The Mercantile Teacher's Assistant: Or a Guide to Practical Book-keeping ...: With an Appendix; on Merchants Accounts, Bills of Exchange, and Mercantile Letters ...

W. Joy, 1829 - 254 páginas

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Página 244 - A Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin and Scripture Proper Names ; in which the words are Accented and Divided into Syllables exactly as they ought to be pronounced, according to Rules drawn from Analogy and the best usage.
Página 250 - ... all that is truly useful in the Dictionaries of Johnson, Sheridan, and Walker: the orthography and explanatory matter selected from Dr. Johnson, the pronunciation adjusted according to Mr. Walker, with the addition of Mr. Sheridan's pronunciation of those words, wherein these two eminent orthoe'pists differ. The whole designed to present to the reader, at one view, the Orthography, Explanation, Pronunciation, and Accentuation of all the purest and most approved terms in the English Language,...
Página 246 - General Table of the French Verbs, Regular and Irregular ; by which the Formation of any Tense or Person required may be immediately found. On a large sheet, 3s. coloured. Lewis' Church Catechism Explained, By Way of Question and Answer, and confirmed by Scripture Proofs.
Página 251 - Volume of a Course of Mathematics. Composed for the use of the Royal Military Academy, by order of his Lordship the Master General of the Ordnance. By Charles Button, LL. DFRS late Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy.
Página 241 - Edwards' Latin Delectus ; Or, First Lessons in Construing ; adapted throughout to the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Latin Grammar, Rule by Rule ; with a Directrix, a Clavis Verborum, and Clavis of Proper Names. 8th Edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth lett'd. All the accents and quantities are marked, precisely as in Edwards
Página 244 - Text : with a literal Translation into English Prose, and an Index Verborum to the Medea. In the same page with the translation are given the Original Greek, the Metres or Scanning, the Order, English Accentuation, and a variety of useful Notes. By TWC Edwards, MA 8vo.
Página 248 - PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR. GOLDSMITH'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of George II., with a continuation to the year...
Página 245 - Child four or five years old, and of ever so slow an apprehension, although perfectly unacquainted with his Letters, will in a few months be enabled to read French fluently, and pronounce it as if he were a Parisian born. To which are added...
Página 248 - Drawing, in Three Plates of Drawing, Shadowing, and Tinting a complete Landscape, in all its Progressive Stages ; and directions for compounding and using Colours, Sepia, Indian Ink, Bister, &c.
Página 249 - Syllable distinctly shown, but, where Words are subject to different Pronunciations, the Authorities of our best Pronouncing Dictionaries are fully exhibited, the reasons for each are at large displayed, and the preferable Pronunciation is pointed out. To which are prefixed. Principles of English Pronunciation...

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