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“ All this, Zuleika, harshly sounds;

785 “ But harsher still my tale must be: “ Howe'er my tongue thy softness wounds,

“ Yet I must prove all truth to thee.

“ I saw thee start this garb to see, « Yet is it one I oft have worn,

790 “ And long must wear: this Galiongee, “ To whom thy plighted vow is sworn,

“ Is leader of those pirate hordes,

“ Whose laws and lives are on their swords ; “ To hear whose desolating tale

795 « Would make thy waning cheek more pale: “ Those arms thou see'st my band have brought, “ The hands that wield are not remote; “ This cup too for the rugged knaves

“ Is fill'd-once quaff’d, they ne'er repine: 800 "Our Prophet might forgive the slaves;

They're only infidels in wine.


XVIII. “ What could I be? Proscribed at home, " And taunted to a wish to roam; “And listless left-for Giaffir's fear “ Denied the courser and the spear-

Though oft-Oh, Mahomet! how oft!" In full Divan the despot scoff?d,



“ As if my weak unwilling hand
« Refused the bridle or the brand :

810 “ He ever went to war alone, “ And pent me here untried-unknown; - To Haroun's care with women left, “ By hope unblest, of fame bereft. “ While thou—whose softness long endear'd, 815 “ Though it unmann'd me, still had cheer'd6. To Brusa's walls for safety sent, “ Awaited'st there the field's event. “Haroun, who saw my spirit pining “ Beneath inaction's sluggish yoke,

820 “ His captive, though with dread resigning,

My thraldom for a season broke, “ On promise to return before “ The day when Giaffir's charge was o'er. “ 'Tis vain-my tongue can not impart 825 “ My almost drunkenness of heart, 6 When first this liberated eye “ Survey'd Earth, Ocean, Sun and Sky, “ As if my spirit pierced them through, 66 And all their inmost wonders knew!

830 “ One word alone can paint to thee “ That more than feeling-I was Free! “ E'en for thy presence ceased to pine; “ The World-nay-Heaven itself was mine!



shallop of a trusty Moor

d me from this idle shore;


“I long'd to see the isles that gem
“Old Ocean's purple diadem;
“ I sought by turns, and saw them all ;(94)

“But when and where I join'd the crew, “With whom I'm pledged to rise or fall,

“When all that we design to do “Is done, 'twill then be time more meet “To tell thee, when the tale's complete.



XX. “'Tis true, they are a lawless brood, “But rough in form, nor mild in mood; “And every creed, and every race, “With them hath found—may find a place: “But open speech, and ready hand, “ Obedience to their chief's command; "A soul for every enterprise, “That never sees with terror's eyes; “Friendship for each, and faith to all, “ And vengeance vow'd for those who fall, “ Have made them fitting instruments "For more than ev'n my own intents. * And some and I have studied all

“ Distinguish'd from the vulgar rank, “But chiefly to my council call

“The wisdom of the eautious Frank “ And some to higher thoughts aspire, • The last of Lambro's (35) patriots there

“ Anticipated freedom share ; " And oft around the cavern fire



“On visionary schemes debate,

865 “To snatch the Rayahs (36) from their fate. “So let them ease their hearts with prate “Of equal rights, which man ne'er knew;

“I have a love for freedom too. " Ay! let me like the ocean-Patriarch (37) roam, 870 “ Or only know on land the Tartar's home! (38) “ My tent on shore, my galley on the sea, 6. Are more than cities and Serais to me: “ Borne by my steed, or wafted by my sail, “ Across the desert, or before the gale,

875 “ Bound where thou wilt, my barb! or glide, my prow! “But be the star that guides the wanderer, Thou ! Thou, my Zuleika, share and bless my bark; “ The Dove of peace and promise to mine ark! “Or, since that hope denied in worlds of strife, 880

Be thou the rainbow to the storms of life! “The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, " And tints to-morrow with prophetic ray! 66 Blest—as the Muezzin's strain from Mecca's wall “To pilgrims pure and prostrate at his call; 885 “Soft-as the melody of youthful days, “That steals the trembling tear of speechless praise ; "Dear-as his native song to Exile's ears, “ Shall sound each tone thy long-loved voice endears. “For thee in those bright isles is built a bower 890 “ Blooming as Aden (39) in its earliest hour. “ A thousand swords, with Selim's heart and hand, “Wait-wave--defend—destroy-at thy command !


“Girt by my band, Zuleika at my side, “ The spoil of nations shall bedeck my

bride. 895 “The Haram's languid years of listless ease “Are well resign'd for cares—for joys like these : “ Not blind to fate, I see, where'er I rove, “Unnumber'd perils—but one only love! "Yet well


toils shall that fond breast repay, “Though fortune frown, or falser friends betray. “How dear the dream in darkest hours of ill, “Should all be changed, to find thee faithful still ! “Be but thy soul, like Selim's, firmly shown; “To thee be Selim's tender as thine own; 905 “To soothe each sorrow, share in each delight, “Blend every thought, do all—but disunite! “Once free, 'tis mine our horde again to guide ; “Friends to each other, foes to aught beside: “Yet there we follow but the bent assign'd 910 “By fatal Nature to man's warring kind; “Mark! where his carnage and his conquests cease! “He makes a solitude, and calls it-peace! “I like the rest must use my skill or strength, “But ask no land beyond my sabre's length: 915 “ Power

sways but by division-her resource “The blest alternative of fraud or force! “Ours be the last; in time deceit may come “When cities cage us in a social home: “ There ev’n thy soul might err-how oft the heart 920 "Corruption shakes which peril could not part!

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