Mathematical Tracts on Physical Astronomy, the Figure of the Earth, Precession and Nutation, and the Calculus of Variations. Designed for the Use of Students in the University

J. Smith, 1826 - 180 páginas

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Página i - Mathematical Tracts on the Lunar and Planetary Theories. The Figure of the Earth, Precession and Nutation, the Calculus of Variations, and the Undulatory Theory of Optics.
Página 128 - ... the angular velocity generated in each of those intervals to be impressed at the end of each, and then finding the limit to which we approach, by increasing indefinitely the number of these intervals. 11. PROP. 3. If a uniform force act upon the body, tending to give it a motion of rotation about an axis which is always perpendicular to the axis about which it is at each instant revolving, and always in the plane BAC, (fig. 1 and 3), the angular velocity will be unaltered.

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