Code for Classifiers: Principles Governing the Consistent Placing of Books in a System of Classification

American library association, 1928 - 128 páginas

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Página 94 - THE GREAT DAYS OF VERSAILLES. Studies from Court Life in the Later Years of Louis XIV. By GF BRADBY, Author of " The Marquis's Eye," " Dick : a Story without a Plot,
Página 115 - The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. By J. Henry Lea and JR Hutchinson. (Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1909, pp.
Página 110 - Pp. viii -f- 209. LAW AND ITS ADMINISTRATION. By HARLAN F. STONE, LL.D., Dean of the School of Law, Columbia University. Pp. vii -|- 232.
Página 2 - Salter Emma Gurney. Nature in Italian Art. A Study of Landscape Backgrounds from Giotto to Tintoretto.
Página 18 - A Dictionary of English and Folk-Names of British Birds. By H. Kirke Swann.
Página 21 - A List of English Tales and Prose Romances Printed Before 1740.
Página 47 - In other words, the history of an institution and the powers conferred upon it belong together. Eg The Supreme Court and the Constitution. By Charles A. Beard (New York, 1912).
Página 83 - Essay which aims at testing the tradition of the Trojan War by comparing the text of Homer with the natural conditions described ... in the Iliad.

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