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division in which it is located (United States or state): Class under the smaller division. E.g. Historical encyclopedia of Illinois . . . and history of Evanston (Chicago, 1906. 2 v.). The history of Illinois is duplicated with each city and county of the state. Class under Evanston.

This rule will not apply, however, to school books "especially adapted" to a certain state, in which the matter of the book is primarily general, as in a general geography.

The Code for Classifiers has been indorsed by the Committee on Cataloging and Classification of the American Library Ass'n.


The figures refer to sections, e.g. 270; the letters to paragraphs within

sections, e.g. 156b.

Actors, biography 270

Addresses (festival, holiday, in-
augural) 21-22

Administration 90, 120-122

Aeronautics, military 170
Agricultural serials 171
Animal psychology 157
Animals in art 178

in folk-lore and religions 86
in literature 209

organs of 156b
single species 156a
Annexations 97
Antiquities 257

Application of scientific theory to
the arts 159
Applied science 158-176

Applied theories of science 159
Appreciation of an author 231
Archeology vs. literature 223
Architectural styles 181
Argumentative facts 7
Army history 125

Art 177-186

definition and scope 177
processes 185

Artificial languages, translations

into 200b

Artillery 168

Artists, biography 260

individual, plates exhibiting

work 180d

Aspects of a subject 8

Authors as subjects in literature

individual 226-235

individual, arrangement of
works, belles-lettres 226
individual, bibliography 47b
individual, illustrations from
works 180b

individual, in belles-lettres 202
individual, influence of one upon
another 224b


Authors continued

influence upon a literature 224a
Author's intent 2

Authors, letters 267f

life with works 265c-265d
literary associations with places

nationality vs. language 204
Autobiography 261

Autographs, facsimiles 58e

Bacteriology, medical 160
Battlefield commissions 128
Battles 127

Bible, arrangement by date 40b
sermons texts on 74c
translations 197f

Bibles, incunabula 62
Biblical geography 251

manuscripts, facsimiles 58d
Bibliographies vs. catalogs 45
Bibliography 44-56

definition and scope 44
local 48

local vs. local printing 50a

of individuals 47

subject 51

vs. printing 50
Bindings 63

Bio-bibliography 262

Biographical series 25c
Biography 258-287

collective 266

definition and scope 258
individual 259, 269-279
literary 279

military local 131

of two persons together 274
polemical 284
vs. country 263
vs. event 264
vs. subject 265
Blind, books for 33

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Date, arrangement by 40
Debaters' books 35

Dedication of buildings 183
Denominational periodicals 81
Description 250-256

Designers, books for, in special
fields 36

Dialects, specimens 197e
Dialogs 18

Diaries 268
Dictionaries 30

of individual authors 228
of two languages 199

Diplomatic history of the papacy

history of wars 100
relations 96-100

Diplomats, personal VS. official
writings 99

Directions, general 7-16

Diseases affecting special organs

Dissertations 19

Doctrinal theology 72-74

[blocks in formation]

Elections vs. legislative bodies 104c
Emigration 95

Engineer corps 133
Engineering, chemical 174

military and naval 168-170

England vs. Great Britain 43
English translations of foreign
fiction 197b
Engravings, portrait 186d
Essays 220

Ethnology, local vs. systematic 154
Evolutionary treatment of topics

Expeditions, scientific 148
Exploration 252

Facsimiles 20, 58
of manuscripts 58
Factors in relation 15
Family history 289-292

history vs. peerage 291

history vs religious bodies 292

history vs. town history 290
Festival addresses 21
Festschriften 17

Fiction in translation 29b

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Immigration 95

Inaugural addresses 22

Incunabula 61-62

arrangement by date 40a
Bibles 62

facsimiles 20b, 61b
Indexes 31

Individual artists, authors, books,

etc. See Artists, individual, etc.
Individuals, bibliography 47
Influence of a person on events 276
of a writer on a literature 233a
of one country upon another 102
of one factor upon another 15
of one literature upon another

of one person on another 277
of one writer upon another

of writers upon a literature 224a
Institutions 90, 136
Instrumental music 190
Intent of the author 2
International congresses 112
relations 96-103
Intervention, foreign 101
Interviews 278
Invasions 130

Journals 268

Kingdoms founded during the cru-
sades 297

Kings, biography 273a
letters 267e

Knowledge of a special subject
shown by an author 229
Land owners, lists 108
Landholders 295

[blocks in formation]

families 293

history, essays 220c

history, local 222a
history of a topic 46

illustration of an author 232
influence 224. 233

influence of individual writers

material, special forms or types
shrines 257b
sources 234

topography 222

Literature 201-235

definition and scope 201

influence of one upon another

vs. archeology 223

Liturgical books, arrangement by
date 40c

Liturgies in Oriental languages

Local divisions vs. time divisions

participation in war 126e
treatment of topics 41-43

See also Bibliography, local;
Churches, local; Cyclopedias,
local; Literary history, local;
Taxation, local

Machine tools 167
Manufactures 176

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