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Entertaining Companion


^ for t£t


Appropriated solely to their

Use and Amusement.

VolXXYTfor the YEAR 1795


Printedfor G.G & J. RoBIXSOX-


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15 Grasville Abbey, , 36

16 The Fortunate Dinner. An Anec-

1 dote, 40

17 Description of the Ladien* Dresses

on her Majesty's Birth-Day, 41

18 Enigmatical l.ills, 44

19 Poetical Ettv,j. Od> for the

New Ycar.^To a Friend on his

Birth-Day.—Songs in the New

Opeta, "Arrived at Portsmouth."

—Epigram.—Nelly's Complaint.

A'liallad.—Sonnet.—Verses on vi-

siting the Grave of an amiable

Youth.—Answer to W. F's. Riddle

in August last.—Rcbu'es.—The
Consolation. 45 —4^

lc Foreign News, . , 49

11 Home News, ja

2i Marriages, - j«

13 Deaths, 56

This Number is embellished with the following CopperrI?Utes, viz.

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I. An Elegant Frontispiece, designed and engraved by the most capital Artists
in Eurvpe. 1. An engraved Title-page. 3. Portrait of the Princess of
^ Brunswick. 4. A New Pattern for a Gown, Petticoat, or Apron. And,
A 5. Sonnet by the late Dr. Greene.

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