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Mr.W.W. Bishop


This list is part 2 of the second series of the Classified Catalogue of books in the Library. It contains the titles added, within its field, from July 1, 1902 up to, but not including, January 1907 and supplements the first series of the Classified Catalogue which records titles of books acquired from the foundation of the Library in 1895 to July 1, 1902.

Following the general plan pursued in the distribution of the first series of the catalogue, sections will be issued in pamphlet form as they are printed. When all parts are completed, an index of authors and subjects will be added, so that the sections may be bound into volumes. Part 1, covering the classes General works, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology and Philology, has been issued in pamphlet form, price 70 cents; postpaid, 85 cents.

The following list includes books in the classes Natural science, Useful arts and Fine aris, arranged according to divisions of the Decimal classification. It does not include parts of books treating of these subjects. Such entries will be found in the card catalogue at the Central Library, which should be consulted by anyone desiring to see the entire resources of the Library on any given subject. The form of entry is that of the author card of the dictionary card catalogue, the same linotype composition being used from which the cards and Monthly Bulletin have already been printed.

Volumes added in order to complete sets of books, parts of which were listed in the first series of the catalogue, are entered here, with a reference to that first series.

The symbol at the right-hand side of the page, opposite each title, is the number to be used in calling for the book, and should be copied exactly. If the work is in more than one volume, the volume wanted should be specified. Call numbers preceded by the letter “r” designate books in the reference collection, which cannot be taken from the Library. These books, as well as all others in the Library, may be consulted freely in the Reference room. The letter "j" prefixed to a call number indicates that the book is provided especially for the use of children.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
December 26, 1907

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