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as he resumed his seat. •I understand you, Saint Leger, but you do not understand me; you have had little opportunity to know me, and I acquit you of intentional insult. Others may call me what they will; unscrupulous, abandoned, a debauchee, a villain ; but in this business I have, as I said to you, a new purpose, a new hope. I tell you, I have set my life upon this venture, and with my life only will I abandon it. Say no more to me. Leila, I know, does not authorize this application; you can not get her consent to your interference; but I give you credit for good purposes, else I had not listened a moment. As it is, you must be satisfied. I offer you my hand again ; I do not ask you to pledge me in the glass ; let the wine remain untasted, if you will have it so, but — you are the nearest relative Leila has upon the continent — will you not be present at the ceremony? It will take place to-morrow evening at seven, precisely in the cathedral.'

• I will be there, Count. Good morning. I turned and left the room.


Come to me when AURORA opes her eyes,
Beneath a heaven of blue and cloudless skies;
Come when bright day wanes wearied to repose,
And one by one Night's watchful eyes unclose.


Tell me, in tones of music from thy soul,
All the wild thoughts beyond the will's control :
Whisper of loveliness and all things dear,
That charm and soothe in Life's terrestrial sphere.

Catch from the sunbeam a translucent veil,
Sip from the dew-drop trembling in the gale,
Add to the lustre of thy beaming eyes
A ray from those that sparkle in the skies.

Deck thy white robes with mosses from the dell,
Bind up thy hair with wreaths of pearly shell,
Sandal thy feet with tender fragrant leaves,
Bear in thy hand the wand TITANIA Weaves.

Steal from pale Memory all her subtle power,
Be but for me in this delicious hour:
Come in the morning or in evening gloom;
Come by the light of stars or silver moon.


Oh! come, with nature and with freshness sweet ;
Come, and let music echo from thy feet:
So shalt thou type and herald precious be
Of every beauty, and all joy to me.

The Bunkam Slag-Staff and Independent Echo.




APRIL 1, 1850.

No. 2.



Our readers and patroons and | Arkansaäs, (where we see Albert advertising list are kindly requested Pike) and then begin anew, fresh to bear with the delay of our issoo, as a bridegroom with his hair new which has now been intercected for reaped, shone like a stubble-field some two months by sickness and at harvest home. In the West we other causes, and our travel into Ar- see a good many newspapers, but kansaäs territory. From the many as we said before, they can't write. inquiries which have been made for There's no moral design into 'em. us, we believe that the Flag-Staff They never been bred up to the is firmly planted on the top wave pen, which if they do not, it is leof an advancing public opinion, gitimately impossible that any thing and gifted with eagel wings, and a excelsior in the way of literature heart of oak, incited by moral pur- should be attained, and so we told poses, devoted to advertisements Albert Pike. and all causes of reform, (we are But they can do a great many happy to inform our readers that other things and do do them, which our sick brother is better) knows would astonish an Atlantic mind in no retiring ebb, but keeps right on. those interior States. They will May the tide continue to flow ! take a slip of land runnin' out in Corn, hay,oats, grits as usual taken the Misippi river, and in two or in exchange.

three days build up a considerabul Reader, we are now sitooated in town where there was nothing but our offis, and returned to an exci- mud and a hull army of ke-blunk ting life of mind for your good. bull-frogs. In a short time more We shall institute the Flag-Staff on that town will have a board of Alstill better fundamentals. We are dermen, who save money enough afraid that we carried it in some out of public taxes to meet together things too extravagantly fur. Too in sotial turkle-soup dinners and on much of one thing is good for no- keg oysters brought from the East. thing. We mean to go hully for Bime by you see Astor-Houses and the practical, for in this ked’ntry long lines of shops with calico hung whatever is n't practical is an im- out, and mercantile agencies from practability, as our old aunt Sharlot New-York with big rings on their used to say. That was 1 reason fingers, cut a swell at the hotels and and a good reason too, why we drink champagne. Bime by that temporary stopt the Flag-Staff. It town will have what is called the was to git breath, hitch up, go to tong;'a sort of Quality, who live in three-story housen, a good ways off tics, they are extremely savage and from the calico flags, and the ladies go for the Union to a man. Not wipe their sweet pretty mouths with one of them will hearken to any fine cambric with a hem-stitch or such thing as dissolve the commonlace border all round it two or three wealth, but leave it just where inches deep, covered with musk, WASHINGTON left it; and palsied and twelve o'clock get into a nice be the arm that would scratch out carriage at the door, with a stag's one star from her escapement ! head onto the pannel, or an eagel Schools and eddication is flourwith his wings spread out, or a lion ishing. For eddication is the creownstandin' on his hind legs, coupant in' glory of the Uniten'd Stets. and roarin' as if he had just come Albert Pike lives at Little Rock, out of the woods. And if you go and wrote Hymns to the Gods,' into rooms at nights, you will listen and we dined with him, when he to sweet sounds of peanas, and see praised our Flag-Staff, and said it Polkas danced, and a great many was written in a good English style, brave beauxs who would n't be out in answer to which, we replied to of place even in Bunkum or Broad- him, that that was all we aimed at way. Bime by as civilization ad- to make ourselves understood ; that vances, there will be great com- writing was our Fort, from which mercial failures called smashes, and nothing but a troop of Ingens could the pier-glasses and window-curt- drive us out. “Says he, pouring ings under the hammer, and then out another glass of apple-jack, up on their legs again as if nothink (and we donethe same,) do you had happened, and begin the world remain entranced just where you anew. Never despair is the motto are. Daniel Webster in the Senate, in this part of the wurruld. But and Noah Webster in the spellingwe wisht you could see their steam-book, could not do more for the boats and sail into 'em like we done. ked'ntry than you are doing in that Great mammoth, anaconda like sheet. Put me down for a subscristructures, as long as a degree of ber. Send it to Little Rock in a latitude in jography; fine cabins strong wrapper.' For which we almost too good to spit on; state- thanked him, told him our pay was rooms a good sight better than we in adwance, and asked him to write can afford to live in to home ; meals Hymna to the Gods, which he containing the fat of the land, and sot right down and done, but we they run in a hull forest of pine- lost it on the Missouri river, where wood, pitch and tar in the bilers, our hat blew off to the valy of three and run races, which, when they do dollars, for which we patronized bust, they rain down a whole shower the Arkansaïs hatters and bought of arms, legs and bodies from those a fur cup. He is an excellent man, not so fortunate to escape onto the and fought in the Mexican war. adjacent ked'ntry. An accident of Bears is plenty and buffalos further this kind occurred one day in ad- West. But more anon, Sir. vance of our travel, and three persons who had agreed to subscribe the Flag-Staff blown up; a dead A close, miserly man who lives loss to us. We mean to send the in his own house, is like an oyster sheet entirely gratis to the widows. confined to his shell by a hard Go thou and do likewise. In poli-heart.

A CORRESPONDENT wants to know At a large and 'fully attended the difference between Humbug' meeting of the people of Bunkum and · Bugbear.' We are surprised on Tuesday night, it was voted that at the question. Humbug is not the thanks of the community and a Bugbear; and wicy-wercy, any small silver-cup be presented to more ’n Bugbear is Humbug and Mr. J. W. Todlemus, "for straightwicy-wercy. They go on their own forward conduck as a fellow citihook, and hooking is too good for zen and a man.' Mr. Todlemus either of them. Let's go into the returned thanks in a set speech, in question a little. You see they're which he said that his desire always both bugs, only one has hum before should be both in the transactions of it, and the other bear after it. So his Soap-Factory, and in his politithen the distinxion lies not between cal, moral, social, family, and other bug and bug, but between hum and relations, to toe the straight chalkbear. Now we're comin' to the line of duty. — (Cheers.) very marrow of the subjek, which At the same time and place, a we mean to skoop out of the bone handsome medal was presented in with the handle of the table-spoon the name of several gentlemen pasof common sense, and lay it on the sengers on the Streak of Lighttoast of intelligence, and sprinkle ning' Ferry-Boat, to Captain Mix, it with the red pepper of humor. for having steered clear of a large Well a humbug is in its natur small, cake of ice day before yesterday. buzzing and contemptible like a fly Captain Mix returned thanks. — or a musketer, and though there (Cheers.) may be a great humbug, it is only the hum that is great, but the bug is really little. Bime by it flies in CALIFORNY. — The wonderful the lamp of exposure and then you doin's in these diggin's still consee it aint much. A bugbear is a tinoo, and its more like Jack and great big thing, as big as a moun- the Bean-Pole than any think we tain that has got no existence at all, pretty near ever knew. The folbut it is in the imaginations of men, Ilowing remarkable suckumstanse and that's the same thing as if it occurred; and when we say that was alive and kickin' like a polar we had it from the identical indibear. That's our definition, but vidooal, our word will not be diswe have n't looked at Noah Web-I believed. A young man named ster.

Silvester Snaps, of an enterprisin'

turn, went out with three or four To an Old Friend' who sends hundred dollars, and at Panama us a plate of shin of beef soup, we was robbed, and devil as many thank him most cordially, and may pennies had he to save his life. ten per cent. of it be returned into The robbers cut out the whole . his own buzzum.

pocket of his coat, where he had his pocket-book, with a pedn-knife

or sharp razor; and when he put Some men the more you know his hand in for to get it, lowen and of them you like them less. Other behold it was gone! What does men, the less you know of them, he do? Shed tears ? Friends and you like them more. We are sorry fellow countrymen, no! He lands that it is so, but so it is.

at St. Francisco without a cent;


and, shavin' himself with his own bly marry a wife before another razor and washin' himself with his year is out, and live as handsome own soap, walks through the streets, as any man need to live. fresh as a bridegroom. Presently he sees two men at a stand-still, talking. Goin' promptly up and

Poetry. listening to their conversation, he hears one of them say, 'I'd like

THE CONFIDENCE MAN. to do the job for you, but I can't do it; my hands is full. With that he turns off. Our young man

THERE was a man named DICKERY DOCK, says, "What is it you want done?

Who in the opera took delight: Says the other, “It is to hang some He wore a very faultless stock,

And gloves most innocently white: walls with cotton cloth, as we can't His birth-place never has been known, get no other material.' Oh,' says

Nor where his history began,

But he's become, as all will own, the stranger, 'I can do that as well A very celebrated man,

Now this same man, named DICKERY DOCK, as any body. Only give me a few

Whose character was but a wreck, tacks. So he does it, and gets

It must be said, had little stock,

Except the stock about his neck. two hundred dollars. After that, He put his black moustache in pawn

Whene'er he went to any place; walkin' about the town, he sees a

And save the coat which he had on, great many bottles thrown out, as Which fitted with exceeding grace,

And save the figure which he cut, if good for nothing; and while re Few lists of figures did he run : wolving this fack in his mind, he

For though he always put down 0,

He was not known to carry 1. hears a store-keeper say to a ship He boarded at the Vast Hotel,

And drank his bottle of wine a-day, captain, . We can't store them 'ere

Until one morn the master said: . brandy-hogsheads any more. We

Dear Sir, there's twenty bottles dead:

Our rule is in advance to pay.' are sorry for it, but we want the Straight he unfurled a roll of bills,

And said with wounded dignity, room. 'Oh,' says our native of

Tarning as red as turkey-gills: Poughkeepsie, New-York, comin' Most certainly -- most certainly,

I'll pay the score and get me hence, up, . How much brandy have you

Where I'll not meet the like offence; got ?' says he. Two hundred For it is very plain to see

You have not any confidence dollars' worth,' said the other. “I'll

In me, buy it of you,' said he. With that

"Oh! no,' the other quick replied, he planks down the cash, and goes Seeing the cash he could provide : and gathers up the bottles. That Dear Sir, we have, believe it true,

The utmost confidence in you. bottled brandy he sold for one thou Take back the funds, pay when you will,

And eat and drink and sleep your fill.' sand dollars. With that he pushes

Not so,' the guest replied; you may off for the mines, with a wariety of Receive the cash; I'd rather pay.

So taking up the host's receipt, articles, which he sold for ten times He walked for pleasure in the street: the valy. Bime by he finds a stream

Six months or more the time passed well

In boarding at the Vast Hotel, which he reckons can be turned Till one day he, quite satiated,

With all his trunks absquatulated. from the bed. He hires some men at twenty-five dollars a-piece a day to work onto it, makes the stream squirt off its waters in another way, ONE who had loaned (the story goes) and there he digs out fifty thou

Our friend a hundred dollar bill,

(He did it sore against his will,) sand dollars right off, with which Beheld his pleasant face no more,

Till one day at DELMONICO's he came home, and is now living

He saw him enter at the door. at the Astor-House, drinking his The adept, who had been to school,

Resolved to play the part of "Cool, champagne wine, and will proba-/ Nor ever waited for a dup;


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