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“ And woman, more than man, when death or wo
“ Or even Disgrace would lay her lover low,
“Sunk in the lap of Luxury will shame-
“ Away suspicion !_not Zuleika's name!

925 “ But life is hazard at the best; and here “No more remains to win, and much to fear : “Yes, fear !-the doubt, the dread of losing thee, “By Osman's power, and Giaffir's stern decree. " That dread shall vanish with the favouring gale, 930 " Which Love to-night hath promised to my sail : “ No danger daunts the pair his smile hath blest, “Their steps still roving, but their hearts at rest. “ With thee all toils are sweet, each clime hath charms: “Earth-sea alike-our world within our arms! 935 “Ay_let the loud winds whistle o'er the deck, “So that those arms cling closer round my neck: "The deepest murmur of this lip shall be “ No sigh for safety, but a prayer for thee! “The war of elements no fears impart

940 "To Love, whose deadliest bane is human Art: There lie the only rocks our course can check; Here moments menace—there are years of wreck! “But hence ye thoughts that rise in Horror's shape! “This hour bestows, or ever bars escape. 945 " Few words remain of mine my tale to close ; “Of thine but one to waft us from our foes; 6 Yea-foes-to me will Giaffir's hate decline ? “ And is not Osman, who would part us, thine ?





XXI. “ His head and faith from doubt and death

“ Return'd in time my guard to save;

“Few heard, none told, that o'er the wave " From isle to isle I roved the while; “ And since, though parted from my band “ Too seldom now I leave the land, “ No deed they've done, nor deed shall do, “ Ere I have heard and doom'd it too : “ I form the plan, decree the spoil, “ Tis fit I oftener share the toil. “But now too long I've held thine ear; “Time presses, floats my bark, and here “We leave behind but hate and fear. “To-morrow Osman with his train “ Arrives—to-night must break thy chain : “And would'st thou save that haughty Bey,

“Perchance, his life who gave thee thine, “ With me this hour away-away!

“But yet, though thou art plighted mine, “Would'st thou recal thy willing vow, “Appall’d by truths imparted now “ Here rest I-not to see thee wed: “ But be that peril on my head !"




Zuleika, mute and motionless,
Stood like that statue of distress,


When, her last hope for ever gone,

975 The mother harden'd into stone; All in the maid that eye could see Was but a younger Niobé. But ere her lip, or even her eye, Essay'd to speak, or look reply,

980 Beneath the garden's wicket porch Far flash'd on high a blazing torch! Another-and another-and another “Oh! fly-no more—yet now my more than bro Far, wide, through every thicket spread,

985 The fearful lights are gleaming red; Nor these alone--for each right hand Is ready with a sheathless brand. They part, pursue, return, and wheel With searching flambeau, shining steel ; 990 And last of all, his sabre waving, Stern Giaffir in his fury raving: And now almost they touch the cave--Oh! must that grot be Selim's grave ?

XXIII. Dauntless he stood ---"'Tis come---soon past--- 995 “ One kiss, Zuleika---'tis


last: “But yet my band not far from shore “ May hear this signal, see the flash; * Yet now too few---the attempt were rash:

“ No matter---yet one effort more.” 1000 Forth to the cavern mouth he stept;

pistol's echo rang on high.

Zuleika started not, nor wept,

Despair benumb'd her breast and eye !--“They hear me not, or if they ply

1005 “Their oars, 'tis but to see me die; “That sound hath drawn my foes more nigh. * Then forth my father's scimitar, “ Thou ne'er hast seen less equal war! “ Farewell, Zuleika !-Sweet! retire: 1010

“Yet stay within-here linger safe,

“At thee his rage will only chafe. “ Stir not-lest even to thee perchance. “Some erring blade or ball should glance. "Fear'st thou for him ?-may I expire 1015 “ If in this strife I seek thy sire! “No-though by him that poison pour'd; “No—though again he call me coward ! “But tamely shall I meet their steel? “No-as each crest save his may feel !” 1020

One bound he made, and gain’d the sand:

Already at his feet hath sunk
The foremost of the prying band;

A gasping head, a quivering trunk: Another falls—but round him close

1025 A swarming circle of his foes; From right to left his path he cleft,

And almost met the meeting wave: His boat appears—not five oars' length His comrades strain with desperate strength 1090 Oh! are they yet in time to save?

His feet the foremost breakers lave;
His band are plunging in the bay,
Their sabres glitter through the spray;
Wet-wild-unwearied to the strand
They struggle-now they touch the land!
They come- —'tis but to add to slaughter-
His heart's best blood is on the water!


Escaped from shot, unharm'd by steel,
Or scarcely grazed its force to feel,

Had Selim won, betray'd, beset,
To where the strand and billows met:
There as his last step left the land,
And the last death-blow dealt his hand
Ah! wherefore did he turn to look

1045 For her his eye but sought in vain ? That pause, that fatal gaze he took,

Hath doom'd his death, or fix'd his chain.
Sad proof, in peril and in pain,
How late will Lover's hope remain !

1050 His back was to the dashing spray; Behind, but close, his comrades lay, When, at the instant, hiss'd the ball “So may the foes of Giaffir fall !" Whose voice is heard ? whose carbine rang? 1055 Whose bullet through the night-air sang,

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