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“ This rose to calm my brother's cares
A message from the Bulbul (17) bears;
“It says to-night he will prolong
“For Selim's ear his sweetest song;
“And though his note is somewhat sad,
“ He'll try for once a strain more glad,
“ With some faint hope his alter'd lay
“May sing these gloomy thoughts away.

“What! not receive my foolish flower? 295

“Nay then I am indeed unblest: “On me can thus thy forehead lower ?

“And know'st thou not who loves thee best? “Oh, Selim dear! Oh, more than dearest! “Say, is it me thou hat'st or fearest?

300 “Come, lay thy head upon my breast, “ And I will kiss thee into rest, “ Since words of mine, and songs must fail, “Ev'n from my fabled nightingale. “I knew our sire at times was stern,

305 “But this from thee had yet to learn: “ Too well I know he loves thee not; “But is Zuleika's love forgot? “Ah! deem I right? the Pacha's plan“ This kinsman Bey of Carasman "Perhaps may prove some foe of thine. “If so, I swear by Mecca's shrine,


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“If shrines that ne'er approach allow “To woman's step admit her vow, “Without thy free consent, command, 315 “ The Sultan should not have my hand! “Think'st thou that I could bear to part “ With thee, and learn to halve my heart? 6 Ah! were I severed from thy side, 6Where were thy friend and who my guide ? 320 66 Years have not seen, Time shall not see “ The hour that tears my soul from thee: “Even Azrael, (18) from his deadly quiver

“When flies that shaft, and fly it must, “That parts all else, shall doom for ever 325

“Our hearts to undivided dust!"


He lived-he breathed he moved-he felt
He raised the maid from where she knelt ;
His trance was gone-his keen eye shone
With thoughts that long in darkness dwelt;
With thoughts that burn-in rays that melt.
As the stream late conceald

By the fringe of its willows,
When it rushes reveald

In the light of its billows; As the bolt bursts on high

From the black cloud that bound it, Flash'd the soul of that eye

Through the long lashes round it.


A warhorse at the trumpet's sound,

840 A lion roused by heedless hound, A tyrant waked to sudden strife By graze of ill-directed knife, Starts not to more convulsive life Than he, who heard that vow, display'd, $45 And all, before repress’d, betray'd : “Now thou art mine, for ever mine, “With life to keep, and scarce with life resign; "Now thou art mine, that sacred oath, “ Though sworn by one, hath bound us both, 350 “ Yes, fondly, wisely hast thou done, " That vow hath saved more heads than one: “ But blench not thou—thy simplest tress “Claims more from me than tenderness; "I would not wrong the slenderest hair 355 “That clusters round thy forehead fair, “For all the treasures buried far “Within the caves of Istakar. (19) “ This morning clouds upon me lower'd, “Reproaches upon my head were shower’d, 360 " And Giaffir almost call'd me coward ! “ Now I have motive to be brave; "The son of his neglected slave, “Nay, start not, 'twas the term he gave, “May show, though little apt to vaunt, 365 “A heart his words nor deeds can daunt. “ His son, indeed !-yet, thanks to thee, “Perchance I am, at least shall be ;

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