The hunting grounds of the Old world, by 'The old shekarry', H.A.L.


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Página 30 - Gul in her bloom; Where the citron and olive are fairest of fruit, And the voice of the nightingale never is mute; Where the tints of the earth, and the hues of the sky, In...
Página 509 - THE HANDBOOK OF TURNING, With numerous plates. A complete and Practical Guide to the Beautiful Science of Turning in all its Branches. 1 vol. 7s. 6d. TEXTS FOR TALKERS. By FRANK FOWLER. 3s. 6d.
Página 509 - STEPHEN. With illustrations by Cruikshank. New and cheaper Edition, 5s. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, Elegant Gift Book for the Season. Beautifully bound in green watered silk, with coloured plates. Containing the Art of Conveying Sentiments of Esteem and Affection.
Página 511 - Sacred Poems. By the late Right Hon. Sir Robert Grant, with a Notice by Lord Glenelg. Eustace ; An Elegy. By the Right Hon. Charles Tennyson D'Eyncourt. The Pleasures of Home. By the Rev. JT Campbell.
Página 291 - The elephant, baulked of his victim, rushed wildly backwards and forwards two or three times, as if searching for him, and then, with a hoarse scream of disappointment, came tearing down the bed of the nullah. I was directly in his path, and powerless to get out of the way. A moment more, and I saw that I was perceived, for down he charged on me with a roar of vengeance.
Página 508 - A Trip to the Trenches ;' &c. 1 vol. 7s. CAMPAIGNING IN KAFFIRLAND; or, SCENES AND ADVENTURES IN THE KAFFIR WAR OF 1851—52. By Captain WR KING.
Página 292 - ... get out of the way. A moment more, and I saw that I was perceived, for down he charged on me with a roar of vengeance. With difficulty I raised my rifle, and, taking a steady aim between his eyes, pulled the trigger — it was my only chance. When the smoke cleared away, I perceived a mighty mass lying close to me. At last I had conquered. Soon after this I must have sunk into a swoon, for I hardly remembered anything until I found myself in my hut.
Página 11 - Crerer say, and it is doubtless true, that if you find a young fawn that has never followed its dam, and take it up and rub its back, and put your fingers in its mouth, it will follow you home for several miles ; but if it has once followed its dam for ever so small a space before you found it, it will never follow human being.
Página 44 - Here couch'd the panting tiger, on the watch ; Impatient but unmoved, his fire-ball eyes Made horrid twilight in the sunless jungle, Till on the heedless buffalo he sprang, Dragg'd the low-bellowing monster to his lair, Crash'd through the ribs at once into its heart, Quaffd the hot blood, and gorged the quivering flesh. Till drunk he lay, as powerless as the carcass.
Página 87 - The ermine is of the genus mustela, (weasel,) and resembles the common weasel in its form ; is from fourteen to sixteen inches from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The body is from ten to twelve inches long.

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