Europa Vasconica, Europa Semitica, Parte 1

Mouton de Gruyter, 2003 - 977 páginas

This book presents the theory that the linguistic and cultural landscape of Europe north of the Alps and the Pyrenees was shaped in prehistoric times by the interaction of Indo-European speakers with speakers of languages related to Basque and to Semitic. These influences on the lexicon, grammar, and toponymy of the West Indo-European languages (with special focus on Germanic) are demonstrated in German and English research papers, provided here with summaries, commentaries, and a new introduction in English, and with general and etymological indexes.

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Bemerkung zum frühgermanischen Wortschatz
Die Lautverschiebungen und die Ausbreitung des
Zur Erklärung bayerischer Gewässer und Siedlungsnamen
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Sobre el autor (2003)

Theo Vennemann is Professor at the University of München, Germany.

Patrizia Noel teaches at the University of München, Germany.

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