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“ Thou led'st me here perchance to kill ;

“ If thou hast cause for vengeance, see ! My breast is offer’d-take thy fill! " Far better with the dead to be " Than live thus nothing now to thee: Perhaps far worse, for now I know " Why Giaffir always seem'd thy foe; 66 And I, alas! am Giaffir's child, “For whom thou wert contemn'd, reviled. 66 If not thy sister--would'st thou save “My life, Oh! bịd me be thy slave!"





“My slave, Zuleika!-nay, I'm thine:

“ But, gentle love, this transport calm,

Thy lot shall yet be link'd with mine; “ I swear it by our Prophet's shrine,

“ And be that thought thy sorrow's balm. “ So may the Koran (29) verse display'd

Upon its steel direct my blade, “ In danger's hour to guard us both, " As I preserve that awful oath! " The name in which thy heart hath prided

“ Must change; but, my Zuleika, know, " That tie is widen'd, not divided,

Although thy Sire's my deadliest foe. 6 My father was to Giaffir all

66 That Selim late was deem'd to thee; 6 That brother wrought a brother's fall,

red, at least, my infancy;



" And lulld me with a vain deceit
“ That yet a like return may meet.
“ He rear'd me, not with tender help,

685 “ But like the nephew of a Cain ; (30) “ He watch'd me like a lion's whelp,

“ That gnaws and yet may break his chain. “ My father's blood in every

vein “ Is boiling; but for thy dear sake

690 “ No present vengeance will I take;

“ Though here I must no more remain. “ But first, beloved Zuleika! hear “ How Giaffir wrought this deed of fear.


“ How first their strife to rancour grew, 695

“ If love or envy made them foes, “ It matters little if I knew; “In fiery spirits, slights, though few

" And thoughtless, will disturb repose. “ In war Abdallah's arm was strong,

700 “ Remember'd yet in Bosniac song, " And Paswan's (31) rebel hordes attest “ How little love they bore such guest: “ His death is all I need relate, “ The stern effect of Giaffir's hate;

705 “ And how my birth disclosed to me, “ Whate'er beside it makes, hath made me free.

XIV. “ When Paswan, after years of strife, “ At last for power, but first for life, 6 In Widin's walls too proudly sate,

710 “ Our Pachas rallied round the state; “ Nor last nor least in high command " Each brother led a separate band; They gave

their horsetails (32) to the wind, “And mustering in Sophia's plain

715 “ Their tents were pitch'd, their post assign'd;

“ To one, alas! assign'd in vain ! “ What need of words ? the deadly bowl,

“ By Giaffir's order drugg’d and given, 46 With venom subtle as his soul,

720 “ Dismiss'd Abdallah's hence to heaven. " Reclined and feverish in the bath,

“ He, when the hunter's sport was up, • But little deem'd a brother's wrath

“ To quench his thirst had such a cup: 725 “ The bowl a bribed attendant bore; “ He drank one draught, (33) nor needed more! “ If thou my tale, Zuleika, doubt, * Call Haroun-he can tell it out.



“ The deed once done, and Paswan's feud
" In part suppress'd, though ne'er subdued,

“ Abdallah's Pachalick was gain'd :-
6 Thou know'st not what in our Divan
“ Can wealth procure for worse than man
66 Abdallah's honours were obtain'd

735 “ By him a brother's murder stain'd; 6 "Tis true, the purchase nearly drain'd “ His ill got treasure, soon replaced. “ Would'st question whence? Survey the waste, “ And ask the squalid peasant how

740 “ His gains repay his broiling brow!

Why me the stern usurper spared,

Why thus with me his palace shared, “ I know not. Shame, regret, remorse, “ And little fear from infant's force;

745 Besides, adoption as a son “ By him whom Heaven accorded none, " Or some unknown cabal, caprice, “ Preserved me thus ;-but not in peace : “ He cannot curb his haughty mood,

750 “ Nor I forgive a father's blood.



“ Within thy father's house are foes;

“ Not all who break his bread are true: " To these should I my birth disclose,

“ His days, his very hours were few : They only want a heart to lead, “A hand to point them to the deed,






“ But Haroun only knows, or knew

“ This tale, whose close is almost nigh: “ He in Abdallah's palace grew,

“ And held that post in his Serai

" Which holds he here he saw him die: “ But what could single slavery do?

Avenge his lord ? alas ! too late; “ Or save his son from such a fate? “ He chose the last, and when elate

6 With foes subdued, or friends betray'd, “ Proud Giaffir in high triumph sate, “ He led me helpless to his gate,

66 And not in vain it seems essay'd

" To save the life for which he pray'd. “ The knowledge of my birth secured

“ From all and each, but most from me; 6 Thus Giaffir's safety was ensured.

6 Removed he too from Roumelie " To this our Asiatic side, “ Far from our seats by Danube's tide,

« With none but Haroun, who retains “ Such knowledge—and that Nubian feels

“ A tyrant's secrets are but chains, “ From which the captive gladly steals, " And this and more to me reveals: “ Such still to guilt just Alla sends “ Slaves, tools, accomplices-no friends!



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