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The Lhittstemplaint.

€ HA P. US. I Urn Levitt in a general assembly iteimrethhityneng. 8 Their decree. l61he bcnjamites defirirfed. » f '""[""'Hen all the children of Israel went 4 our, add the congregation w«ga-| thered together, as one man, from Dan! even to Becr-lhcba, wirh the land os' Gilead, unro the Lo Rd in Mizpeh. j i And the chief of all the peoples even of all rhe tribes of Israel, presented; themselves in the assembly of the people] of God, sour hundred thousand footmen that drew sword.

.t/(Now the children of Benjamin heard that the children of Israel were *oae*»p to Mizpeh. ) 'Then said the children of Israel, Tell »i bow was-this wickedness r

4 And the Levite the husband of the woman that was flair), answered and said, I came inro Gibeah that beltnfeth to Benjamin, I&myconci»brne,tolodge.

5 And thorjienof Gibeah rose against me, and beset the house round about upon me by night, and thought to have stain me : and my concubine have they forced,- that slie is dead."

6 And I took, my concubine, and cut! her in pieces, and sent her throughout! all the country of the inheritance of 10-1 rael: forthev have committed lewdnelsj and lolly In Israel.

7 Behold, ye are all children of Israel, give here'yauv SKftiee arid counsel.

,8; f iAnd ail the people arose asftrf man, saying, We WfH«ot any tf in go tohirrem, nelthW'lrtll we ait> dfui <aro into his hobse. - :' '■ ''

9 But Dot*r*is jball he the thing which we will do to Gibeah, w'rtiUge tip by lot'againstfr i"

ip;And we Will take ten men of an hundred throughout all the ttlbes of Israel, and an hundred of a thousand, and a thousand out of ten thousand, to serch victual for the people, that they may do, when they come toGibeah of Benjamin, according to all the folly that they have wrought in Isra t. ■

M So all the men oslsrael wereg; thered against the city, knit together as one man- .

'li 1 And thetribes of Israel sent men through all the tribe of Benjamin, say ing, What wickedness ii this that is doneampne you?

13' No therefore deliver us rhe men, the children of Belial, which ore in Gibeah, that we may put them to death,' and f ut away evil ftom Israel, Bui rhe

••> t

Chai. xx. Vie jfnelitti vis nith Benjamin.

children of Benjamin would not hearken to rhe voice of their brethren the children oslsrael:

r4 But the children of Benjamin gathered themselves Together out of rrfe cities, unto Gibeah, to go out to battle against the children oslsrael. . v .

15 And the children of Benjamin were numbred at that time out of tke cities, twenty and six thousand men that drev» sword, beside the inhabitants of Gibeah, which were numbred seven hundred chosen men.

if'Among all this people there were seven hundred left-handed, every one could fling stones at an hairtreacith, and nor mils.

- 17 And the men oslsrael beside Benjamin, were numbred sour hundred! thousand men that drew sword ; all diese ieere men of war.

• 18 f And rhe children of Israel arose, ind went up to the house of God, and asked counsel of God, and said, Which of us shall goup first to the battle against the -children of Benjamin ? Ana the Lord said, Judah (balige up first.

- 1? And the children of Istaelroseup in the morning) and encamped against Gibeah.

■ ab And rhe men of Israel went out to battle against Benjamin, and the men of Israel pur themselves in aray to fight against them at Gibeah.

11 And rj;e children of Benjamin came forth our pf Gibeah, arid deftroyel down to megrounffof the Israelites that flayj twenty and: two thousand men.'

Ij And die people thrmen oslsrael encouraged rhemselyes, and set their battle again in aray in the place where they put themselves in a>ay rhe firstday,

13 (And the children of Israel went up and wept before the Lord until even, and asked counsel of rhe Lord, saying. Shall I go up acain to battle against the children of Benjamin my brother? And rhe Lord said, Go up againft him.)

24 And the children of Israel came near against the children of Benjamin the second day.

15 And Benjamin went forth against them out of Gibeah the second day. and destroyed down to the ground os the children oslsrael again, eghtcen thousand men; all these drew the sword.

i« f Then all the childrenof Israel, and all the people went up, and came unto the house os God, and wept, and s«t there be/oie the Lord, and fasted -that.

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that day until even, and" offerings, and peace-offerings before the Lord.

17 And the children of Israel enquired of the Lord, ( for the ark of the MP . covenant of God mu there in those days,

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smite and kill of the men of Israel about thirty persons; for they said, Surely they are smitten down before Jis", as in the first battle. 40 But when the flame began to arise

18 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar,; upout of the city, with a pillar of (moke, the son of Aaron, stood before it in' the Benptmkes looked behind them, ana thosedays) Caring, Shall I yet again go behold, the flame of the city ascended out to battle against thechildren of Ben- op to heaven.

, jamin my brother, or shall I cease? And the Lord laid, Go up ; for to morrow I will deliver them into thine hand.

19 And Israel sec Hers in wait round about Gibeab. }

30 Andtheclvrl'dVen of Israel went up i against the children of Benjamin on the ; third day, and put themselves in May a gainst Gibeahi as at other times

31 And the children of Benjamin went of them.

41 And when the men of Israel turned again, the men of Benjamin-were amazed : for they saw that evil was gone upon them. "t '» Jf'.' • TM

4! Therefore they turned thtirbvb before the men of Israel, unto the way, of the wilderness, but the battle *b»er». took them; and them which came on of the cities, they destroyed in the midst

out against the people, and were drawn away from the city, and they began to 'smite of the people, and kill as at other 'times, in the highways, of which one goeth up to the house of God; and the other to Gibeah in the field, about thirty men of Israel.

31 And the children os Benjamin said, They are, smitten down before us as at ;the first. But thechildren of Israel said, Let us flee," and draw them from , the city unto the highways. ,;

I 33 And all the men of Israel rose up out of their place, and put themselves in array at Baal-tamar: and the liersin wait of Israel came forth out of their places, even out of, the meadows of Gibeah. ;, { 34 AndtherecameagainstGibeahcen thousand {.hosen men out ofall lsiaef, land the battle was sore •- but they knew not that evil itat near them.

35 And the Lord smote Benjamin before Israel: and the children of Israel [destroyed of the Bcnjamites that day, twenty and five thousand and an hundred men V all these drew the sword. ! 36 So the children of Benjamin law jthac they were smitten: for the men of Israel gave place to the Benjamites, because they trusted unto the liers in wait which they had set beside Gibeah.

37 And the Hers in wait hasted, and rushed upon Gibeah,and the fieri in wait Idrew thtmfrlvu along, and smote all the city with the edge os the sword.

38 Now there was an appointed sign between the men of Israel and the liers h, wait, that they should make a great game with smoke to rise up out of the kity.

1 39 And when the men of Israel rcti

4; Thus they inclosed the Benjamitesround about, and chased them, and trode them down with ease over against Gibeah toward the sunrising.

44 And there fell of. Benjamin eighteen thousand men 5 all these wow men of valours t; .„«,.

45 And they turned and fled toward the wilderness unto the rock of Rimmon :and they gleaned of them in the high-ways, five thousand men. and pursued hard after them unto Gidom, and slew two thousand men of them,

46 So that all, which fell that day of) Benjamin, were twenty and five thousand men that drew the sword ; all these ,wr» mjep of clout. "f v :"s.l .1 l

'*7 But six hundred men turned and fled to the wildernesspnw the rock Rimmon, and abode in the. roek Rimmoo four months, ;. s, ; .« •

48 And the men of Israel turned again upon the children of Benjamin, and smote them with the edge of the sword, as well the men ofevery city, as the beast, and all that came to hand: also they set on fire, all the cities that they came to.

CHAP. xxr.

I The people ttwtilint the deselatitn .ofBtnjzmin, 16 advise 1 hem te Jim. prixe the virgins that danced at


Now the men of Israel had sworn in Miapeh, saying, There (hall not any of us give his daughter unto Benjamin to wife.

2 And the people came to the house of God, and abode there till even before God, and lift up their voices, and wept

3 And said, Olord God of Israel, why is this come to pat in Israel, that there should be to day one tribe lacking in Israel >

4 And it came to pass on the morrow, that the people role early, and built there an alrar,and offered barnt-offerings, and peace-offerings.

5 And the children of Israel said, Who is there among all the tribes of 1 srael, that came not up with the congre

Jabesti-gilead: and yet so they sufficed them not.

15 And the people repented die for Benjamin, because that the Lon had made a breach in the tribes of I racl.

\6 % Then the elders of me congregation said, How (hall we do for wives for them that remain, seeing the women are destroyed out of Benjamin t >

17 And they said, Tvere must i« an in

flation unto the Losd ? for they had heritance for them- that be escaped of

made a great oath concerning him that came not up to the Lord to Mizpeh, saying, He thall surely be put to death.

6 Andthechildrenoslsraelrepcnted them for Benjamin their brother, and said, There is one tribe cut off from Israel this day

Benjamin, that a tribe be not destroyed out of Israel.

18 Howbeit we may not give them* wives of our daughters: for the children of Israelhave sworn, saying, Cursed W he that giveth a wife to Benjamin.

19 Then they said, Behold, there it a feast of the Lo*D in Shiloh yearly in a

7 How shall we dofor wives for them place which » on the north-side of Beth- that remain, seeing we have sworn by el, on the east-side of the highway that the Losd that we will not give them of goeth up from Beth-el to Sbechem, and our daughters to wives? on the south of Lebonah.

8 *f And they said, What one inhere! 10 Therefore they commanded the of the tribes of Israel that came not up j children of Benjamin, saying, Go and

lie in wait in the vineyards

to Mizpeh to the Lord ) and behold, there came none to the camp from ]abah- gilead to the assembly.

9 For the people were numbered, and behold, there were none of the inhabitants of jabesli-gilead there.

10 And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and comn smite the with the

women and the children

11 And this it the thing that ye (hall do, Ye (shall utterly destroy every male, and every woman that hath lien by man.

11 And see, and behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in dances, then come ye out of roe vineyards, and catch you every man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin.

11 And it (shall be, when their fathers or theirbrethren come unto us to complain, that we will Ar unto them, Be favourable unto them for our fakes: because we reserved not to each man his wife in the war: for ye did not give unto them at this time, that you should be guilty. 13 And the children of Benjamin did

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unto the camp to Shiloh, which if in the land of Canaan.

1 j And the whole congregation sent feme to speak to the children of Benjamin that were in the rock Rimmon, and to call peaceably unto them.

14 And Benjamin came again at that time ;and they gave them wives which they had laved alive of the women of

repaired the cities, and dwelt in theme

14 And the children of Israel departed thenceat that time, every man to his tribe, and to his family, and they wene out from thence every man to his inheritance.

15 In those days there w no king in Israel: every man did that which wu ri£br in bis own eyes.

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CHAP. I. f

I Elimelech driven famine into M«ab, dieth there, 6 Naomi returning home, 14 R'uh accompanieth her,

NO Wit came to pass, In the days when'the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land

15 Would ye tarry for them till they were grown? would ye stay for them from having husbands? nay, my daughters : for it grieved me much for your fakes, that the hand of the Lord is gone out against me. ■

4, And they lift up their voice, and

'. __ \ — * i L - rr I I

and a certain man of Beth- |wer7t again : and Orpah kissed her mother in law, but Ruth clave unto her.

I 5 And they said, Behold, thy sister in law is gone back unto her people, and! unto her gods : return thou after rbyi sister in law.

16 And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee : for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou Iodgeft, I will lodge: thy people JkaU be my people, and thy God my God:

17 Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried : the Losd do sol tome, and more also, {sought but death' part thee and me.

l i When she saw that she was fled. faftly minded to go with her, then she left speaking unto her.

19 q So they two went until they came to Beth-lehcm. And it came to

lehcm-judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, be and bis wife, and his two sons.

i And the name of the man was Ellmelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons MahIcn and Chilion, Ephrathitcs of Bethlehem-judah: and they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.

3 And Elimelech Naomi's husband died, and she waslest, and her two sons.

4 And they took them wives of the women of Moab: the name of the one *.w Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth : and they dwelled (hereabout ten years.'

5' And Mahlon and Chilion died also both of them; and the woman was left of hertwo sons, and her husband.

< q Then she arose with herdaugh

ters in law, that she might return from i pa's when they were come to Berh-lcthe country of Moab i for she had heard them; matall thedty wa« moved about In the country of Mcab, how that the them, and they laid, b this Naomi T Lord bad visited his people in giving 20 And she said unto them, Call me them bread. not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Al

7 Wherefore she went forth out of the I mighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.

place where she was: and her two daughters in law with her, and they went on the way to return to the land of Judah. 8 And Naomi said unto her two

11 I went out full, and the LoRD hath brought me home again empty :l why then call ye me Naomi, seeing the Lord hath testified against me, and the

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daughters in law, Go, return each to j Almighty hath afflicted me? fPr.,motPfrs bouse: toRD « So Naomi returned, and Ruth the

the dead," and with me. deaIt wi* 'M2»Htessher daughter inlaw with her,

9 The Lord grant you that you may find rest, each of you in the house of her husband. Then she kissed them: and they lift up their voice, and wept.

10 And they raid unto her, Surely we will return with thee unto thy people.

11 And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters: why will ye go with me? are there yet any mo sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands?

It Turn again, my daughters, go your •nay, for I am too old to have an hufband: if I should say,! have hope, if I should have a husband also to night, and should also bear sons;

Moab: and they came to
the beginning of barley-harvest.

I Ruth gleaneth in the fields of Beat
4 He taking knevledgt of her, Sfitw
eth her favour,

And Naomi had a kinsman of her husband's mighty man of wealth, of the family of Elimelech j and his name teas Boa2.

1 And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, Let me now go to the field, and glean ears of corn after him, in whose sight I shall find grace. And she said unto her, Go, my daughter. L

3 And she went, and came, and gleaned in the field aster the reapers : and her hap was to light on a part of the field Manning unto Boaz, who vat of the kindred of Elknelcch.

4 *f And behold, Boaz came from Beeh-lehem, and said unto the reapers, The Lord be with you: and they answered him > The Lord bless thee.

5 Then (aid. Boae unco his servant chat was set over die reapers, Whose damsel it this }

6 And die servant rhat was set over the reapers, answered and said, It it the Moabitish damsel that came back with Naomi out of the country of Meab:

7 And she said, I pray you, let me glean, and gather aster the reapers amongst the (heaves: so stiecame,and hath continued even from the morning until now, char (he tarried a littlein thehousc.

8 Then said Boaz unto Ruth, Hrareft thou not, my daughter ) Go not to glean in another field, neither go from hence; but abide here fast by my maidens.

9 Let thine eyes be on the field ihat they do reap, and go chou after them: have I not charged the young men, diatj cbeyshall not touch thee ? and .w-hen| thou an arhirft, go unto the vessels, and drink of that which the young men have! drawn.

10 Then (lie fell on her face, and bowed her self to the ground, and said unco him, Why have 1 sound grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldft take knowledge of me, seeing I am a stranger?

11 And Boaz answered and said unto her, It hath fully been shewed me, all chat thou had done unto thy mother in law since rbe death of thine husband: and km thou hast lest thy father and thy mother, and the land or thy nativity, and art come unto a people which thou knewestnot heretofore.

n The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lo Kd God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.

13 Then (he said, Let me find savour in thy sight, my lord, for that thou hast comforted me, and for that thou hast spoken friendly unto thine handmaid, though 1 be not like unto one of thine handmaidens.

14 And Boaz said unto her, At mealtime, come thou hither, and eat of che bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar. And (he sat beside thereapers: and he reached her parched corn, and she did , cat, and was sufficed, andlefc

i .. 11

15 And when she was risen up to glean, Boaz commanded his young men>! saying, Let her glean even among the (heaves, and reproach her not.

ir> And let fall also some of the hand" fills of purpose for her, and leave them that she may glean them, and rebuke her, not.

17 So she gleaned in the field until even.and beat out that (he had gleaned J and it was about an ephah of barley.

18 ^ And (he took it up, and went into the city: and her motner in law saw what she had gleaned: and (he brought forth, and gave to her that (lie bad reserved, astershe was sufficed.

19 Andher mother in law said unto her, Where hast diou gleaned to day f and where wroughtest thou) blessed be he that did take knowledge of thee. And she shewed her mother in law with' whom flic had wrought, and said, The mans *ame with whom I wrought to day, it Boaz.

10 AndNaomisaiduntoherdaughter in Jaw, Blessed be he of the Lord, who hath not left oft'his kindness to the living and to the dead. And Naomi said unto her, The man ii near of kin unto us, one of our next kinsmen.

< 21 And Ruth the Moab'.tcss said, He said unto me also, Thou shalt keep fast by my young men, until they have ended all my harvest.

11 And Naomi said unto Ruth her daughrer In law, U it good, my daughter, that thou go out with his maidens, that they meet thee not in any other field.

13 So (he kept fast by the maiden* of Boat to glean, unto the end rf barley-harvest, and of wheat-harvest j and dwelt with her mother in law.

CHAP. III. 1 By Naomst injlvt3i"t> J Rath Heth at Boix. hit feet. 8 Beat, acknowledge:/) the right os a kinsman. Hen Naomi her mother in law said unto her, My daughter, shall I not test for thee, that it may be well with thee f

i And now it not Boaz of our kindred, widi whose maidens thou wast? Behold he winnoweth barley to night in the threshing-floor.

3 Wash thy self therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee clown to the floor: but make not thy (els known unto the man, until he shall have done eating and drinking. ■ * And it stall be when be 1*

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