Extended Statehood in the Caribbean: Paradoxes of Quasi Colonialism, Local Autonomy, and Extended Statehood in the USA, French, Dutch, and British Caribbean

Rozenberg Publishers, 2005 - 206 páginas
In this book, the islands' connections with American and European metropolitan centers are considered lifelines, which must be strengthened. The constitutional arrangement is defined as extended statehood, a form of government that is meant to supplement the island government. Circumstances have changed and require a format of analysis that goes beyond the old landscape of 'colonies' and 'independent states.' The objective of this book is to promote a new look at extended statehood in the Caribbean while raising a number of questions relating to the operation of the different extended statehood systems across the region.

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Extended Statehood in the Caribbean Definition and Focus
Fifty Years of Commonwealth The Contradictions of Free Associated Statehood in Puerto Rico
The French Departements doutre mer Guadeloupe and Martinique
The Kingdom of the Netherlands A Not So Perfect Union with the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
The UK Caribbean Overseas Territories Extended Statehood and the Process of Policy Convergence
Introducing an AntiNational Pragmatist on Saint Martin Sint Maarten
Comparing Notes on Extended Statehood in the Caribbean
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Kruijt is Professor of Development Studies at Utrecht University.

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