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*N Introduction, p. I. Chap. I: The
Primitive Notion of a particular
Church consider d, p. 3. The En-
quirer averts a. Congregational form
cf it, p. 4. His first Authority from Irenæus
for it, proves nothing to his purpose, p.
His zd is a precarious Construction of Dibny-
fius AlexandrinusV Words, and inconsistent
with that Fathers account of his own Church of
Alexandria.p 6. &c. His 3d and last Autho-
rity from Tertullian is rather a meer Oversight,
ihari an Argument, p. 13. His Observation
cf the word Church (rarely used for a Collecti-
on of Churches) (hewn to be neither material,
nor just, p, 14 He divides Church Mem-
bers and Ministers aright; but in the respe-
ctive Offices he assigns them, he vastly differs
from the Ancients, p. 16. His Misapprehen-
sion of the different Towers conferrd by the
apostles on the several Elders they erdatn'd, a
main ground for his Mistake; yet easy to be
reffify'd by some Observations of his own, if
apply d to it, p. 17. &c. But to carry on that
Mistake, he styles the single Bishop of any
Church, the Supream Bishop of it, contrary to
the Language of all Antiquity, p. 23. And
thereby defeats that Catholick Test of Distin-
ction between Truth and Heresy of old, viz.
the Apostolical Bishop in every true Church of
Christ, p 24. The artful use he makes of the
Jtveral Titles of his Supreme Bishop, p. x6.

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