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But squinting through his glass, said he: | look out what you do. It is the

Excuse me; but, are you the one Of whom I borrowed once a V?

• Book of Books. It shines by its Nay, do not seem to take offence;

own light, and do n't borrow its exI'll pay it back undoubtedly: For it is very plain to see

cellence from pure white paper You have not any confidence IR me.

and picters.' Its great outlines will

impress the mind better in their The other, thrown from off his guard, Replied: "I wish not to be hard :

nakedness than by any touches I want the money, it is true, But I have confidence in you.'

which your pencil can put in. Make "Come then and take a walk,' said he, books on something else.

To my own house in Avenue D.;
Advance a step or two before,
My wife will see you at the door,
And lecture me to-night:

We would like to ask our co-
I'll go and get my other coat,
Where I've a hundred dollar note,

trumpery journalists what is a penAnd set the matter right.'

shong? We hear that word very Then his friend's arm he did release, And straight accosts the star-police. often in conversation. That it is

Pray take that villain to the Tombs: He stole a great-coat from my rooms.'

not in Walker's or Webster's we With that, in spite of kicks and blows, know; that it is incorrect, we are A broken head and bloody nose, By force, to cut the matter short,

inclined to think. We heerd a feThey bore the sufferer to the court:

rocious-looking young man cross The accuser was upon the ground, The innocent robber to confound.

over the Brooklyn Ferry-Boat, Said he: I now will hasten hence, To get the needful evidence.'

where they have improved the cabBut ere he went, with accents bland, ings wery much, and like a drawExtending his sinister band, He said, and smiled quite pleasantly: ing-room, say that he had a penIt grieves me very much to see

shong for music and opera. We You have not any confidence In me.'

judged from the context of his conversation, which did not contain a

thimble-full of brains, that his paPRAPs the Holy Scripturs were

rents allowed him a pension for to never so much read as now-a-days;

indulge his taste in these things, and good need of it, for never was

and to buy Macassar oil to furbish the world wickeder. Among other

up his whiskers and keep his musimprovements, we observe a great

4 tashes in twist, and buy new heads store of books upon Bible charac

to his cane after he had sucked the ters; a kind of filling up of scrip

old ones off. Who will inform us ter narrative. We think we see a

what is a penshong? human hand filling up the story of Ruth. We have had from two or Will Row-de-dow' call at our three different quarters the “Wo- office, and we will then explain to men of the Bible. There is lately him why we could not insert his advertised • The Young Men of composition on. Neutral Relations' the Bible. Who will edit a new in the Bunkum Flag-Staff? First work to be entitled • The Babies of all, it is full of little i's as a butof the Bible ?' Friends and fellow-terfly's head; and would n't mind citizens, do n't make the good book this, were it equal to a butterfly in a plea for mere book-making. If other respects, which it is not, canyou are doing it for the good of didly so to speak. Its ideas are your feller men, not a word to say; somethink like a butterfly, sure but if you are doing it because it enough, because when you go for to is lucrative, persuading youself that catch them, you can't do it. Be. the motive is different, then we say sides that, the style is as much in



wolved as a man that can't pay his clamping the glorious Union, and dets. There aint no weight or heft making it strong, we are peskily in the sentimens: they ’re as light afeered that before they get done as day. He can't write.

sitting (and when they do begin to

sit they always sit as long as a tailor MR. CODDLE.— We met our old making a pair of breeches) they friend, Captain Coddle, of the will rend this glorious Union into • Medicated Apple-Saäs,' in the fragments, which, if they do, we street to-day, with a big watch-hope that the President of the chain and seal hangin' down in front United'en Stets will leave the White of his little rotund belly, and his House for the white horse, and cheeks shining like a horse just command in person a ship of war curried off. The “Saäs' is rapidly against John Calhoun. Calhoun filling his pocket with rocks, be- is well enough in his place, (alsides doing good to his feller men, though he has been sick,) and though especially those with febrile affec- we wish him well, far rather had tions. He spoke with much feel- we that he would stay sick, and ink of those who travestied his de- even dead, and have the ked'ntry partment of medicine, palming upon in convalescence. The congresa gulled and taken-in community a sional watch-makers are only fit to fictititious article. These will be take the watch of the Constitution, prosecuted to the utmost limits and with all its works, and smash it jumping-off place of the law, and right onto the grëound; if they ask three such cases are now in chan- bread, giving him a stun. cery. We notice that the imitators are in the market in full blast. The other day we read of · Compound JENNY LINN. - This great canMedicated Squash-Jam.' Gentle- tatreechy has been hired for the men, do n't carry the medicated American Museum, a very worthy business too far. One such valable place of entertainment. We stept remedy as the Saäs may do well in there the other day and see the enough, but too much druggin' is negroes of the Amistad in black injurus to the coats of the stomach. wacks; also General Jackson, PolWe are requested to call attention ly Bodine, and the Duke of Wel. to an advertisement of Cod-Liver lington and fancy-glass blowing, Oil,' which will be found in another and got weighed, (a hunderd and colume.

thirty-one pound: we never shall

be a Jerusha;) afterwards went upTALKING FOR BUNKUM.—This stairs and see a pantomine and Mr. has got to be a very common thing Rice and sundries. At night, on since we set up the Flag-Staff. Be- the top of it they have a big light, fore that, nobody had a good word which sweeps the whole heaven to say for the place, and now the like a broom, as if it would rub Members of Congress, since the out all the pavement of stars, and beginning of the session, have been take the moon by surprise. But doing nothing else but talking for if she do come, we hope they won't Bunkum. The worst of it is, that charge over half a dollar, otherwise while they receive their eight dol- we won't go and see her. We're lars a-day, they are doing nothing been enough taken in by forinners for the ked’ntry; and, instead of already.

TOR SALE by the subscriber, a choice invoice Advertisements.

r of POP-GUNS, just imported in brig Schle




ber offers the above reward to any one who CREATURS, DESTROYS COLDS, ASTHMYS. see my dog Ponto kill a sheep, as the subscriber HICCUPS, NIGHT-SWEATS, COUGHS, EX don't believe he did do it. PECTORATIONS, COLD FEET, SENSE OF


spectable young lady, who must be a memBODY, MAKES THE SKIN SMOOTH AND | ber of a church, to teach six lovely children ItaSLICK, AND RESTORES THE FUNCTIONS lian, French, music, and all the English branches OF VITALITY, and is never known to fail in all of education. The family being small, she will cases where it has yet been tried. The subscriber also be expected to do the chamberwork and has received Afty barrels of this soothing remedy washing. No salary will be given, the advanfrom his old-established fishery at Pagsamaquoddy | tage of having a good home being sufficient comBay, and is prepared to supply the oil to con- pensation. Address Box No. 1, Post-Office. sumers without delay. Consumptives are respectfully invited to walk in and look at his as

Prospectus. sortment. Those who are far gone are most earnestly requested to call before they take to T'HE BUNKUM FLAG-STAFF is published their beds and it is everlastingly too late. The

I every now and then at Bunkum, and also at cadaverous cheeks of half those whom we reet the office of the KNICKERBOCKER in New-York. in the streets might be rectified by a timely appli It will take a firm stand on the side of virtue and cation to this mighty Healer, which is taking morality. It has received the most marked encothe place of Naptha, Blowing Tubes, Syrup of miums from the press and from individooals. Our Liverwort, Wild-Cherry Bark, and Mrs. JARVIS's brother has also written to us in most flatterin Cold Candy. Far be it from us to intimate a tering of our journal. We shall endeavor to merit word against Mrs. JARVIS's Cold Candy: it done these marks of favor, and it affords us the most General JACKSON much good, as see his hand and adequate satisfaction to inform our readers that seal in her window, and HENXERY CLAY's throat Miss MARY ANN DELIGHTFUL, the pleasant wriis benefitted very much; but that excellent wo-ter, who is all smiles and dimples, S ENGAGED man would not, we presume, were the truth can not to be married, reader, though that is an event didly known, pretend to say that it could pluck no doubt to take place - but is engaged to furnish up consumption by the roots, although the con- a series of articles for this paper. Other talent sumption of the candy is very great. This the will be snapped up as it occurs. All kinds of jobCod-Liver will; and not only so, but prevent a work executed with neatness and despatch. The return. Out of an exceedingly numerous array Fine Arts and Literature fully discussed. There of testimonials it affords us much pleasure to af- will be a series of discriminating articles on mufix the following:

sic, to which we call the attention of amatoors, Boston, March 1, 1850. PRINCIPLES OF 'NINETY-EIGHT, and all the great 6 DEAR SIR: I was apparently far gone with

measures of the day, as well as all other princihectic cheeks and cough to match, when the

ples, fully sustained; vice uprooted by the heels, Cod-Liver Oil was recommended to me as a

and cast him like a noxious weed away. For forlorn-bope. I made my will, had night-sweats,

farther particulars see large head : settled up iny business, and was troubled with a

THE BUNKUM FLAG-STAFF dry hacking cough. My bad debts I forgave, and

IS EDITED BY MR. WAGSTAFF. my expectorations were very distressing. Those who came to see me had the impoliteness to say, It gives us pleasure to state that the Flag-Staff' .He's a dead man ! in their very eyes, and all meets with the warm approbation of our brother, my symptoms were bad. Dr. BOLUS said there from whom the following is an extract: was no hope of me, and my wife, who was very

· DEAR BROTHER: I like your Flog-Staff' very unwell, took an affectionate leave of me by her

| much for the independen' course it pursues; and very looks, when the Cod-Liver Oil arrested my

people in this part of the ked'ntry approve it very attention as I was reading a newspaper. Codfish

highly. Uncle Joun is sick with the rheumatiz, balls I never liked, but Cod-Liver Oil I resolved to

but now better. Please set me down for one subtry as a remedy; and when I say it worked


Your affectionate brother, charms, the half nor the quarter has not been

PETER WAGSTAFF.' gaid. I had tried young Dr. HUMBUG's Syrup of Saxafax, and old Dr. HUMBUG's (the original in

Horses and cabs to let by the editor. Old news. ventor) Compound Concentrated Syrup of Saxa- !

papers for sale at this offis. WANTED, AN APPRENfax, and no use. One gallon of this placed me

TICE. He must be bound for eight years, fold and where I am now, on my two legs, and ready to carry papers, ride post once-t a-week to Babylon, run for a wager. Please place my testimonial on

Pequog, Jericho, Old Man's, Mount Misery, Hunrecord, out of thanks, out of gratitude for this gry Harbor, Hetchabonnuck, Coram, Miller's great discovery.

Place, Skunk's Manor, Fire Island, Mosquito
Cove and Montauk Point, on our old white mare,

and must find and blow his own horn. RUN TIXBY'S PATENT AIR-TIGHT STOVE. AWAY, AN INDENTED APPRENTICE, named John

Nobody never seen a more complete inven JOHNs, scar on his head, one ear gone, and no tion than this. All you got to do is to put in the debts paid of his contracting. California gold, hickory wood, set fire to it with a little kindlin', banks at par, pistareens, fippenny bits, and Unishet the door clust, and there you have your fire, tend Stets currency in general, received in suball winter. It is air-tight, consequently the heat scription. Also, store-pay, potatoes, corn, rye, don't escape no wheres; and the fire never goes oats, eggs, beans, pork, grits, hay, old rope, lambs'. out, cause it can't git out. Invented by Mr. | wool, shovels, honey, shorts, dried cod, catnip, oil, URIAH DIXBY, to Bunkum, Main-street, 56. but'nut bark, paints, glass, putty, hemp, snake


root, cord-wood, live geese feathers, saxafax, dried apples, hops, new cider, axe handles, mill-stones, Contents of the Present Number. heinlock gum, bacon and hams, ginshang-root, vinegar, punking, ellacompaine, harness, hops, I ART. I. EDITORIAL LEADER. ashes, slippery-ellum bark, clams, nails, varnish,

I II. OLD FRIEND. sheet-iron, sapsago cheese, old' junk, whisk III. HUMBUG AND BU brooms, manure, and all other produce, taken in IV. A MAXUM. exchange.

V. ANOTHER MAXUM. Those who don't want the last number of VI. HONOR TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE. the FLAG-STAFF please return it to this offis, post

WHAT IS A PENSHONG ? paid, as the demand for that number is very great. VIII. ANSWER TO ROW-DE-DOW. A patent churn and washing-machine, to go by

SUCCESS OF CAPTAIN CODDLE. dog-power, are left here for inspexion.



CALIFORNY. Y WANTED TO HIRE, A NEW Milch FAR XIII. THE CONFIDENCE MAN. RER Cow; give eight quarts of milk night and XIV. BOOK-MAKING. morning; also, to change milks with some neigh XV. ADVERTISEMENTS. bor with a cheese-press for a skim-milk cheese XVI. PROSPECTUS. once-t a week.


[blocks in formation]

So I ran for my life

From the crazy men all, Yes I, your great leader

To-night in the ball !"

· And was told in a vision

To say to the town,
That on the next Sunday

Much rain would come down; And whoe'er should be spattered

By one single drop, Must have all his reason

Washed off by the slop :
And all became crazy,

The great and the small;
In fact, just like us,

Who are here at the ball!

“Yes, they were all glorious,

I only was sad,
How I longed to strike in

With the rest and be mad! In a rut in the road,

Still a puddle I found, And straight in that puddle

My reason I drowned ;
I ought to have drunk it,

But that I forgot,
For scarce had I touched it,

When reason was not : . I would I had soaked me,

Soul, marrow and all, Like the maddest, the bravest

Who scream in our ball.'

But in those early ages,

To add to their woes, They had no umbrellas,

Or water-proof clothes; And as they were wise

They all laughed at a dream, And, returning from meeting,

Were soaked in the stream : So when I went out

On that same afternoon, I found every mortal

As wild as a loon; Yes, fairly demented,

Uproarious all, Quite fit to be present

To-night at the ball !

"There was one jolly fellow

Had dug up a pile Of bright yellow dust,

Which he guarded the while ; And several were fighting,

And diverse were drunk, While some in polemics

Were dreadfully sunk :
And others were raising

A terrible clamor,
As they bid for a maiden

Just brought to the hammer, While many were gabbling

Of stocks' rise and fall ; Yes, you understand that,

Some of you in the ball.'

Ho! look at this pretzel,

Or carnival cake; 'Tis made in the form

Of a two-headed snake; It hideth great mysteries,

Great jokes, I may say ; It is man, 't is the world,

'Tis the all of to-day, And its two heads betoken

The sorrow and mirth, Or the wisdom and folly

Which govern our earth; Or the pain and the pleasure,

The bad and the good, Which circle in all things

By dry land or flood; And it feeds on itself

And it feeds on us all, As we feed upon it

To-night at the ball.'

· The one-eyed may be great

In the land of the blind ; But a sage among fools

Is a long way behind :
For I really found out,

To my greatest surprise,
That I was the mad man

And they were the wise ; Lord ! lord! how they hooted !

One cried, rather stern, Lo! here comes the dreamer!

Quick! à la lanterne ! Philadelphia, 1850.

· Hurrah for the bright world,

'So green and so round ! Hurrah for the maidens

That on it abound ! Hurrah for the wild ones

That give it a tone : Hurrah for the Master ! Who claims it alone.

(sotto voce) Who will claim till he lose it,

For thank God! some day These masks and our folly

Must vanish away;
Alas! that till then

We must dance on the floor,
And howl with the wolves
Till their madness be o'er.


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