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Página 36 - ... take heed of carrying your good breeding to such a height as to be good for nothing, and to be proud of it. Some think it hath a great air to be above troubling their thoughts with such ordinary things as their house and family...
Página 342 - ... without having too much, he cannot at all times so hold in his thoughts but that at some time they may run away with him ; as it is hard...
Página 344 - Mistake, into which their Malice betrays them, they think that by finding a Mote in his Eye, they hide the Beams, that are in their own. His...
Página 18 - This being so, remember, that next to the danger of committing the fault yourself, the greatest is that of seeing it in your husband. Do not seem to look or hear that way; if he is a man of sense he will reclaim himself; the folly of it is of itself sufficient to cure him.
Página 43 - ... an impertinence. The art of laying out money wisely is not attained to without a great deal of thought; and it is yet more difficult in the case of a wife, who is accountable to her husband for her mistakes in it. It is not only his money, his credit too is at stake, if what...
Página 343 - All the repeated provocations of his indecent adversaries have had no other effect than the setting his good-nature in so much a better light, since his anger never yet went farther than to pity them. That heat, which in most other men raises sharpness and satire, in him glows into warmth for his friends, and compassion for those in want and misery.
Página 258 - Besides all this, you act very unskilfully against your visible interest, if you throw away the advantages, of which you can hardly fail in the next probable revolution. Things tend naturally to what you would have, if you would let them alone, and not by an unseasonable activity lose the influences of your good star, which promiseth you every thing that is prosperous.
Página 58 - Unnatural things carry a Deformity in them never to be Disguised; the Liveliness of Youth in a riper Age, looketh like a new patch upon an old Gown; so that a Gay Matron, a cheerful old Fool may be reasonably put into the List of the Tamer kind of Monsters.
Página 30 - Prince ; first give him the Orders you afterwards receive from him. With all this, that which you are to pray for, is a Wise Husband, one that by knowing how to be a Master, for that very reason will not let you feel the weight of it; one whose Authority is so...
Página 34 - Discipline as you have been under, every thing you dislike will seem the harsher to you. The tenderness we have had for you, My Dear, is of another nature, peculiar to kind Parents, and differing from that which you will meet with first in any Family into which you shall be transplanted; and yet they may be very kind too, and afford no justifiable reason to you to complain.

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