Juvenile Correspondence, Or, Letters Designed as Examples of the Epistolary Style: For Children of Both Sexes

J. Johnson and Company, 1811 - 198 páginas

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Página 88 - ... contrived to get themselves water when their pond was frozen up. They first tried several times to break it with their great broad bills; but when they found it too hard for that, they flew up very high into the air, and then let themselves fall souse down upon it. By this means they cracked the ice, and got water to drink and little fish to eat. He .also told us what the foxes do in very cold countries. They have a great many tricks, you know; but when all others fail, a fox will lie down on...
Página 153 - d the vast concave of his buoyant ball Journeying on high, the silken castle glides Bright as a meteor through the azure tides ; O'er towns, and towers, and temples, wins its way, .29 Or mounts sublime, and gilds the vault of day.
Página 153 - Bear Him, ye Winds! ye Stars benignant! guide." —The calm Philosopher in ether fails, Views broader stars, and breathes in purer gales; Sees, like a map, in many a waving line Round Earth's blue plains her lucid waters mine; 45 Sees at his feet the forky lightnings glow, And hears innocuous thunders roar below.
Página 86 - ... had, and so have we ; though we have not had parties, nor been out visiting much, for you know we have very few neighbours, except our good friends the Hargraves: them we see very often, for none of us think much of running a mile through the snow for the sake of spending two or three hours together. We have all been joining to build up a man of snow in our garden, and I wish you could see him. He is much taller than any of us, and makes a very formidable figure, I can assure you. We call him...
Página 31 - In the month of February, before Miss Garth was to come into waiting in March 1802, the princess, in one of. her morning visits, after she had sent Sander home, said, " My dear lady Douglas, I am come to see you this morning to ask a great favour of you, which I hope you will grant me.
Página 148 - So the way is, to make a globe of some fine materials so large, that when filled with this very light air, the weight of the whole shall be a good deal less than that of an equal bulk of common air ; in which case, it will rise, and carry up with it any additional weight that will still leave it lighter than common air — -just as a large cork would rise through water, though a little bit of lead were hung to it. — And now you know as much of the matter as I do.
Página 151 - The balloon first rose nearly straight, and then was carried gently by the wind to one side, while it still continued mounting, higher and higher. The day was fine ; but there were some clouds in the sky, into which the balloon at length entered, and for a time was lost to our sight. We then saw it again, not bigger in appearance than a paper kite, and the car looked no larger than one of the knots in the tail of the kite.
Página 87 - We have two large pyrocanthas near the house, which were quite covered with bunches of red berries some time ago, and looked very beautiful; but the blackbirds and thrushes and chaffinches have picked them all off; however we do not grudge them this poor treat, indeed it is very amusing to us to see them fluttering and hopping about. We have set them pans of water too; for now that the springs and streams are all frozen, they are often as much in want of drink as of food. Papa told us the other day,...

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