Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839, Volumen 2

Harper & Bros., 1863 - 344 páginas
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Página 73 - A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another ; even as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
Página 146 - I suppose the most degraded race of human beings claiming an Anglo-Saxon origin that can be found on the face of the earth...
Página 316 - ... entering the first of these? But half the casements, of which there were six, were glazed, and these were obscured with dirt, almost as much as the other windowless ones were darkened by the dingy shutters, which the shivering inmates had fastened to in order to protect themselves from the cold. In the enormous chimney glimmered the powerless embers of a few sticks of wood, round which, however, as many of the sick women as could approach were cowering, some on wooden settles, most of them on...
Página 105 - I reflect on the great means of good, to myself and ^Jjiers, that I so gladly agreed to give up forever for a maintenance by the unpaid labor of slaves — people toiling not only unpaid, but under the bitter conditions the bare contemplation of which was then wringing my heart. You will not wonder that when, in the midst of such cogitations, I suddenly accosted Mr. O , it was to this effect :
Página 112 - Presently the whole congregation uplifted their voices in a hymn, the first high wailing notes of which — sung all in unison, in the midst of these unwonted surroundings — sent a thrill through all my nerves.
Página 238 - Apparently the negro jargon has commended itself as euphonious to her infantile ears, and she is now treating me to the most ludicrous and accurate imitations of it every time she opens her mouth. Of course I shall not allow this, comical as it is, to become a habit. This is the way the Southern ladies acquire the thick and inelegant pronunciation which distinguishes their utterances from the Northern snuffle, and I have no desire that S should adorn her mother tongue with either peculiarity.
Página 176 - M up stairs keeping watch over them, and I sit writing this daily history for your edification, the door of the great barn-like room is opened stealthily, and one after another, men and women come trooping silently in, their naked feet falling all but inaudibly on the bare boards as they betake themselves to the hearth, where they squat down on their hams in a circle, the bright blaze from the huge pine logs, which is the only light of this half of the room, shining on their sooty limbs and faces,...

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