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O God the Father" of Heaven" have me rcy upon us-miserable-sinners"'

0 God the So n" Redeemer of the worl d" have mercy upon us-miserable-sinners'"

O God the Holy Ghost" proceeding from the Father and the So n" have me rcy upon us-miserable-sinners'"

0 holy' blessed' and glorious TrTnity" three Pe'rsons' and o ne Go'd" have me rcy upon usmiserable-sinners=

Heme mber not' Lord' our offences' nor the offences of our forefathers" neither take thou vengeance of our sins'" Spare us' good Lord" spare thy people' whom thou hast redeemed with thy most previous bloo'd' and be not an gry with us for e'ver'"

Spare us' good Lord'"

From all evil and mischief" from sin" from the craTts and assaults of the deVil" from thy wrath" and from everlasting damnation'

Good Lord deliver us'"

From all blindness of heart" from pride' vain-glory' and hypocrisy'' from envy' hatred and malice" and all uncha ritableness'

Good, &c.

From all i nordinate and sinful affe ctions" and from all the deceits of the wo rid' the fle sh' and the devil'

Good Lord' deli ver us'"

From lightning' and te mpest" from plague' pestilence' and famine' from battle' and murder" and from su dden dea th'

Good, &c.

From all sedition' privy conspiracy' and rebellion" from all false doctrine' he resy' and schis W from hardness of heart' and contem pt of thy word and commandment'

Good, &c.

By' the mystery of thy holy incarnation" by' thy holy natiVity' and circumci sion" by' thy ba ptism' fa sting' and temptation'

Good, &c.

By thine a gony and bloo dy swea t" by thy cro'ss and pa'ssion" by thy pre cious dea'th and bu rial" by thy glorious resurre ction and ascension" and by the coming of the Holy Ghost'

Good, &c.

In all time of our tribulation" in all time of our prospe rity" in the hour of dea th" and in the day of ju dgment'

Good Lord deliVer us=

=We sinners' do beseech thee to hear us' O Lord God" and that it may please thee to rule and govern thy holy Chu rch universal' in the right way'"

We beseech thee to hear us' good Lord'"

That it may please thee to ble*ss and preserve' all Christian Rulers and Magistrates" giving them grace to execute justice' and to maintain truth"

We, &c.

That it may please thee' to illuminate all bishops' priests' and deacons' with true knowledge and understanding of thy word" and that both by their preaVhing' and li ving' they may set it forth" and shew it accordingly'"

We, fyc.

That it may please thee' to bless' and keep' all thy people'" We, tyc.

That it may please thee' to give to all nations' unity' peace' and concord'" We &c.

That it may please thee' to give us an heart to lo Ve' and fea r thee" and diligently to liVe after thy commandments'"

We, SfC.

That it may please thee' to give to all thy people increase of grace' to hear meekly thy word" and to receive it with pure affection" and to bring forth the fruits of the spirit'"

We, &c.

That it may please thee' to bring into the way of truth' all su ch' as have e rred' and are deceived"

We, be.

That it may please thee' to stren gthen' such as do stand" and to comfort' and helvp the weak-hearted" and to raise up' those who fall" and finally to beat down Satan under our feet'"

We, Sfc.

That it may please thee' to succour' help' and comfort' all who are in danger' necessity' and tribulation'"

We, &c.

That it may please thee' to preserve all who traVd' by land' or by water" all women in the perils of child-birth" all sivck persons' and young children" and to shew thy pity upon all prisoners and captives'"

We, &c.

That it may please thee' to defend' and provide for' the fatherless children' and widows" and all who are desolate' and oppressed'"

We, (See.

That it may please thee to have me rcy upon all men'" We, <Src.

That it may please thee' to forgive our enemies' persecutors' and slanderers' and to tu rn their hearts'"

We, &c.

That it may please thee' to giVe' and preserVe to our use' the kindly fruits of the earth so that in due time we may enjoy them'"

We, #c.

That it may please thee' to gi ve us true repentance" to forgive us all our si ns' negligences' and i gnorances" and to endue us with the grace of thy Holy Spirit' to ame nd our lives according to thy holy wo rd= We beseech thee to hear us' good Lord= =Son of God' we beseech thee to hear us'"

O La mb of God" who takest away the si ns of the world' Grant us thy peace'"

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