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For the authorizing of the Book of Common Prayer to be used throughout the Realm of Scotland.

CHARLES, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, To our Lovits Messengers, our Sheriffs in that part, conjunctly and severally, specially constitute, greeting. Forasmuch as We, ever since our entry to the imperial Crown of this our ancient kingdom of Scotland, especially since our late being here in the same, have divers times recommended to the Archbishops and Bishops here the publishing of a Public Form of Service, in the Worship of GOD, which we would have uniformly observed therein: And the same being now condescended upon, although We doubt not but all our subjects, both Clergy and others, will receive the said Public Form of Service with such reverence as appertaineth: Yet, thinking it necessary to make our pleasure known, touching the authorizing of the Book thereof,—

OUR WILL IS, and We charge you straitly, and command, that incontinent these our Letters seen, you pass, and in our

Name and Authority command and charge all our subjects, both ecclesiastical and civil, by open Proclamation at the Market Crosses of the Head Boroughs of this our Kingdom, and other places needful, to conform themselves to the said Public Form of Worship, which is the only Form which We (having taken the counsel of our Clergy) think fit to be used in GoD's Public Worship in this our Kingdom: Commanding also all Archbishops, and Bishops, and other Presbyters and Churchmen, to take a special care that the same be duly obeyed and observed, and the contraveners condignly censured and punished; and to have special care that every Parish, betwixt and Pasch* next, procure unto themselves two at least of the said Books of Common Prayer, for the use of the Parish. The which to do, we commit to you conjunctly and severally our full power by these our Letters, delivering the same by you duly executed and indorsed again to the bearer.

Given under our Signet, at Edinburgh, the Twentieth day of December, and of our Reign the Twelfth Year, 1636.

Per actum Secreti Consilii.

So in the original: there seems to be a word omitted; but the sense,

no doubt, is, "between this and Easter next."-P. H.

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