Illus. 16mo., pp. 36, bds. is. net H. B. SAXTON, Oct. 13 Lyon (D. E.)-How to keep bees for profit. New edit. Cr. 8vo., 2s. net....MACMILLAN, June 13 Lyon (W. H.)-Capitalisation: a book on the finance of public companies in the United States of America. Cr. 8vo., 8s. 6d. net CONSTABLE, May 13 Lyons (A. Neil)-Simple Simon, his adventures in the thistle patch. Illus. by G. E. Peto. Cr. 8vo. 74 X44. pp. 344, 6s. LANE, Dec. 13 Lyons, Lord record of Brit. dipolmacy, Newton (Lord) 30s. net.. ..Oct. 13 Lyric diction for singers, actors, &c., Jones (D. D.) . Feb. 13

5s. net

Νου. 13

Lyric, English, Schelling (F. C.) 6s. net..Apr. 13
Lyric poetry, Rhys (E.) 5s. net..
Sep. 13
Lyrics, Herrick (R.) (some) 38. 6d. net....
Lyrics and dramas, Phillips (S.) 4s. 6d. net Oct. 13
Lyrics from dramatists, and song-books, of Eliz.
age, Bullen (A. H.) ea. is. net
July 13
Lyrics from the Chinese, Waddell (H.) 2s. 6d. net
Dec. 13
Lyrists, Elizabethan, Cruse (A.) is. net.. May 13
Lysiae Orationes. Recognovit breviqueadnota-
tione critica instruxit Carolus Hude. Cr. 8vo.
35. 6d., swd. 3s. (Oxford classical texts.)

(Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Jan. 13 Lyster (Lynn)-Ballads of the Veld-land. 4to., 55.; school edit., Is. 9d.........LONGMANS, Sep. 13 Lyth (E. R.)-Studies on the influence of thermal environment on the circulation of the body. 8vo., 2s. 6d. net .....BALE, July 13 Lytton (Earl)-The Life of Edward Bulwer, First Lord Lytton. 2 vols. 8vo. 8X51, pp. 586, 586, 30s. net .MACMILLAN, Nov. 13 Lytton (Lord)-The Last days of Pompeii, Cr. 8vo., pp. 500, Is. net ROUTLEDGE, Oct. 13 Lytton (Lord)-The Last of the Barons. Edit. by F. C. Romilly. Cr. 8vo., pp. 740, 3s. (Clarendon Press) MILFORD, July 13 Lytton (Lord)-Night and morning. 12mo., pp. 656, is. net (Illus. pocket classics)

W. COLLINS, Aug. 13 Lytton, Edward Bulwer, 1st Lord, Lytton (Earl) 30s. net.. .Νου. 13 Lytton (Lord). Bulwer Lytton: an exposure of the errors of his biographers, Frost (W. A.) IS. net

M. A.-Early poems. 3s. 6d. net..
M. (D. O.)-Passing of the great king.

..Aug. 13

...Dec. 13 6d. net Feb. 13 ..Apr. 13

M.F.-Educational ideals, 3s. 61. net.... M. (G.)-Story of St. Peter. IS. net. .....Oct. 13 Maartens (Maarten)-Dorothea: story of the pure in heart. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 7 X5, pp. 580, 3s. 6d. ...CONSTABLE, May 13 Mable (Henry C.)-Under the redeeming aegis : an exposition of the Evangelical principle. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 160, 25. net HODDER & S., Oct. 13


Mabie (Louise Kennedy)-The Wings of price.
Cr. 8vo. 7X5. pp. 332, 65... HARPER, Apr. 13
Mabinogion: Klhugh and Oliver, &c, Wilmot-
Buxton (E. M.) 2s. 6d.
.Sep. 13
MacAlister (Sir Donald)-Echoes. 2nd edit.
Cr. 8vo. 8 X 5, pp. 102, 2s. 6d. net
Macaulay (A. B.)-Private prayers: being forms
of devotion for the use of young men and
women. 12mo., pp. 96, 1s. net
HODDER & S., Dec. 13
Macaulay (W. II)-The Laws of thermodynamics.
8vo., pp. 80, 35. net (Cambridge engineering
tracts, No. 2)....CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, May 13
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-Essay on
Frederic the Great. Edit. by David Salmon.
Cr. 8vo., 25.
.LONGMANS, June 13

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MacCaffrey (James)-History of the Catholic Church for use in colleges and schools. Cr. Svo. 7 X5, pp. 294, 25. net; in 2 parts, ea. rod. net ......M. H. GILL & SON, Jan. 13 Mac Callan (A. F.)-Trachoma and its complications in Egypt. 8vo., pp. 82, 7s. 6d. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Oct.13 McCarrison (R.)-The Etiology of endemic goitre. 8vo., 1os. 6d. net...... BALE, Feb. 13 McCarthy (Justin Huntley)-Calling the tune. Cr. 8vo. 8X5, pp. 348, 6s. HURST & B., Apr. 13 McCarthy (Justin Huntly)-The Duke's motto. Cheap edit. Cr. Svo. 7X5, pp. 308, 28. net METHUEN, Aug. 13 McCarthy (Justin Huntly)-Fool of April. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 456, 6s..... HURST & B., Oct. 13 McCarthy (Justin Huntley)—The Gorgeous Borgia. 12mo. 7d. net ..HURST & B., Mar. 13 McCarthy (Justin Huntly)-The King over the water. 12mo., 7d. net HURST & B., July 13 McCarthy (Michael)-The Dictators: shall they ruin us? Cr. 8vo., pp. 64, 3d. SIMPKIN, Oct. 13 McCaw (John)-Diseases of children: a manual Svo. 81×5 for students and practitioners. Edinburgh pp. 536, 10s. 6d. net...... BAILLIERE, Nov. 13 McChesney (Dora Greenwell)-The Confession of Richard Plantagenet. Cr. 8vo. 71 X41, pp. 340, .SMITH, E., Apr. 13 M'Cheyne from the Pew: Being extracts from the diary of William Lamb, arranged and edited with supplementary matter by Rev. Kirkwood Hewat. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 158, Is. net PARTRIDGE, Dec. 13 M'Cheyne, Robert-Murray, Bonar (A. A.) 1s. net May 13

Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-Essay on
Warren Hastings. Edit. by David Salmon.
Cr. 8vo., 2s. 6d.........I,ONGMANS, June 13
Macaulay (Lord)-Essay on Milton. Edit. with
intro, and notes by P. T. Creswell. 12mo., pp.
108, 25.
(Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Jan. 13
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-Historical
essays: contributed to the
Review." Oxford edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 828, 2s.
MILFORD, Dec. 13
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-The His-
tory of England: from the accession of James
the Second. Edit. by Chas. Harding Firth.
Illus. Vol. I. Ryl. 10 X6, pp. 552, 10s. 6d.
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-The Lays
of ancient Rome. Illus. by Norman Ault.
8vo. 8×6, pp. 152, 38. 61. net


WILLIAMS & N., Nov. 13 Macaulay (T. B., Lord)-Lays of ancient Rome. 12mo., 6d. net . NELSON, Aug. 13


Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-Literary
contributed to
the Edinburgh
Review." Oxford edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 708, 25.
MILFORD, Dec. 13
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-Two essays
on William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. Edit., with
intro. and notes, by Philip Guedalla. 12mo.,
pp. 194, 2s. 6d., or in 2 vols. ea. 1s. 6d.

(Clarendon Press) MILFORD, Nov. 13
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-War of
succession in Spain. Edit., with intro. and
notes, by C. T. Atkinson. 12mo., pp. 92, 28.
(Clarendon Press) MILFORD, Nov. 13
Macaulay (Thomas Babington, Lord)-War of
the succession in Spain. Edit. by A. W. Ready.
Cr. 8vo., IS.....
.BELL, Sep. 13
Macaulay (W. H.)-The Laws of Thermo-
dynamics. Demy 8vo., pp. 80, 3s. net (Cam-
bridge Engineering Tract, No. 2)

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, May, 13 Macaulay, Lord, Life and letters of, Trevelyan (Sir G. O.) 1s. net..

Macaulay, Lord: Life and letters,

(Sir G. O.) Vol. 2, Is. net

Jan. 13

...Feb. 13

Macaulay essayist and historian, Canning (A.
S. G.) 7s. 6d. net.....

..June 13
Macbride (E. W.)-Zoology: the study of
animal life. 12mo., 6d. net (People's books)
JACK, Feb. 13
McCabe (Joseph)-A Candid history of the Jesuits.
8vo. 9 X51, pp. 462, 10s. 6d. net NASH, Feb. 13
McCabe (Joseph)-The Empresses of Constanti-
nople. Illus. 8vo. 91×51, pp. 354, 10s. 6d.
...METHUEN, Oct. 13
McCabe (Joseph)-The Existence of God. 12mo.,
WATTS, May 13
9d. net
McCabe (Joseph)-The Principles of evolution
12mo., pp. 264, 18. net (Nation's library)
W. COLLINS, July 13




McCheyne, Robert Murray, Smellie (A.) 2s. 6d. net
Apr. 13
McChyne, F.: Looking forward, Pedley (H.)
3s. 6d. net....
. Sep. 13
(Edmund)-Modern substitutes
traditional christianity. Cr. 8vo. 71x41, pp.
154, 2s. net....
..S.P.C.K., Oct. 13

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F. PALMER, Mar. 13 Mc Cormick (Frederick)-The Flowery republic. Illus. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 504, 15s. net MURRAY, Apr. 13 McCulloh addresses. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 110 and plates, 8s. 6d. net.. ..MILFORD, Oct. 13 Mac Cunn (John)-The Making of character: some educational aspects of ethics. New edit. 8vo. 71x41, pp. 270, 2s. 6d.


Mac Cunn (John)-The Political philosophy of
Burke. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 278, 58. net
E. ARNOLD, Mar. 13
McCutcheon (George Barr)-Mary Midthorne.
Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 448, 6s. ..EVERETT, Feb. 13
McCurdy (James)-Wafts from the briny: poems.
Cr. 8vo. 7× 41, pp. 114, 2s. 6d. net
J. BROWN, Aug. 13
Mac Donagh (Thomas)-Thomas Campion and
the art of English poetry.
Cr. 8vo. 71x5,
pp. 140, 35. 6d. net...... HODGES, F., Feb. 13
Macdonald (Alex.)-In search of El Dorado. 12mo.
7d. net
W. COLLINS, Mar. 13


Maclean (Frances) ed.-For remembrance: from Rossetti (C.) 2s. 6d. net .Dec. 13 McLennan (J.)-A Manual of practical farming. New edit. Cr. 8vo., 25. net MACMILLAN, Nov. 13 Macleod, Donald: Prince Charlie's pilot, Baron (F. M.) 5s. net.. ..Apr. 13 Macleod (Fiona)-The Isle of dreams (from "Iona"). Cr. 8vo., swd. 6d. net. (The Iona books) ..FOULIS, Dec. 13 Macleod (Fiona)-On the hills of time. Illus. 8vo. 81 ×51, pp. 232, 5s. net FOULIS, Nov. 13 Macleod (John J. R.)-Diabetes: its pathological physiology. 8vo. 9 ×51, pp. 236, ros. 6d. net E. ARNOLD, Feb. 13 Macleod (Mary)-The House in the glen. issue. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 196, 1s. 6d. GARDNER, D., May 13 Macleod (Mary)-In the dragon's mouth. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 71x5, pp. 128, IS.


GARDNER, D., Dec. 13 Macleod (Norman)-The Old lieutenant and his son. 12mo. 6d. net ........ NELSON, Apr. 13 Macleod (W. B.)-The Afflictions of the righteous, as discussed in the Book of Job and in the New light of the Gospel. 8vo. 81x51, pp. 312, 65..... HODDER & S., Sep. 13 MacMahon (Ella)-The Divine folly. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 324, 6s.....CHAPMAN & H., Mar. 13 MacMichael (H. A.)-Brands used by the chief camel-owning tribes of Kordofán. 8vo., 6s. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Feb. 13 Macmillan (Hugh)—Lessons from life. 3s. 6d. net July 13 Macmillan's Reform arithmetic. Teacher's book 7. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. ....MACMILLAN, Apr. 13 Mac Munn (N. E.)-The Upper Thames country and the Severn-Avon plain. Cr. 8vo., pp. 124, Is. 8d. (Oxford geographies) CLARENDON PRESS, Sep. 13 MacMunn (Norman)-Differentialism : a new method of class self-teaching. Cr. 8vo., pp. 28, IS. net SHAKESPEARE PRESS, Oct. 13 [A novel development of the famous Montessori scheme, by one of the Form masters at Shakespeare's old school]

Mack murdo (A. II.)-Pressing questions: profitsharing, women's suffrage, electoral reform. Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 366, 3s. 6d. net

LANE, June 13 McMurrich (J. P.)-The Development of the human body. 4th edit., rev. and enlarged. Cr. 8vo., 12s. 6d. net....H. KIMPTON, July 13 McNabb (Vincent) see Symington (L. D.) and McNabb.

McNair (Stuart E.)-Round South America on the King's business. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 126, 2s. 6d. ..MARSHALL BROS., Apr. 13 Macnamara (T. J.)-School-room humour. 3rd edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 164, swd., Is. net ARROWSMITH, Sep.13. Macnaghten (Chester)-Common thoughts on serious subjects: being plain words for boys. New and rev. edit. Cr. 8vo. 74 X5, pp. 264, 2s. 6d. net THACKER, Feb. 13 Macnamara (Rachel Swete)-The Fringe of the desert a novel. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 432, 6s. H. JENKINS, Feb. 13 Macnaughtan (S.) The Fortune of Christina McNab. Cheaper re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 318, 25. net....... ..METHUEN, July 13 Macnaughta (Seumas)-Snow upon the desert Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 320, 65. HODDER & S., Sep. 13 McNeil (Allan) see Wallace (W.) and McNeil. Macnutt (F. B.)-Advent certainties: the Throne, the Cross, and the Spirit. 8vo. 8×5}, pp. 240, 3s. 6d. net .R. SCOTT, Oct. 13


Maconachie (D. H.)-Who was Jesus? The answer of the New Testament. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, pp. 208, 2s. 6d. net J. CLARKE, Sep. 13 Macpherson, Annie: Children's home-finder, Birt (L. M.) 35. 6d. net... ..Mar. 13


Macpherson (Iector)-The Wonders of modern astronomy. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 158, 25. SEELEY, Sep. 13 Macpherson (John)-Henry Moorhouse : the English evangelist. Pop. edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 168, Is. 6d. ...MORGAN & S., Oct. 13 Macrae (Alexander)-Preparatory English_grammar. 12mo., limp, pp. 72, 6d... RELFE, Jan. 13 McSpadden (J. Walker)-Opera synopses : a guide to the plots and characters of the standard operas. 12mo. 6X4, pp. 336, 2s. 6d. net HARRAP, Apr. 13 McSpadden (J. Walker)-Stories from Wagner. The Opera edit. Imp. 16mo. 71×51, pp. 246, 3s. 6d. net .HARRAP, Dec. 13 Macwhirter (John)-Sketches from nature. With intro. by Mrs. Macwhirter. 4to. 93 X71, 6s. net CASSELL, Sep. 13 Macy (S. B.)-The Hymn book of the ages: being the Book of Psalms with a short commentary. Cr. 8vo. 8 X5, pp. 670, 3s. 6d. net LONGMANS, Sep. 13 Macy (S. B.) The Prince of peace [life of Christ]. Illus. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 564, 3s. 6d. net LONGMANS, Sep. 13 Macy (S. B.)-Some mistakes of the higher critics, Illus. Ryl. 16mo., pp. 110, Is. net

ALLENSON, Sep. 13 Madagascar, Pioneer in : J. Pearse, Moss (C. F. A.) 3s. 6d. net ..July 13 Madame Royale, Daudet (E.) Ios. net....June 13 Madame Thérèse, Erckmann-Chatrian 3s. Apr. 13 Madan (A. C.)-Lala-Lamba-Wisa and English, English and Lala-Lamba-Wisa dictionary. 12mo., pp. 328, 10s. 6d. net CLARENDON PRESS, Apr. 13 Madcap of the family, Fraser (M. E.) 1s. 6d. Oct. 13

Madden (M. S.)-Sir Guyon the interloper. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 224, Is. 6d. ..R. T. S., Nov. 13 Maddick (Maud)-The Mountford girls. Cr. 8vo. 8x51, pp. 288, 25.......... ....R.T.S, Oct. 13 Maddick (Maud)--True to the Colours. Cr. 8vo. 8X5, pp. 246, IS. 6d. R. T. S., Dec. 13 Madeira, &c., Brown's, 2s. 6d. Dec. 13 Madeline at her mirror. Tinayre (M.) 6s. Sep. 13 Mademoiselle Celeste, Knight (A. F.) 6d. Feb. 13 Madge Linsey, poems, Shorter (D. S.) 1s. net

Madras, Vestiges of old, Love (H. D.)

Dec. 13

36s. net

June 13

Madras Presidency, Thurston (E.) 3s. net Dec. 13 Madrid earthquake, New, Fuller (M. L.) 2s. 6d. net Mar. 13 Madrigali, Daly (T. A) s. net...... June, Oct. 13 Madura, the second largest city in the Madras Illus. Presidency: a tourist's guide. 8vo. bds., pp. 204, 3s. 6d...........LUZAC, Apr. 13 Maeterlinck (Maurice)-The Intruder : a play. 18mo., swd. 6d. net....GoWANS & G., May 13 Maeterlinck (Maurice)-My dog. With illus. in colour by Cecil Aldin. 8vo. 81×51, pp. 64, 3s. 6d. net.. ....G. ALLEN, Sep. 13 Maeterlinck, Maurice, Life and writings, Bithell Maeterlinck (Maurice)-Our eternity. 12mo. 7X4, pp. 252, 58. net ..METHUEN, Oct. 13 (J.) is. net June 13 Maeterlinck (Mme. Maurice) see Leblanc (Georgette). Magan Ial-Divan of Zeb-un-Nissa. 2s. net

May 13 Magdalen days, Old, by a Former chorister, IS., IS. 6d. net Aug. 13

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Magee (M. A. & E.)-Cours de Français. Cr. 8vo.
IS. 6d.
.BLACKIE, June 13
Magenta minutes, Wason (S.) 2s. 6d. net..Oct. 13
Maggie Pepper, Klein (C.) 6s.
..Jan. 13
Magic casements, Cripps (A. S.) 2s. 6d. net Feb. 13
Magic: comedy, Chesterton (G. K.) 25., Is. net
Νου. 13
Magic cities: Wings and the child, Nesbit (E.) 6o.
Dec. 13
Magic crook, Macdonald (G.) 5s. net... . Jan. 13
Magic fire Hammond (F.) 6s...
.Oct. 13
Magic, History of, Levi (E.) 15s. net.
Mar. 13
Magic pen, Lewis (E. W.) 2s. 6d. net .Sep. 13
Magic seven, Churchill (L. A.) is. net....Mar. 13
Magic, Text-book of (Elbiquet) 2s. 6d. net Sep. 13
Magicians of Charno, Williams (G.) 6s... Nov. 13
Magistrate's General Practice (The) 1913. Ioth
edit. By C. M. Atkinson. 8vo. 8X5, pp.
1614, 20S.
.. STEVENS & SONS, Mar. 13
Magistrates (Ireland): return, 4d. (post free)
WYMAN, Jan. 13
Magna Carta, McKechnie (W. S.) 148. net Dec. 13
Magnay (Sir William)—The Fruit of indiscretion:
a society mystery. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×4, pp. 318, 6s.
S. PAUL, Apr. 13
Magnay (Sir William)-The Heiress of the season.
12mo., 7d. net
....W. COLLINS, Oct. 13
Magnay (Sir William)—The Players: a tragi-
comedy. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 316, 6s.

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Mainsail haul, Masefield (J.) 3s. 6d. net July 13
Maitland (Ella Fuller) and Pollock (Sir F.)-The
Etchingham letters. 8th impres. (4th edit.).
Cr 8vo. 7X5, pp. 334, 3s. 6d. net

SMITH, E., Sep. 13 Maitland (Harry)-Lighter than air. Pictures by Herbert Allen. 8vo., pp. 80, bds., IS. W. DAWSON, Feb. 13 Maitland (J. A. Fuller-) see Fuller-Maitland. Maitland (Lytton)-Essentials of fever nursing. 16m0., pp. 116, limp, 1s. net SCIENTIFIC PRESS, May 13 Maitland (Lytton)-How to read and write prescriptions. 16m0., pp. 70, limp Is. net SCIENTIFIC PRESS, May 13 Maître de la mer, Vogüé (Vte. E.-M. de) IS. net July 13 Major (Albany F.)-Early wars of Wessex: being. studies from England's school of arms in the West. Edit. by the late Chas. W. Whistler. With maps, plans and diagrams. 8vo., pp. 254, IOS. 6d. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Oct. 13 Major (E.)-Lord Wolseley. Cr. 8vo., pp. 240 IS. net NISBET, May 13 Major (W. H.)-The Purveyor's path to success, and stockbreeder's manual. HODDER & S., Sep. 13 Illus. Ryl. 8vo. Magnay (Sir William)-The Red Chancellor. 12mo., 7d. net.. ..WARD, L., May 13

Magnay (Sir William)-Rogues in Arcady. 8vo.
swd. 6d.
WARD, L., Mar. 13

Magnet, Churchill (L. A.) 1s. net
Magnetic girl, Marsh (R.) 7d. net.
Magnetism and electricity, Elem.
Draper (C. H.) 2s...


(25, Connaught Rd., Folkestone)

10X7, pp. 269, 6s.

AUTHOR, Apr. 13

Major, Warden (F.) 6s......

.Mar. 13

[blocks in formation]

Mar. 13
.Oct. 13

June 13

Magnetism, Diurnal variations of
Chapman (S.) 2s. net..

course of, . Jan. 13 the earth's, ..Aug. 13 Magnetism, Electricity and, Intro., Hansel (C. W.) 28 6d. May 13 Magneto-optics, Researches in, Zeeman (P.) 6s. net Sep. 13

Maker of dreams, Down (O.) 6d. net
Maker of ware, Edge (S.) 6s.

.Feb. 13

.Apr. 13

Makers of music, Sharp (R. F.) 5s..

Oct. 13

Magnus (G. G.)-How to write saleable fiction.
Cr. 8vo. 3s. 6d. net
Magpie House, Soutar (A) 6s..
Sep. 13
Maguire (C. R.) see Morriss (H. E.) and Maguire.
Maguire (T. M.)—The Campaign of 1805, Ulm and
Austerlitz. Ryl. 8vo., 2s. 6d. net

W. CLOWES, Dec. 12
Maguire (T. M.)-Jackson's campaigns in Virginia
1861-2. 8vo., 3s. net ......W. CLOWES, Mar.13
Mahalem (Ibn-Schit)-Al-Kitabat. Arabic text.
Edit. by P. C. Bacha. Sm. 8vo., pp. 192,
2s. 6d. net
LUZAC, June 13
Mahan (A. T.)-The Major operations of the
navies in the war of American independence.
Illus. Ryl. 8vo. 91 ×6, pp. 304, 16s. net

Low, Oct. 13
Mahan (A. T.)-Sea power in its relations to the
war of 1812. 2 vols. Cheaper re-issue. 8vo.
9X6, pp. 448, 476, 21s. net.... Low, May 13
Mahratta fairy tals: Told in Indian twilight,
Knight (A. L.) 2s. 6d. net
Maid at arms, Chambers (R. W.) 6d.
Maid Marian, Peacock (T. L.) (Cavenagh)

Nov. 13
May 13

Jan. 13
Maid Molly, Hales (A. G.) 61....
July 13
Maid of France: Jeanne d'Arc, Lang (A.) 6s, net
Dec. 13
Maid of mettle (A). By " Alien." Cr. 8vo. 7×4}
pp. 296, 6s.
DIGBY, L., Jan. 13
Maid of the Malverns, Porter (T. H.) 1s. net
July 13
Maids-a-waiting, Justin (E.) 6s...
Jan. 13
Maids in a market garden, Graves (C.) 2s. net
Apr. 13

[blocks in formation]

Making a life, Myers (C.) 2s. 6d. net ....Apr. 13
Making life a song: a selection of thoughts;
compiled by H. S. 18mo., swd. 4d. net; 1thr.,
Is. 6d. net (Rosemary booklets)

SIMPKIN, Sep. 13
Makower (S. V.) and Blackwell (B. H.) eds.-
A Book of English essays. With notes by A. F.
Schuster. 12mo., pp. 574, 2s. 6d.

FROWDE, Mar. 13 Makower (S. V.) and Blackwell (B. H.) eds.Book of Eng. essays: Notes on, Schuster (A. F.) .Mar. 13

IS. net
Maladies, Minor, and their treatment, Williams
(L.) 5s. net
Feb. 13

Oct. 13

Malady of the ideal, Brooks (Van W.) 2s. net

Malan (D. E.) see Goddard (E.) and Malan.
Malaria, Herms (W. B.) 6s. 6d. net...... Mar. 13
Malay Peninsula: By jungle track and paddy
field. 5s. net
. Nov. 13

Malay States-Reports for 1911 on the States of
Kedah and Perlis, Kelantan, and Trengganu.
.WYMAN, Jan. 13
Malay States (Federated)-Report for 1911. 8d.
WYMAN, Jan. 13
Malayan monochrom:s, Clifford (Sir H.) 6s.
Mar. 13
Malby (Reginald A.)-With camera and rücksack
in the Oberland and Valais. Illus. 8vo. 8×51,
pp. 314, 10s. 6d. net........HEADLEY, May 13
Malcolm, Macdonald (G.) is. net........ Feb. 13
Malcolmson (A. M.)-Laws of health for schools.
Cr. 8vo. 7 X5, pp. 94, 1s. 6d... BLACK, Oct 13
Malden (Henry Elliot)-The Rights and duties of
a citizen. 8th edit., rev. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 218
Is. 6d. .....
..METHUEN, Feb. 13
Male (Emile)-Religious art in France, XVIII
century a study in medieval iconography
and its sources of inspiration. Illus. 4to.
11×8, pp. 440, 21s. net ....DENT, Dec. 13

[blocks in formation]

Mark, St., Gospel, Jones (J. D.) 2s...
Mark, St., Gospel, Richards (J. F.) and Walker

Oct. 13 ..Feb. 13 .July 13

(T.) IS.

..Mar. 13 Mark, St. Laws of the earliest Gospel, Pearce (E. H.) is. net ...Oct. 13 Mark (St.). With intro., maps and explanatory notes. With text. 8vo., pp. 94, 1s. (Murby's Smaller scripture manuals) ..MURBY, Apr. 13 Mark the Deacon.-Life of Porphyry, Bishop of Gaza. Trans., with intro. and notes, by G. F. Hill. Cr. 8vo. 7 ×4, pp. 196, 3s. 6d. net

(Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Feb. 13 Mark (Thiselton)—The Bible for children: Bible stories in Bible language. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 250, IS. net PILGRIM PRESS, Feb. 13 Mark (Thiselton)-For childhood and youth: ideals of the modern Sunday school. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 190, 1s. 6d net J. CLARKE, Apr. 13 Mark (Thistelton)-Modern views on education. 12mo., pp. 264, 1s. net (The Nation's library) W. COLLINS, May 13 Mark (Thistleton) ed.-The Young people's Bible: Old Testament stories in Bible language. Cr. 8vo., pp. 256, 2s. 6d. net, cheaper edit. Is. net PILGRIM PRESS, Mar. 13 Mark Rutherford's deliverance, White (W. H.) 7d. net ..June 13 Marken and its people, Edwards (G. W.) 10s. 6d. net .Apr. 13 Markets for the people, Sullivan (J. W.) 5s. 6d. net Νου. 13


Markham (E. R.)-Steel: its selection, annealing, hardening and tempering. 4th edit. Cr. 8vo., 10s. 6d. net....SPON, Apr. 13 Markham (Violet R.)-The South African scene. 8vo. 9X5, pp. 458, 7s. 6d. net SMITH, E., Oct. 13 Markino (Yoshio)-My recollections and reflections. Illus. by the author. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 278, 6s. net ....CHATTO, Oct. 13 Marks (J.)-Vacation camping for girls. Cr. 8vo., 3s. 6d. net APPLETON, June 13 Marks (Jeannette)-Gallant little Wales: sketches of its people, places and customs. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 202, 5s. net CONSTABLE, Jan. 13 Marks (T. E.)-The Land of the Commonwealth. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 340, 5s. net P. S. KING, Dec. 13 Marlborough (Duke of)-The Land: an open letter to his cousin, the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchhill, M.P. 8vo., swd., Id.

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DAILY MAIL, Apr. 13 Marlborough's campaigns, Outline of, Maycock (F. W. O.) 5s. net... .Feb. 13 Marquis (Señor) and Clayton (Miss)-How to dance the tango. Cr. 8vo., pp. 64, swd., Is. net NEWNES, Dec. 13 Marriage and divorce, Hamilton (A.) 3d. net July 13

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3s. 6d. net July 13

Marriage, Law of, Manual of the. 155. net Feb. 13
Marriage market, Simpson (H.) IS. net....Sep. 13
Marriage of Edward, Mack (L.) 6s.......Sep. 13
Marriage of Esther, Boothby (G.) 7d.....Dec. 12
Marriage of inconvenience, Cobb (T.) 6s... Jan. 13
Marriage, Short hist. of, Urlin (E.) 3s. 6d. net
Νου. 13
Married, Facts for the, Howard (W. L.) 2s. 6d. net
Mar. 13
Married life: Eighth year, Gibbs (P.) 25. net
July 13
Married: stories, Strindberg (A.) 6s.......
.Feb. 13
Married woman: play, Fernald (C. B.) 35. 6d. net
Apr. 13
Marriott (C.)-Sally Castleton, Southerner. Cr.8vo.
Marriott (Charles)-The Catfish. Cr. 8vo. 8X5,
pp. 356, 6s.
HURST & B., Feb. 13
Marriott (Charles)-Subsoil: a novel. Cr. 8vo.
8X5, pp. 342, 6s. ....HURST & B., Sep. 13
Marriott (H. P. Fitz-Gerald)-The Reveille :
varied verse. Cr. 8vo. 8x51, pp. 116, 3s. 6d.


Marriott (J. A. R.)-England since Waterloo. 8vo. 9 X5, pp. 582, 10s. 6d. net

METHUEN, Oct. 13 Marriott (J. A. R.)-English political institutions. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 360, 4s. 6d. (Clarendon Press) H. MILFORD, June 13 Marryat (Florence)-Facing the footlights. 8vo. swd., 6d... HOLDEN & H., May 13 Marsdin (A. C. Cooper-) see Cooper-Marsdin. Marsh (H. W.)-Constructive text-book of practical mathematics. Vol. 2, Technical algebra, Part 1. Cr. 8vo., 8s. 6d. net


CHAPMAN & H., Nov. 13 Marsh (H. W.)-Industrial mathematics. Cr. 8vo., 8s. 6d. net............................ ....CHAPMAN & H., Jan. 13 Marsh (II. W.)-Marsh's Mathematics work-book. 8vo., 3s. net ......CHAPMAN & H., Nov. 13. Marsh (Lewis)-Tales of foreign lands. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7×51, pp. 268, 1s. 6d. FROWDE, Apr. 13 Marsh (Lewis)-Tales of the homeland. Illus Cr. 8vo. 7x51, pp. 200, IS. 4d.

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FROWDE, Apr. 13 Marsh (Richard)—Ada Vernham, actress. Popular edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 274, Is. net.. LONG, Aug. 13 Marsh (Richard)—The Coward behind the curtain. 8vo., swd., 6d. PEARSON, June 13 Marsh (Richard)—The Datchet diamonds. 8vo., swd., 6d. ...JARROLD, June 13 Marsh (Richard)-The Death-whistle. 12mo. 7d. net ....NEWNES, July 13 Marsh (Richard)-The Garden of mystery. 12mo., 7d. net .... LONG, July 13 miracle ....NEWNES, Sep. 13



Marsh (Richard) The Girl and the 8vo., swd., 6d. Marsh (Richard)-If it 7×5, pp. 324, 6s.

please you. Cr. 8vo ...METHUEN, Mar. 13


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