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CHRISTIAN OFFICES, for the use of Families and Individuals, compiled from the LITURGY of the PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH, and from the Devotional Writings of various Authors; together with Selections and Passages of Scripture and a Calendar pointing out a suitable portion of Scripture, for the Family Worship in every Day of the Year. Second Edition, revised and materially improved. By WILLIAM EDWARD WYATT, D. D., Rector of St Paul's Parish, Raltimore.

A PRACTICAL VIEW of the PREVAILING RELIGIOUS SYSTEM of PROFESSED CHRISTIANS, in the higher and middle classes in this country, contrasted with real Christianity. By WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, Esq.—with an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, A. M. Vicar of Islington, (now Bishop of Calcutta.)

The MONUMENT: a small selection from the SERMONS of the late Right Rev. JAMES KEMP, D. D., Rector of St. Paul's Parish, Baltimore, and Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Maryland, &c.

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