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Title-page of Tennyson's Poem, read Morrisian for Norrisian
Page 5 of Goodchild's Latin Prose.
Line 1. omit verum

2. for destinaturæ read destinatur ?
13. for ausus read ausurus


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On Page 3 of Goodchild's Translation.

Line 5 for it read this

Page 5. Line 8. for clildren read children

Page 7. Lines 24. 25. read

of the wresting away of the tribunicial magistracy and the

appeal to the people, and of the general discontent.

Page 12. Line 14. for acqaint read acquaint
Page 12. Line 20. for waiting read uniting.

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“Le génie n'est autre chose qu'une grande aptitude à la patience.


In Samos' isle, long ages past away,

Polycrates the tyrant ruled the land;
Thousands he held beneath his sovereign sway,
Wielding the sceptre in a monarch's hand.

None dared to disobey his royal word;
Revolt was crushed by the down-cleaving sword.

With boundless riches was his palace decked;

Their choicest gifts the gods had scattered there
In sweet and rich profusion; nought he recked
Of aught that gods or foeman's might could dare.

Richer than richest, strongest ’mid the strong,
He ruled with justice and repressed the wrong.

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Now so it chanced upon a May morning,

Th’accustomed crowd throng'd through the palace gate,
To make a due obeisance to their king,
And pay just rev'rence to his royal state;

Pacing full slowly through the vaulted halls,
Past marble arch, past statued pedestals;

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