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Book x.

He through the midst unmarked,

In show plebeian angel militant

Of lowest order, passed; and from the door
Of that Plutonian hall, invisible,

Ascended his high throne, which under state
Of richest texture spread, at the upper end
Was placed in regal lustre. Down awhile
He sat, and round about him saw unseen.
At last as from a cloud his fulgent head
And shape star-bright appeared, or brighter, clad

With what permissive glory since his fall

Was left him or false glitter. All amazed

At that so sudden blaze, the Stygian throng
Bent their aspect, and whom they wished beheld
Their mighty Chief returned; loud was the acclaim.


Nec minus ille inter medios ignobilis instar
Militis, atque imo ducentis ab ordine nomen
Delapsus fallit. Simul intra limina gressus
Tartareasque domus circum se fudit amictu
Obscuro nebulâque cavâ: solium inde superbum
Ascendit. Procul hoc summâ prælucet in aulâ
Regifico luxu decoratum; huic desuper auro
Intexta incumbunt pictisque aulæa figuris.
Jamque sedet: nunc huc oculos nunc dirigit illuc
Occultos. Nebulâ tandem effulgere reductâ
Ora caputque simul, stellæque simillima forma
Lucidiorve nitet; si qui permissus adhæsit
Sedibus expulso superis, induta nitorem,

Seu vanum fulgore decus. Tum protinus omnis
Prodigium mirata cohors stupet, inscia figit
Attonitos visus. En ! longas ille per horas
Sæpius en! optatus adest, dux inclytus. Edes
Lætantum ingenti plausu et clamore resultant.



She, leaning on a fragment twined with vine,
Sang to the stillness, till the mountain shade
Sloped downward to her seat from the upper cliff.
"Oh, mother Ida, many-fountained Ida,
Dear mother Ida, hearken ere I die.

For now the noon-day quiet holds the hill:
The grasshopper is silent in the grass;
The lizard, with his shadow on the stone,
Rests like a shadow, and the cicala sleeps.
The purple flowers droop; the golden bee
Is lily-cradled: I alone awake.

My eyes are full of tears, my heart of love,
My heart is breaking, and my eyes are dim,
And I am all aweary of my life."



Fragmen erat saxi vestitum vitibus; auris,
Huic innixa canit tacitis, dum rupe suprema
Illius ad sedem montis delabitur umbra.

"Ida, mihi genetrix, celeberrima fontibus Ida,
Cara, mei, genetrix, moribundæ o percipe vocem.
Quippe silet collis, jam sol altissimus ardet;
Jam dormit gryllus; jam vox in gramine cessat
Muta cicadarum; jacet en! velut umbra, lacertus
Umbra saxa tegens; jam flos languescit in horto
Purpureus; latet in notis per lilia cunis
Aurea apis; persto somnorum nescia, persto
Sola; madent oculi; pectus cruciatur, amoris
Cura gravat pectus; nox urget lumina; tædet
Me vitæ, tædet cæli convexa tueri.




Oh! could the Muse my ravished heart inspire,
With warmth like yours, and raise an equal fire,
Unnumbered beauties in my verse should shine,
And Virgil's Italy should yield to mine!

See how the golden groves around me smile,
That shun the coast of Britain's stormy isle ;
Or when transplanted and preserved with care,
Curse the cold clime, and starve in Northern air.
Here kindly warmth their mounting juice ferments
To nobler tastes, and more exalted scents:

E'en the rough rocks with tender myrtle bloom,
And trodden weeds sent out a rich perfume.
Bear me, some god, to Baia's gentle seats,
And cover me in Umbria's green retreats;
Where western gales eternally reside,
And all the seasons lavish all their pride.


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