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Oct. 13


Dec. 13

May 13

ARCHITECTURE Architecture, Indian, Havell (E. B.) 30s. net

June 13 Architecture of England, Mediæval, Moore (C. H.)

. Jan. 13 Architecture, Peeps at, Allen (P.) is. 6d. net Architecture, Pre-Conquest church, in Hamp

shire, &c., Jessep (H. L.) is, net...... Sep. 13 Architecture : Problems in Periclean buildings,

Elderkin (G. W.) 75. 6d, net..........Feb. 13 Architecture shown to the children, Wynne (G.) 28. 6d. net

Sep. 13 Architecture,Story of, Waterhouse (P. L.) is, net

June 13 Architecture, Symbolism of aniinals and birds in

Eng. church, Collins (A. H.) 5s, net.... Jan 13 Arctic circle, Ten years near the, Armistead (J. J.) 3s. 6d. net

...Oct, 13 Arctic, Lost in the, Mikkelsen (E.) 18s, net Jan. 13 Arctic : My life with the Eskimo, Stefánsson

(V.) 175. net..... Arden (J.)-A Childhood. Cr. 8vo. 25. 6d. net, swd. 2s. net


Od. 13 Ardennes, Travellers' handb. for Belgium, Is. 6d. net....

. Aug. 13 Ardingly, St. Saviour's School. Register. 3s, net

Sep. 13 Argentine year-book (The), 1913. 8vo. 8} X54, pp. 478, Ios. 6d...

LEDGER, May 13 Argonautica, Apollonius (Mooney) 128. 6d. net

Feb. 13 Argyle case, Hornblow (A.) 6s.

..Sep. 13 Arian movement in England, Colligan (J. H.)

3s. 6d. net.. Ariosto, Tales from, Nicholson (J. S.) 6s. Nov. 13 Aristarchus of Samos, the ancient Copernicus: a

history of Greek astronoiny to Aristarchus, together with Aristarchus's Treatise on the sizes and distances of the sun and moon. А new Greek trans, and notes by Sir Thomas Heath. 8vo., pp. 432, 185. net

(Clarendon Press) FROWDE, Mar. 13 Aristocrats, Atherton (G.) is. net........Sep. 13 Aristophanes.—Comedies. Edit., with trans., by

B. B. Rogers. Vol. 3. 4to. 155. BELL, A pr. 13 Aristophanes—The Peace. The Greek text rev. with trans, by B. B. Rogers, 4to. Ios. 6d.

BELL, A pr. 13 Aristotlo. De Coloribus ; De Audibilibus,

Physiognomonica ; De Plantis ; Mechanica; Ventorum Situs ; De Melisso. Translation. 8vo., 5s. net

(H. Milford) CLARENDON PRESS, Apr. 13 Aristotle-De Motu animalium ; and, De Incessu

animalium. Trans. by A. S. L. Farquharson. 8vo., pp. 78, 25. net

(Clarendon Press), FROWDE, Jan. 13 Aristotle—Nicomachean ethics : recognovit bre

vique adnotatione critica instruxit J. Bayswater. Cr. 8vo., India paper, 5s. (Oxford classical texts)

(Clarendon Press), FROWDE, Jan. 13 AristotleWorks. Trans. into English under the Vol. 5. 8vo., 125. 6d, net

(Clarendon Press), FROWDE, Jan. 13 Aristotle -Works. Vol. 6, Opuscula ; by T. Loveday and others. 8vo. pp. 292, 75. 6d. net

(Clarendon Press) MILFORD, Apr. 13 Aristotle as a biologist, &c., Thompson (D'A. W.) IS. net

..Feb. 13 Arithmetic, Agricultural, Newsham (J. C.)

35. 6d. net Arithmetic and mensuration, Exercises in, Abbott

(P.) 35. 6d, net Arithmetic, Arnold's Systematic: Teachers' bks., 1-5, ea. Is. 3d. net

..Nov. 13 Arithmetic, Chambers's Practical concentric, Scholar's bk. 3, 3d., 4d. ; Teacher's bk. 3, Is. net

July 13 Arithmetic, Commercial, Pickering (E. T.) 15.

ARMY Arithmetic examples, Junior practical, Borchardt (W. G.) Is. 6d....

..Oct. 13 Arithmetic, Handwork and pract., Johnson (G. F.) Class bk. 4, 5d., 6d...

July 13 Arithmetic, Junior, Chope (R. H.) 25. 6. Dec. 13 Arithmetic, Junior course of, Jones (H. S.) is. 6d.

May 13 Arithmetic, Junior practical, Borchardt (W. G.) 25.

May 13 Arithmetic, Junior, Test questions in, Cracknell (A. G.) Is., IS. 3d.

.Jan. 13 Arithmetic, Macmillan's Reforms. Teacher's bk. 7, IS...

. Apr. 13 Arithmetic, Practical and applied, Bavin (W. D.)

.....Apr. 13 Arithmetic, Practical concentric, Scholars bks. 1-2, ca. 3d., 4d.; teacher's hks., 1-2, is. net

June 13 Arithmetic, Practical concentric. Bk. 4, 4d.,

3d. ; teacher's bk., is, net............Aug. 13 Arithmetic, Preliminary, Barraclough (A.) is. 6d., IS. 9d.

. Apr. 13 Arithmetic, School, Jones (A. C.) and Wykes (P. H.) 35. 6d.

..... June 13 Arithmetic, Visual, Berry (A. J.) Bk. I, 4d., 3d.

Apr. 13 Arithmetic, Visual, Exercises in, Berry (A. J.) Bk. 2, 3d., 4d...

May 13 Arkell (R.)-Colombine : a fantasy, and other verses. 18mo., swd., IS. net

SIDGWICK & J., Nov. 13 Arkwright (G. E. P.) see Woolridge (H. E.) and

Arkwright. Ark wright (William)--Knowledge of life. Cr. 8vo.

74x43, pp. 216, 39. 60. net.... LANE, Mar. 13 Armada, Story of the great, Hale (J. R.) 5s. net

Sep. 13 Arm-chair at the inn, Smith (F. H.) 6s..... Jan. 13 Armistead (J. J.)-Ten years near the Arctic circle. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7! X5, pp. 252, 35. 6d. net

.HEADLEY, Oct. 13 Armitage (F.)-The Masonic lodges of the world,

8vo. 71 X 5, pp. 231, 4s. 6d. net WEARE, Apr. 13 Armitage (Harold)-Sorrelsykes. 8vo. 81x51,

pp. 320, 6s. net..... . WHEFLER, Dec. 13 Armstrong (Cecil Ferard)—Shakespeare to Shaw:

studies in the life's work of six dramatists of the English stage. Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 336, 6s.

MILLS & B., Nov. 13 Armstrong (Douglas B.)-The Boys' book of

stamp collecting. IUus. 8vo. 8} X54, pp. 228, 6s.

.RICHARDS, Nov. 13 Armstrong (Douglas B.)—The Stamps of the Levant post offices. 8vo. 61 X 4, pp. 128

(164 Strand, W.C.) BRIGHT, Oct. 13 Armstrong (Douglas B.) and Dalwick (R. E. R.)-

Stamps for beginners: a popular guide to stamp collecting. Cr. 8vo., pp. 76, swd. 6d. net

ALDINE PUB. Co., May 13 Armstrong (Sir Walter)--Lawrence,

with 41

METHUEN, Apr. 13 Army-Accidents to monoplanes, 1912, 1}d.

WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-Appropriation account and statement

of surpluses and deficits, 1911-12, Is. ; Ordnance factories : annual accounts for 1911-12, IS. 60......

.... WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-Appropriation account, 1911-12, IS. 3d. ;

Commissions : promotion from the ranks (return), id. ; Entrance exam. papers, Nov., 1912, IS. 3d. ; Amendments to musketry Part 1, 1913, 11d. ; Ordnance Corps standing orders, 1912, 7 d.; Military savings banks

statement, id. (post free).... WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-Army orders. Monthly, ea. 3d.

WYMAN, Jan.-Dec. 13 Army-Army schools : annual report, 1911-12.

is. id. (post free) ...WYMAN, Apr. 13

. . .

Mar, 13

.Od. 13

Oct. 13




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Army-Art of command; by Col. von Spohn. Trans. id......

WYMAN, May 13 Army-Battle of encounter (The) ; by Hans von Kiesling. Pt. 1, Practical. Trans. Is. 6d.

WYMAN, Sep. 13 Army-British Army report for 1911–12. (post free)

.. WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Clothing and necessaries : priced

vocabulary, 1913, Is. ; Equipment regulations amendments, pts. 1-3, 2d. ; Salisbury Plain : standing orders, 3d. ; Army schools : annual

report, 1911-12, IS.... WYMAN, Apr. 13 Army-Courses of instruction, 1913-14, 2d.; Ordnance corps, standing orders, 6d.

WYMAN, Jan. 13 Army-Effects of Officers and Soldiers : Royal

warrant, No. 1909, 1fd.; Field punishment rules, itd.; ordnance factories accounts 1911-12, Is. rod. ; Army orders, March, 3}d. (post free)

.. WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Equipment regulations : amendments to

parts 1, 2, and 3, 2}d. ; Standing orders for Salisbury Plain, 1913, 3}d. (post free)

WYMAN, Apr. 13 Army-Equipment regulations. Pt. 2, Details :

sec. I, 6d. ; sec. IIA, 9d..... WYMAN, Aug. 13 Army-Equipment regulations. Pt. 2, sect. 3,

6d. ; sec. IIC, gd. ; sec. 12B, Is. ; sec. 120, gd. ; Establishments, peace, pt. 2, Territorial

Force, 1913-14, 4d..... .WYMAN, June 13 Army-Establishments : War, Pt. I, pt. 5, 4d. .......

.WYMAN, Jan, 13 Army-Estimates for 1913-14, 25. 2d. ; Estimates Memorandum, 1913-14, 1 d. (post free)

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Estimates of effective and non-effective

services, 1913-14. IS. rod..... WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Examination for Certificates A and B,

officers Training Corps, Nov., 1912, 8}d. (post free)

. WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Field service manuals : Cavalry regiment,

expeditionary force, 3d. ; Infantry (mounted) battalion, expeditionary force, 3d.

WYMAN, Apr. 13 Army Field service manuals. Infantry battalion : expeditionary force, 3d.

WYMAN, May 13 Army-Field service manuals. Medical service,

expeditionary force, 3d. ......WYMAN, July 13 Army-Field service manual : mounted infantry

battalion. 4d. (post free) . WYMAN, May 13 Army-Field service manuals. Signal service,

signal company (air line) expeditionary force, 3d....

... WYMAN, Aug. 13 Army-Field service manuals. Signal service :

signal company (cable) expeditionary force,

3d. ; ditto (with Division), 3d. WYMAN, Nov. 13 Army-Field service pocket book, 1913, Is.

WYMAN, Oct. 13 Army-Field service regulations. Pt. 2, Organisa

tion and administration, 1909 (reprinted with

amendments, 1913), is....... WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-General annual report, year ended 30th Sep., 1912, 6d..

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Guns. 18-pr. Q.F. land service, is.

WYMAN, Oct. 13 Army-Guns. Handbooks for 13-pr. Q.F. land service, is. 3d....

.WYMAN, Aug. 13 Army-Guns. 60-pr. B.L. land service, is. 6d. ;

Ordnance College : report on 33rd advanced class, is...

..WYMAN, Sep. 13 Army-Handbook, 0.45 in. Maxim gun, or 0.303

Máxim gun. 7fd. (post free) WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Manual of Army postal services, 4d. (post free)

...WYMAN, June 13

ARNOLD Army-Peace establishments : Part I, 1912-13, 7}d. (post free)

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Postal services, Manual of war, 3d. ;

Remount regulations, 1913, 3d. ; Works

manual (war, provisional) 4d. WYMAN, J une 13 Army-Range finding, Manual of (Coast defence). Pt. 1. od.....

.WYMAN, Apr. 13 Army-Remount manual (war). 2d.

WYMAN, Nov. 13 Army-Report on 7th course at the London School of Economics, Oct. 1912–Mar. 1913, 2d.

WYMAN, June, 13 Army-Report on the accidents to monoplanes,

1912. 2d. (post free) .... WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-Rifles, Short and charger-loading, &c. :

handbook for instructors, 3d. WYMAN, July 13 Army-Royal Artillery: Garrison, siege and

movable armament, 3d.; Horse, field and heavy, 6d. ; Ordnance College : report of

15th course, is, net.... WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Royal Artillery, practice instructions:

coast defences, 3d. ; War establishments. Pt. I, Expeditionary Force, 1913, amendments, id.; Ordnance College : report on 32nd advanced class, IS......

..WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-Royal Garrison Artillery coast defences,

31d.; Instructions for practice : Royal Garrison Artillery, 3}d. (post free)

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Stations of units, January, 1913, 2}d. (post free)

.WYMAN, Jan. 13 Army-Stations of units of regular forces, &c., 2d...

... WYMAN, Jan, 13 Army-Territorial Force and National Reserve, 1 d. (post free)

.WYMAN, Feb. 13 Army-Territorial Force : annual return for 1912, 6d...

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army_Territorial Force. Cadet list, 6d.

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army-Territorial Force : return for 1912. 8d. (post free)

.WYMAN, Mar. 13 Army--Typhoid : Anti-typhoid Committee re

port, 1912, 2s. 6d...... .WYMAN, May 13 Army-War establishments, Part 5, 6d. (post free)

WYMAN, Jan. 13 Army annual (The) and year book, 1913. 8vo., pp. 282, 38. 6d. net.

.W. CLOWES, July 13 Army: Essays and criticisins, by Military Ed. of Times.” 45. 6d. net...

..May 13 Army list, Hart's Annual, 1913, 21S. .... Army list. Monthly, ea. Is. 6d.

WYMAN, Jan.-Dec. 13 Army list. Quarterly, ea. 155.

WYMAN, July, &c. 13 Army, People's, Foot (E. H.) 28.

.Jan. 13 Armytage (V. B. Green-) see Green-Armytage. Arnim (Mary A. B., Grafin von)-The Caravan

ners. By the author of " Elizabeth and her German garden. Re-issue. Cr. 8vo. 71 X4+, pp. 354, 35. 6d. (Waterloo library)

SMITH, E., May 13 Amim (Mary A. B., Grafin von)—Princess Pris

cilla's fortnight. By the author of “ Elizabeth and her German garden.” izmo., 7d. net

NELSON, Feb. 13 Arnold (G. F.)—Psychology applied to legal evi.

dence and other constructions of law. 2nd

edit., rev. 8vo. 18s, net.... THACKER, Od. 13 Arnold (Hugh) see Saint (L. B.) and Arnold. Amold (Mrs. J. 0.)-Requital. Cr. 8vo. 74 X5,

.METHUEN, Feb. 13 Arnold (James Loring)—The Motor and the dynamo. 166 illus. Demy 8vo., 6s. 6d. net

WILLIAMS & N., June 13 Arnold (Lilian)-Also Joan. 12mo. 7d. net

NEWNES, Oct. 13

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..Mar. 13

pp. 306, 6s.


Oct. 13

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Dec. 13


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Arnold (Matthew) Portical works, 1846-1869. | Arthur,[King, and his Round Table, Stories from,
Intro, lry Richard (arnett. Cr. 8vo. 7175, Clay (P.) 19. 6d. net

pp. 520, , (Theloreal ports) WAXD), I., N00.13
Arnold: L'our powt4, Brooke (S. A.) 29, 64. net

Arthurs (George) - Patterlogues or mono-sketcies.
Apr. 13

Cr. 8vo., pp. 52, SW, Is. net St. PRESCH, June 13
Amold ('T, W.) "The Preaching of Islam : i Artillery matériel, Morgan (P. C. 45. 60. Mar. 13

history of the proposenttom of the Muslim faith. Artisan education, Primary, Welpton (W. P.) and eit, reviser and enlarged. 8vo, 945),

33 6d net

Jay 13 Ptr. 4X4, 1us, bil, net ...CONSTABLE, Aug. 13

Artist in Italy, Tyndale (W.) 208. net

Artists and their models, Famous, Rappoport Arnold in Damages. 8v0., 108, 61. net

(A. S.) 16s. net

Sep. 13 BUTTERWORTH, Jan, 13 Artists, Irish, Dictionary of, Strickland (W. G.) Arnotlin, I atorence IC.12.) 68..... . Apr. 13

309. net. Arnold, Nottinghamshire, History of, 38, 64. net Artists, Italian: Knigats of art, Steedman (A)

39. 6d. net..

..Sep. 13 Arnold's Practical Sabtath school commentary on Arts and crafts of India and Ceylon, Coomarathe International Sunday school lessons, 1914. swamy (A. K.) 68, net.....

...Nov. 13 8v6, X6, pp. 234, 28, 64. Det REVELL, Od. 13 Arucarineae, Anatomy and affinities of, Thomson Arnold's Systematic arithmetic: Teachers' books,

(R. B.) 49. net....

...May 13 15. Cr. 84, ea, 19. 31. net R. AKNOLD, No. 13 Arup (Paul S.-Industrial organic analysis :

for use of technical and analytical chemists Aronson fiche hatum: pynt ani students, Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 362, 75. 6d. mimy w *****, (r. Vo

CHURCHILL, Oct. 13 try they, We lo por Maky, I'ch, 13 Arwall, Iurd, Andrew Jameson, Buchan (J.) Armadi Ar. Arif Taw, I mine!MI (1.4 pr. 13 39, 61, net...

.. Nou. 13 Atract Are i dritt, Lehlunt (M) 14, me! As he was born, Gallon (T.) 60... ....Feb. 13

Sep. 13
Armed Annemyra 111, 16, w June 13 As the days go by: a fragrant thought for every
Arna, * William inwar, I'wrote (Mr K.) 5. day in the year. Selected by J. E. 91 X64, is.

,00, 13

... SIMPKIN, Sep. 13 Ap tappt terth, AITA, Letland (M, 18 met As we forgive them, Le Queux (w.) is. net Feb. 13

As we forgive them, Le Queux (w.) 6d..... Aug. 13 ATWA NA TMA, Tepun (14) and I blanc (M) 70.

Asch (W. and D.)-The Silicates in chemistry

...Od. 13 ARTH bual, www nl, Turrison (J. A) 19 met

and commerce: including the exposition of a July 13

hexite and pentite theory and of a stereo

chemical theory of general application. Trans., 1, Mali Irighton, Yockney (A.), 54,

Nov, 13

with critical notes and some additions by

A. B. Searle. 8vo. 91 x6, pp. 476, 215. net
ARI #manual l'es, Calle ted edit, including war

SR VIKTUX, Nov. 13
Asenath of the ford, Rila, 6d.......

......Aug. 13 AM , , Dow (AW) 178, 64. net

May 13

Ash (E. C.)-Pond life. 12mo. 6d. net (People's All, wwoption, Maspero (ir 09.) 216. net Sep. 13

... JACK, Feb. 13 An examination papers, 1912, 834. (post free)

Ash (Edwin)-Can't waiters; or, How you waste
WYMAN, Mar. 13

your energies, Cr. 8vo. 71 X41, pp. 62, swd. AII, Hol, and national life, Smith' (A.C.K)

19. net

..MILLS & B., July 13

. Sep. 13 Ash (Edwin L. )--The Nursing of nervous patients. All, Greek, Mesnage of, Powers (II. II.) 88, 6d. net

Cr. 8vo. 75 X48, pp. 122, 28. 6d. net

SCIENTIFIC PRESS, June 13 All in pain and I'ortugal, Dieulaloy (M.) 68, nei Ashby-Storry (J.)-The River rhymer, 12mo.,

Sep. 13

61X4, pp. 256, 3s. 6d. net HAM-SMITH, Jan. 13 All, Italian schools of: In the National Gallery, Ashes of honour, Kenyon (E. C.) 6d.......Oct. 13

l'eers (Mrs. C. R.) 58. net ......Od. 13 Ashes of vengeance, Somerville (H. B.) 6s. Sep. 13 Ail, japanese, Gems of, Audsley (G. A) 105,

July 13

Ashford (C. E.)-Elementary experimental All, Meaning of, Gaultier (P.) 58. net....Sep. 13

dynamics for schools. Cr. 8vo. 7* *5, pp. 254,

All of Holthielli, Binyon (1..) 2528, net..04.13
All of the great masters, Lees (1.) 528. 6d. net Ashford (17.)-Child-man in Britain. Illus. Cr.

8vo., 78 x 5, pp. 170, 25. 6d. net All of the Italian Renaissance, Wolflin (H.)

HARRAP, Aug. 13 Ou, net......

Ash moad-Bartlott (Ellis and S.)-With the Turks ANI, 1", Ne kelts (C.) 7s, 6d, net

Apr. 13

in Thrace. Illus. 8vo. 91 x6, pp. 346, Ios. net All, unt, in Italy, Holme (C.) 78. 6d., 58, net


Ashton (Beatrice G.)--Buds unfolding : four Arthurent, 1910 12. Edit. by C. Ingram stories of the seasons. Svo. 73 X5, pp. 128, is. Alley Vol. Cr. Hvo. 88 X3. pp. 809, 218. net net

...STOCKWELL, Jan, 13
All, Pituelle luke, mw :) 48, od. net

Ashton (Helen)-Pierrot in town. G. 8vo.
74 x 41, pp. 392, 6s.

PITMAN, Sep. 13
All, Hellglown, in trance, Male (IS) 218, net

Ashion-Kirk, investigator, Melntyre (J. T.) os.

Apr. 13

Ash worth (Margaret) - A Child's garland : being Art, Awwillali, male, nel....... Nov. 13 a series of illustrated natur,

lessons. Alt im Renangoni antil, Mr (19. P.)

recitations, and songs

Hi....Jan. 13 Hunt. 4to 8 x6, PP.
Arii Werowles con Awit (10.) net

Asia: Continents and th:
Art Whatler'a pastela, e, valiana (A. 2)

(J. F. C. and A. H.) 3.5 Mt. 13

Asia, Geography of, Fry,s All, All Tutti i det

Askew (Alien Arthur Browne) The Lalaws of

tema, 1.etiawi or." The Way to the stars"

1 * To 18....I'ARTNAR, Van 13 Askew arthur, Ark, and his kieht is

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Oct. 13


Oct, 13

Oct. 13

Oct, 13

Oct. 13

Der 13

Oct. 13

Mar. 13

Mar. 13

Oct. 13

Dec. 13

Dec. 13

Askew (Alice and Claude)-The Golden girl.
Cr. 8vo. 77X5, pp. 320, 6s.

WARD, LOCK, Mar. 13
Askew (Alice and Claude)-The Love-stone.

Cr. 8vo. 7*X41, pp. 250, 35. 6d. (Adelphi library)

UNWIN, May 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Mystery of

Helmsley Grange. Pop. edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 254, swd. Is. net

..PEARSON, June 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-Out of the running. 12mo. 7d. net

EVERETT, June 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Pearl of great

price. 8vo. swd. 6d. ......PEARSON, Apr. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) - Poison : a novel. Cr. 8vo. 7* *4*, pp. 290, 35. 6d. net

NASH, Feb. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) --A Preacher of the Lord.' Cr. 8vo. 73 x5, pp. 320, 35. 6d.

CASSELL, Oct. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) — The Quest of El Dorado. Cr. 8vo. 74 5, pp. 384, Is. net

CASSELL, Aug. 13 Askew (Alice & Claude)-A Scarlet sin. 8vo., swd. 6d.

WARD, L., Aug. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—Souls adrift. 8vo., swd. 6d.

WARD, L., Jan. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Sword of peace. 12mo. 7d. net

.EVERETT, Feb. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude) —The Tempting of Paul Chester. 8vo. Swd. 6d.

W. COLLINS, Mar. 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-Wild Sheba. I 2mo. 7d. net

WARD, L., July 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)— The Woman Deborah. 8vo. Swd. 6d.

..NEWNES, J une 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)—The Yellow yoke. 8vo. swd. 6d.

GOODSHIP HOUSE, Apr. 13 Asphalts and bitumens, Natural rock, Danby (A.) 8s. 6d. net

..May 13 Aspinall (Algernon E.)-West Indian tales of old Cr. 8vo. 78 X 5, pp. 272, 5s. net

DUCKWOR TH, Jan. 13 Assaying, Text-bk. of, Beringer (C. and J. J.) IOS. od...

... Aug. 13 Association, Spirit of, Robinson (M. F.) 6s. net

June 13 Assuan Reservoir, &c., Willcocks (Sir W.) red. to

.Sep. 13 Assurance companies—Part A, Statements of

life assurance and annuity business, and abstracts of actuarial reports, 1912, 55. 3d.

WYMAN, May 13 Assurance companies. Part B, Statements of

general assurance business (excluding life assurance and sinking fund Insurance) and bond investment business, 1912, 4s. Id.

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Assyrian and Babylonian letters, Konyunjik Col., B.M., Harper (R. F.) Pts. 12-13, ca. 245. net

Sep, 13 Assyriology, Bible student's handbk, of, Norton (F. C.) 3s. 6d. net.

. Jan. 13 Asteroidea, Evolution of cretaceous, Spencer (W. K.) 55. net...

.Aug. 13 Asthma and its radical treatment, Adam (J.)

... July 13 Aston (G. G.)--Staff duties, and other subjects (military). Cr. 8vo. 7! X5, pp. 218, 35. 6d. net

H. REES, Feb. 13 Astonishing anatomy. By Tingle. Cr. 8vo., pp. 88, swd. "S net.. .PITMAN, Mar. 13

I Astrological XV, Hartmann (F.) 3s. 6d. net

Jan. 13 Astrol

A.) 1os. 6d. net.. Jan. 13 le and read your own 21. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 41, ..W. RIDER, Jan. 13 stars, Wrey (A. M.)

Apr. 13

ATMOSPHERE Astrology, Symbolism and, Leo (A.) is. Dec. 13 Astronomical Observatory, Harvard Col. Annals Vol. 75, pt. 2. 78. 6d. net.

.....Oct, 13 Astronomical Society (Leeds)- Journal and tran

sactions for the year 1911. No. 19. 27 illus. 8vo. 81 X7, pp. 68, swd. 2s. net

WESLEY, Mar. 13 Astronomical Society (Royal)-Monthly notices.

Vol. 72. Illus, 8vo. 81 X54, pp. 242, Swd. 245. net

WESLEY, Mar. 13 Astronomy: Bk. of stars, Mitton (G. E.) 35. 6d. Astronomy : Catálogo de 5791 estrellas, Perrine

(C. D.) 10s. 6d. net Astronomy, Concise knowledge, Clerke (A. M.) &c., 5s...

.May 13 Astronomy, Elements of descriptive, Tancock (E. 0.) 28. 6d. net

..Nov. 13 Astronomy, Greek, Aristarchus of Samos. (Heath.)

18s. net Astronomy, Milton's, Orchard (T. N.) 7s. 6d. net Astronomy: Popular guide to the heavens, Ball (Sir R. S.) 10s. 6d. net...

.Nov. 13 Astronomy simplified, Henderson (A. C.) 25. 6d. net

. Sep. 13 Astronomy, Spectroscopic, Sir W. Huggins and, Maunder (E. W.) 6d. net..

..Sep. 13 Astronomy: Starry heavens, Metcalfe (H. M.) IS, net

June 13 Astronomy, Wonders of modern, Macpherson (H.) 25.

. Sep. 13 At close quarters, Hutton (J. A.) 35. 6d. net

July 13 At dawn and dusk, Daley (V. J.) 3s. 6d., 6s. net

Aug. 13 At Oxford, poems, Henderson (B. W.) 25. 6d. net At the back of the world, Pugh (G. and J.) 6s. At the foot of the rainbow, Stratton-Porter (G.) IS. net

June 13 At the point of the bayonet. Henty (G. A.) 35. 6d.

Oct. 13 Athanasius, S.: 0 Beata Trinitas, is. net Apr. 13 Athenae Cantabrigiensis, Cooper (C. H. and T) 21S, net..

..Jan. 13 Athène-Dust of the world, 6s..

.. June 13 Athens, British School at, Annual, No. 18, 258. net

Oct. 13 Atherton (Gertrude) — The Aristocrats. Pop.

edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 308, is. net ..LANE, Sep. 13 Athletic trainer, Complete, Mussabini (S. A.) and

Ranson (C.) 5s, net ... Athletics in theory and practice, Hjertberg (E.W.)

...Oct. 13 Athletics : Olympian field events, Webster (F. A. W.) 25. 6d. net

...... Aug. 13 Atkeson (T. C.)-A Catechism of agriculture,

Cr. 8vo., 25. 6d. net ..K. PAUL, May 13 Atkey (Bertram)—The Amazing Mr. Bunn. 12mo., 7d. net...

..NEWNES, Aug. 13 Atkinson (C. J. F.)-A Concise handbook of

provincial local government law: including the Education Acts. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo. 7} X4,

pp. 294, 35. 6d. net......E. WILSON, Apr. 13 Atkinson (F. H. and G. W.)—“ A Show at” Sho'cards. Folio, 12s. net

AMERICAN BK. SUPPLY Co., Dec. 12 Atlantis, poems, West (J.) 25. net. Atlas, Bartholomew (J.) 6d. net Atlas, Handy-vol., Philips', as. 6d. net .. Apr. 13 Atlas, Mercantile marine, Philips' 635. net Apr. 13 Atlas, Nelson Universal hand-, 25. net

June 13 Atlas notes, Chute (J. C.) is......

May 13 Atlas of Africa and Australia, Literary and historical, Bartholomew (J. G.) Is., 28. net

Sep. 13 Atlas, Physical and political school, Bartholomew

(J. G.) 1$. net.... Atmosphere, Berry (A. J.) 13., 25. 6d. net Feb. 13


38. net

Oct. 13

38. 6d.

58. net

Oct. 13 ..Feb. 13

.Feb. 13 ARNOLD


Dec. 13

Oct. 13

..Nov. 13

Arnold (Matthew)—Poetical works, 1840-1869.

Intro. by Richard Garnett. Cr. 8vo. 73 x5,

pp. 520, 2s. (The Great poets) WARD, L., Nov. 13 Arnold : Four poets, Brooke (S. A.) 25. 6d. net

Apr. 13 Amold (T. W.)-The Preaching of Islam :

history of the propagation of the Muslim faith. 2nd edit., revised and enlarged. 8vo. 9x 5),

pp. 484, 125. 6d. net .... CONSTABLE, Aug. 13 Arnold on Damages. 8vo., Ios. 6d. net

BUTTERWORTH, Jan. 13 Arnold lip, Lawrence (C. E.) 6s..... . Apr. 13 Arnold, Nottinghamshire, History of, 3s. 6d. net Arnold's Practical Sabbath school commentary on

the International Sunday school lessons, 1914.

8vo. 97 x6, pp. 234, 23. 6d. net REVELL, Oct. 13 Arnold's Systematic arithmetic: Teachers' books,

1-5. Cr. 8vo., ea. Is. 3d. net E. ARNOLD, Nov. 13 Aronson (Hugh) –Our village homes : present

conditions and suggested remedies. Cr. 8vo.

71 x 44, pp. 160, 25. 6d. net T. MURBY, Feb. 13 Arrest of Arsène Lupin, Lehlanc (M.) 6d... Apr. 13 Arrest of Arsène Lupin, Leblanc (M.) is. net

Sep. 13 Arrival of Antony, Conyers (D.) is, net .. June 13 Arrol, Sir William : memoir, Purvis (Sir R.) 5S. net

...Oct. 13 Arsène Lupin, Arrest of, Leblanc (M.) is. net

Sep. 13 Arsène Lupin, Jepson (E.) and Leblanc (M.) 7d. net

..Oct, 13 Art and ritual, ancient, Harrison (J. A.) is, net

July 13 Art annual : E. Blair Leighton, Yockney (A.), 5s. 28. 6d. net...

...Nov. 13 Art annuals (The). Collected edit., including war

artists. 4to., 2is. net .VIRTUE, Nov. 13 Art: Composition, Dow (A. W.) 175. 6d. net

May 13 Art, Egyptian, Maspero (Sir G.) 21s. net Sep. 13 Art examination papers, 1912, 8}d. (post free)

WYMAN, Mar. 13 Art, Greek, and national lifc, Smith (S.C.K.) 78. 6d. net

Sep. 13 Art, Greek, Message of, Powers (H. H.) 8s. 6d. net Art in Spain and Portugal, Dieulajoy (M.) 6s, net Art, Italian schools of: In the National Gallery,

Peers (Mrs. C. R.) 55. net Art, Japanese, Gems of, Audsley (G. A.) 1058., 168s, net

July 13 Art, Meaning of, Gaultier (P.) 5s. net....Sep. 13 Art of Botticelli, Binyon (L.) 2525. net.. Oct. 13 Art of the great masters, Lees (F.) 528. 6d. net Art of the Italian Renaissance, Wölfflin (H.)

78. 6d, net.... Art, Pages on, Ricketts (C.) 78. 6d. net ..Apr. 13 Art, Peasant, in Italy, Holme (C.) 75. 6d., 5s. net Art prices current, 1911-12. Edit. by C. Ingram Smyth. Vol. 5. Cr. 8vo. 8} x 51, pp. 869, 215, net

FINE ART TRADE JOURNAL, A pr. 13 Art, Principle in, &c., Patmore (C.) 28. 6d. net Art, Religious, in France, Male (E.) 215. net Art, Swedish, Annual of, 5s, net. Art training, S. Kensington and its, Brown (F. P.) 38. 6d. net

...Jan. 13 Art: Wallace Collection, Rutter (F.) 28. net

Sep. 13 Art: Whistler's pastels, &c., Gallatin (4. E.)

Ios. 6d. net ..
Art, Year's, 1913. Ss. net

..Feb. 13 Arthur (Frances Browne)—The Laidlaws of

Lammerlaw; or, “ The Way to the stars."

Cr. 8vo., pp. 160, IS.......PARTRIDGE, Nov. 13 Arthur, King, and his knights, is. ......Sep. 13

ASKEW Arthur, King, and his Round Table, Stories from, Clay (B.) IS. 6d. net

....Oct. 13 Arthurs (George) -- Patterlogues or mono-sketches.

Cr. 8vo., PP: 52, SW, Is. net Sd. FRENCH, June 13 Artillery matériel, Morgan (F. C.) 45. 60. Mar. 13 Artisan education, Primary, Welpton (W. P.) 35. 6d. net

...May 13 Artist in Italy, Tyndale (W.) 20s. net ....

...Oct. 13 Artists and their models, Famous, Rappoport (A. S.) 16s. net

.Sep. 13 Artists, Irish, Dictionary of, Strickland (W. G.)

3os. net. Artists, Italian: Knigats of art, Steedman (A.) 38. 6d. net..

..Sep. 13 Arts and crafts of India and Ceylon, Coomaraswamy (A. K.) 6s, net...

.. Nov. 13 Arucarineae, Anatomy and affinities of, Thomson (R. B.) 45. net.....

...May 13 Arup (Paul S.)-Industrial organic analysis :

for use of technical and analytical chemists and students. Cr. 8vo. 71 X5, pp. 362, 78. 6d. net

CHURCHILL, Oct. 13 Arwall, Lord, Andrew Jameson, Buchan (J.)

39. 6d. net. As he was born, Gallon (T.) 6d.. .....Feb. 13 As the days go by: a fragrant thought for every

day in the year. Selected by J. E. 91 X64, is. net

SIMPKIN, Sep. 13 As we forgive them, Le Queux (W.) is. net Feb. 13 As we forgive them, Le Queux (W.) 6d..... Aug. 13 Asch (W. and D.)—The Silicates in chemistry

and commerce : including the exposition of a hexite and pentite theory and of a stereochemical theory of general application. Trans., with critical notes and some additions by A. B. Searle. 8vo. 98 x 63, pp. 476, 21s. net

CONSTABLE, Nov. 13 Asenath of the ford, Rita, 6d...........Aug. 13 Ash (E. C.)-Pond life. 12mo. 6d. net (People's books)

.... JACK, Feb. 13 Ash (Edwin)-Can't waiters; or, How you waste

your energies. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 44, pp. 62, Swd. IS, net

MILLS & B., July 13 Ash (Edwin L.)-The Nursing of nervous patients. Cr. 8vo. 73 X44, pp. 122, 25. 6d. net

SCIENTIFIC PRESS, June 13 Ashby-Sterry (J.)-The River rhymer. 12mo.,

61X4, pp. 256, 35. 6d. net HAM-SMITH, Jan. 13 Ashes of honour, Kenyon (E. C.) 6d....... Oct. 13 Ashes of vengeance, Somerville (H. B.) 6s. Sep. 13 Ashford (C. E.)Elementary experimental

dynamics for schools. Cr. 8vo. 7+ X5, pp. 254, 45.

. CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Apr. 13 Ashford (F.)—Child-man in Britain. Illus. Cr. 8vo., 74 x5, pp. 170, 25. 6d. net

HARRAP, Aug. 13 Ash mead-Bartlett (Ellis and S.)-With the Turks in Thrace. Illus. 8vo. 91 x6, pp. 346, 1os. net

HEINEMANN, Feb. 13 Ashton (Beatrice G.)—Buds unfolding : four

stories of the seasons. 8vo. 77 x 5, pp. 128, is. net

STOCKWELL, Jan. 13 Ashton (Helen)-Pierrot in town. Cr. 8vo.

71 X41, pp. 392, 6s. ....PITMAN, Sep. 13 Ashton-Kirk, investigator, McIntyre (J. T.) 6s.

Apr. 13 Ash worth (Margaret)-A Child's garland : being

a series of illustrated nature stories, lessons, recitations, and songs. Music by W. Irwin Hunt. 4to 81 X6), pp. 222, 39. 6d. net

PITMAN, Nov. 13 Asia : Continents and their peoples, Chamberlain (J. F. C. and A. H.) 39..

. Apr. 13 Asia, Geography of, Fry (G. C.) Senior, is. May 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-The Actor-manager 12mo., 7d. net

.NEWNES, July 13 Askew (Alice and Claude)-God's clay. Cr. 8vo.

71 x 41, pp. 312, 6s ... UNWIN, Aug. 13

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