Chess Player's Chronicle, Volumen 8

R. Hastings, 1847

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Página 84 - Every Pawn which has reached the eighth or last square of the chess-board, must be immediately exchanged for a Queen or any other Piece the player may think fit, even though all the Pieces remain on the board. It follows, therefore, that he may have two or more Queens, three or . more Rooks, Bishops, or Knights.
Página 275 - K's 4th. 2. K. Kt. to B's 3rd. 3. B. to Q. B's 4th. 4. K. Kt. to his 5th. 5. P. takes P. 6. Kt. takes KBP 7. Q. to K. B's 3rd (ch.) 8.
Página 160 - ... Our readers will recollect that at the last meeting of Yorkshire players, the Rev. Richard Garvey introduced the following sentiment into his speech : — ' Would that our heart-felt aspirations for a continuance of the entente cordiale could penetrate the halls of...
Página 176 - The toast was drunk with three times three and one cheer more. Mr. EVAN DAVIES said, on behalf of the Committee of the Wenlock Farmers...
Página 352 - In reference to this interesting Series of Games, it is proper to state that the collection was made by a friend of Mr. Slous, and comprises only those games won by him or drawn, the result must not therefore be taken as evidence of his relative strength with his opponents of that day.
Página 410 - Slack. (VDL) 1. KP 2. KP 2 2. K. Kt. to B. 3d Q. Kt. to B. 3d 3.
Página 161 - ... to the want of a first-class missionary publication. He had now under his training fifteen missionary candidates, and the number was The same, steadily increasing ; and he felt very greatly the want of some assistance, such as a first-class periodical of this kind would afford. He cordially agreed with the observations which had fallen from the Chairman as to the defects of our human systems Our human of theology. The attention both of Christians at home and missionaries abroad had not been sufficiently...
Página 194 - Kt. takes B. 19. RP takes Q. 20. B. to Q. 6th 21. B. takes QBP 22, B. takes P.
Página 171 - Q's side. 13. Q. to K's 4th. 14. KR to K's sq. 15. P. to K. Kt's 4th. 16. K. to Kt's sq. 17. Q. to K. R's 7th. 18. P. takes P. 19. B. takes Kt. (ch.) 20. Kt. takes P. 1. P. to K's 4th. 2. Q. Kt. to B's 3d. 3. K. Kt. to B's 3d. 4. P. to Q's 4th. 5. K. Kt. takes P.

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