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Agassiz (Louis).

Bibliographia Zoologiæ et Geologiæ.

A General

Catalogue of all Books, Tracts, and Memoirs on Zoology and
Geology; corrected, enlarged, and edited by H. E. STRICKLAND.
(Ray Society.)
4 vols. 8vo. London, 1848–54.

Contributions to the Natural History of the Acalephæ of
North America.
4to. Cambridge and Boston, 1849.
(Mem. Amer. Acad. Arts and Sci. n. s. iv.
p. 221.)
Lake Superior, its Physical Character, Vegetation, and Ani-
mals, compared with those of other and similar regions, with a
narrative of the Tour, by J. ELLIOT CABOT, and contributions by
other scientific gentlemen.
8vo. Boston, 1850.
The Classification of Insects from Embryological Data.
Folio. Washington, 1851.


(Smiths. Contr. to Knowledge, ii.)

Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of 5 vols. 4to. Boston, 1857-77. Vol. I. pt. 1. Essay on Classification; 2. North-American Testudinata. Vol. II. Embryology of the Turtle. Vol. III. pt. 1. Acalephs in general; 2. Stenophora; 3. Discophore; 4. Hydroida; 5. Homologia of the Radiata.

Vol. IV. Wanting.

Vol. V. pt. 1. Embryology of the Starfish; 2. Hard parts of some North-
American Starfishes.

An Essay on Classification.

8vo. London, 1859.

The Structure of Animal Life. Six Lectures delivered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in January and February, 1862. 8vo. New York, 1866.

Address delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT, under the auspices of the Boston Society of Natural History. 8vo. Boston, 1869. Folio. London, 1874.

Pisces Celebes.

[This fragment of an unfinished work found amongst the papers of the late L. Agassiz; title printed by B. Quaritch, 1874.]

Report on the Florida Reefs. 4to. Cambridge, Mass., 1880. (Memoirs Mus. Comp. Zool. vii. no. 1.)

Rapport sur les Poissons fossiles découverts en Angleterre. 8vo. Neuchâtel, 1835.

(Misc. Zool. iii. p. 45.)

Mémoire sur les Moules de Mollusques vivants et fossiles.

4to. Neuchâtel, 1839.

(Misc. Zool. Pamphl. v. p. 211.)

Notice sur quelques points de l'organisation des Euryales, accompagnée de la description détaillée de l'espèce de la Méditerranée. 4to. Neuchâtel, 1839.

(Misc. Zool. Pamphl. v. p. 233.)

Notice of a Collection of Fishes from the Southern Bend of the Tennessee River, Alabama. 8vo. Newhaven, 1854.

(Misc. Zool. x. p. 241.)

Agassiz (Louis). The Primitive Diversity and Number of Animals in Geological Times. 8vo. Newhaven, 1854.

(Misc. Zool. xvii. p. 140.)

Synopsis of the Ichthyological Fauna of the Pacific Slope of North America, chiefly from the collections made by the U.S. Exploring Expedition, under the command of Capt. C. WILKES, with recent additions and comparisons with eastern types.

(Misc. Zool. x. p. 218.)

8vo. Newhaven, 1855.

Notice of the Fossil Fishes found in California by W. P. Blake. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1855.

(Misc. Zool. xvii. p. 165.)

See Sowerby (James). Conchologie de la Grande Bretagne. and Agassiz (Mrs.). A Journey in Brazil.

8vo. Boston and London, 1868.

and Gould (Augustus A.). Outlines of Comparative Physiology, touching the Structure and Development of the races of Animals, living and extinct.

and Vogt (C.). Anatomie des Salmones.

8vo. London, 1867.

4to. Neuchâtel, 1845.

(Mém. Soc. des Sci. Nat. Neuchâtel, iii.)

Aikman (James). A Natural History of Beasts, Birds, and Fishes ; or stories of animated nature.

Ainsworth. See Morell, Latin Dictionary.

8vo. London, 1852.

Ainsworth (William). An account of the Caves of Ballybunian, county of Kerry; with some mineralogical details.

8vo. Dublin, 1834. [Appendix containing Notice of the Birds met with on the Coast of Ballybunian in July 1883. By Capt. SABINE.]

Aken (Hermann van) and Martin (-). Verzeichniss sämmtlicher
Thiere welche sich in der Menagerie des H. van Aken und
12mo. Berlin, 1830.

Alaska. Scientific Results of the Exploration of Alaska by the
Parties under the charge of W. H. DALL, during the years
Vol. I. No. 1. 8vo. Washington, 1876.

See also Dall (W. H.).

Albany Museum. Catalogue of the Natural History Collections of the Albany Museum, Graham's Town. 8vo. Cape Town, 1883. Albers (Johann Abraham). Icones ad illustrandam Anatomen comparatam.

Fasc. I., II. (all published). Folio. Lipsia, 1818-22. Albers (Johann Christoph). Die Heliceen nach natürlicher Verwandtschaft systematisch geordnet. 8vo. Berlin, 1850.

Zweite Ausgabe, von EDUARD von MARTENS.
8vo. Leipzig, 1860.

Albers (Johann Christoph). Malacographia Maderensis sive enumeratio Molluscorum quae in Insulis Maderae et Portus Sancti aut viva exstant aut fossilia reperiuntur. 4to. Berolini, 1854.

Albertis (Luigi Maria d'). See D'Albertis (Luigi Maria).
Albin (Eleazar). A Natural History of English Insects.

4to. London, 1720.

(Second edition.) Large Notes and many curious
4to. London, 1749.

observations by W. DERHAM.
Natural History of Spiders and other curious Insects.

4to. London, 1736.

A Natural History of Birds, illustrated with two hundred and five Copper Plates, curiously engraved from life; to which are added Notes and Observations by W. DERHAM.

3 vols. 4to. London, 1738–40.

A Natural History of English Song-Birds, including such Foreign Birds as are usually brought over and esteemed for their New edition. 8vo. London, 1779.

singing. Albrecht (Paul). Beitrag zur Morphologie der M. omo-hyoides und der ventralen inneren Interbranchialmusculatur in der Reihe der Wirbelthiere. 4to. Kiel, 1876.

Sur la non-homologie des Poumons des Vertébrés Pulmonés avec la vessie natatoire des Poissons.

Zoological Pamphlets.

8vo. Paris et Bruxelles, 1886. Bruxelles, 1882–84.

2 vols. 8vo.


Note sur un sixième costoïde cervical chez un jeune Hippopotamus amphibius, p. 1.

Un nouvel os de la base du Crâne, p. 6.

Note sur la présence d'un rudiment de proatlas sur un exemplaire de
Hatteria punctata, p. 23.

Note sur le basioccipital des Batraciens Anoures, p. 28.

Sur la Crâne remarquable d'une Idiote, p. 32.

Note sur une hémivertèbre gauche surnuméraire de Python sebæ, p. 60.

Note sur la présence d'épiphyses terminales sur le corps des Vertèbres d'un exemplaire de Manatus americanus, p. 67.

Sur les 4 os intermaxillaires, le Bec-de-lièvre, p. 71.


Note sur le pelvisternum des Édentés, p. 1.

Sur lés Copulæ intercostoïdales et les hémisternoïdes du sacrum des Mam-
mifères, p. 10.

Sur la valeur morphologique de l'articulation mandibulaire, P. 29.
Sur la fossette vermienne du crâne des Mammifères, p. 39.

Erwiderung auf Prof. H. v. Meyer's Aufsatz: "Die Zwischenkiefert knochen
und seine Beziehungen zur Hasenscharte und zur schrägen Gesichts-
spalte," p. 51.

Ueber die Zahl des Zähne bei den Hasenschartenkieferspalten, p. 57.
Ueber die morphologische Bedeutung der Kiefer-, Lippen- und Gesichts-
spalten, pp. 61, 131.

Albrecht (Paul). Zoological Pamphlets. Vol. II. (continued).

Sur les éléments morphologiques du manubrium du Sternum chez les Mammifères, p. 82.

Sur les Homodynamies qui existent entre la main et le pied des Mammifères, p. 109.

Sur les Spondylocentres épipituitaires du Crâne, p. 115.

Sur la valeur morphologique de la Trompe d'Eustache, p. 136.

Alcock (Sir Rutherford). See Margary (A. R.). Shanghae to Bhamo. Alder (Joshua). A Catalogue of the Land and Freshwater Testaceous Mollusca found in the Vicinity of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with remarks. 4to. Newcastle, 1830.

(Misc. Zool. Pamph. iv. p. 220.)

A Catalogue of the Mollusca of Northumberland and Durham. 8vo. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1848.

(Trans. Tyneside Nat. Field Club, i. p. 97.)

A Catalogue of the Zoophytes of Northumberland and Dur8vo. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1857.



8vo. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1860.

(Trans. Tyneside Nat. Field Club, iii. p. 93, and v. p. 225.)

and Hancock (Albany). A Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca, with figures of all the Species. (Ray Society.) Folio. London, 1845. Aldridge (Reginald). Ranch Notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory, and Northern Texas.

8vo. London, 1884.

Aldrovandus (Ulisses). De Animalibus Insectis, libri septem.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1638.

De Piscibus, libri v.; et de Cetis, liber unus.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1638.

De Quadrupedibus solidipedibus, volumen integrum.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1639.

Serpentum et Draconum Historiæ, libri duo.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1640.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1642.

De reliquis Animalibus exanguibus, libri quatuor.

Monstrorum Historia cum Paralipomensis Historiæ omnium 2 vols. in 1. Folio. Bononiæ, 1642.


Quadrupedum omnium bisulcorum Historia.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1642.

De Quadrupedibus digitatis viviparis, libri duo; et Quadrupe

dibus digitatis oviparis, libri duo.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1645.

Ornithologiæ, hoc est de avibus Historiæ, libri xii.

3 vols. Folio. Bononiæ, 1645-46.

Museum Metallicum, in libros iv. distributum.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1648.

Dendrologiæ naturalis, scilicet Arborum Historiæ libri duo.

Folio. Bononiæ, 1668.

'Alert.' Report on the Zoological Collections made in the IndoPacific Ocean during the voyage of H.M.S. Alert, 1881–82.

Summary of the Voyage. By R. W. COPPINGER.
Mammalia. By O. THOMAS.

Aves. By R. B. SHARPE.

[ocr errors]

Reptilia, Batrachia, Pisces. By A. GÜNTHER.

Mollusca. By E. A. SMITH.

Echinodermata. By F. J. BELL.

Crustacea. By E. J. MIERS.

Coleoptera. By C. O. WATERHOUSE.

Lepidoptera. By A. G. BUTLER.

Alcyonaria and Spongiida. By S. O. RIDLEY.

8vo. London, 1884.

See Coppinger (R. W.). Cruise of H.M.S. Alert.

Algérie. Exploration Scientifique de l'Algérie, pendant les années


10 vols. Folio. Paris, 1848-67.

Mammifères. Par Commandant LOCHE. (1867.)
Oiseaux. Par Commandant LoCHE. (1867.)
Reptiles et Poissons. Par A. GUICHENOT. (1850.)
Mollusques. Par G. P. DESHAYES. (1848.)

Crustacés, Arachnides, Myriapodes et Hexapodes. Par H. LUCAS. (1849.)
Insectes. Par H. LUCAS. (1849.)

Alix (Edmond). Essai sur l'Appareil Locomoteur des Oiseaux.

8vo. Paris, 1874.

Allen (Harrison). Monograph of the Bats of North America. 8vo. Washington, 1864.

Allen (Joel Asaph). Synonymatic List of the American Sciuri or Arboreal Squirrels. 8vo. Washington, 1878. History of North American Pinnipeds, a Monograph of the Walruses, Sea-Lions, Sea-Bears, and Seals of North America. 8vo. Washington, 1880.

Catalogue of the Mammals of Massachusetts, with a Critical Revision of the Species. 8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1869. (Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. vol. i. p. 143.)

On the Eared Seals (Otariada), with detailed Descriptions of the North-Pacific Species. 8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1870.

(Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. vol. ii. p. 1.)

On the Mammals and Winter Birds of East Florida.

8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1870.

(Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. vol. ii. p. 161.)

Notes on an Ornithological Reconnaissance of Portions of Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

8vo. Cambridge, Mass., 1872.

(Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. vol. iii. p. 113.)

The American Bisons, Living and Extinct.

4to. Cambridge, Mass., 1876.

(Memoirs Mus. Comp. Zool. vol. iv.)

See Coues (Elliott). Monograph of N. American Rodentia.

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