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Morley called himself a Comtist ing ideas and sharing patriotic

or a Positivist? What purpose did he serve by inviting, or if possible compelling, others to pin the same label on their backs? And he had not the excuse, which religious Methodists might plead, that he was doing his best to save friendly souls from burning. He was employing all his zeal to convince friendly souls that whatever they said or thought or did, they had no chance of burning at all. But he grew out of his early Methodism wisely and triumphantly. "In later days," says Mr Hirst, "he would never, I think, have laboured to convert a Christian, Jew, or Moslem into a Lucretian." We are perfectly sure he would not. In fact, "the mellowing process went on," teste Mr Hirst, "until he could poke fun (as he once did with me) at the disestablishing zeal of Carvell Williams." How happy a deliverance!

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aspirations with a leader of
Humanitarian Reds. Yet all
the time you were only standing
on tiptoe and trying to peer
over the park palings. A most
outrageous imposture, I de-
clare. What will you bet that
you don't hobnob with the
Hatfield chieftain before ten
years are over?" Again, when
Trollope is torn to pieces in his
own 'Fortnightly,' Harrison
cannot conceal his satisfaction.
"How Helen Taylor crushes
up Trollope," he writes. "I
hear his bones crack like the
eating of larks." But these
were trivial topics for men so
great as Morley and Harrison
to discuss, and they are more
easily at home when Harrison,
vastly daring, is persuaded to
attack the monarchy in the
pages of the 'Fortnightly.'
They both took this project
with profound seriousness, and
seem to have thought that
they were engaged in
in the
pleasant pastime of earth shak-
ing. When the article came
which was destined to "raise
the subject from the cataract
of cant, in which it has been
drowned," Morley was en-
chanted. "I am unable," he
wrote, "to think of anything

The questions asked and answered by the two friends are many and various. When Morley chaffed Harrison with going to Hatfield, Harrison takes the taunt with an engaging solemnity. "The drawing-room is the Capua of patriotism, but your article which reached laughed Morley. "I went to Hatfield town, and not to Hatfield House," was Harrison's retort. Morley would not let the matter rest there. "The picture was most delightful and instructive," said he, "the leader of the Church Conservatives graciously exchang

me yesterday. Its brilliance and energy, its changes from force and strength to the most admirable wit, make it a true masterpiece, and it will be the literary sensation of the season." But

when the article was printed and read, the friends were disappointed. Harrison

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had begun upon a note of confidence. "Thoughtful men, of whatever party," he had written, see that the ultimate adoption of the republican form by both branches of the English race is as certain as the rising of to-morrow's sun." The world was not impelled to enthusiasm by the pure doctrine of Frederic Harrison. "The brilliance," complained Morley, "has had scandalously inadequate recognition. In fact, there is no audience in England, certainly not in the London press, for this admixture of striking literary expression with political judgment. Our people are afraid of it. It has a French smell about it, and that is the smell of burning palaces." And to-day it is all forgotten-the article, and its reception, and the smell of burning palaces. Nothing remains of it but this belated record of the disappointed pride of Editor and Contributor.

Presently John Morley left the 'Fortnightly' for the 'Pall Mall Gazette,' and at last reached the haven towards which he had always been sailing the House of Commons. Like many another, he cheerfully laid down the rôle of an apostle, and listened with infinite satisfaction to the raucous voices of the electorate. He looked back on his new profession of politics with the same cynicism with which he

embraced it. He knew that he was sacrificing what of old had seemed the one thing worth living for - the search after truth. Reason was no longer the deity of his worship. "It seemed absurd," he wrote in his 'Recollections,' "for one who had begun life on the literary side by repudiating conventions, to launch into political action, which has for its very first working principle compliance with conventions. What was the sense of a chartered preacher against MenPleasers embarking on an enterprise whose chance of success depended . . . on pleasing a majority out of 20,000 or 30,000 men with votes ?" Nor did John Morley stop there. He grew, in his last incarnation, into a finished man of the world, contented with his lot, and mellow with the gathered knowledge of the years, careless, perhaps, of the harm which he must have known that his policy in Ireland and India had prepared for us, and as fine a master of amiable discourse as can easily be encountered or remembered. Mr Hirst's volumes will not supplant Morley's own Recollections,' because Morley knew himself better than does his biographer, and was a harsher critic of his early extravagances than Mr Hirst could be, who still clings to the doctrines and the heresies of Morley's youth.

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Select Educational Institutions


Preparatory School of Northern Ideas for boys 12 15. Each boy is supplied with and cares for his own horse. Outdoor life. 12 miles south of Daytona. Two hundred acre ranch. Catalog on request.

WAYNE E. CONNOR, (Princeton) Director
W. A. BUELL, M. A. (Princeton) Headmaster,
New Smyrna, Fla.


A select, accredited school of high standards, resultful
methods, and of sound principles and ideals. Ideally
located in the "Land of the Sky." Junior Depart-
ment. Non-Military. For Catalogue, address

J. R. SANDIFER, Headmaster.

Brenau College Conservatory

Select patronage 32 states; location, foothills Blue Ridge Mts. North of Atlanta. Standard A B. course; special advantages in music, oratory, art, domestic science, physical culture. 32 buildings. Outdoor sports; swimming, boating, horseback riding, etc.

Catalog and illustrated book. Address: BRENAU, Box E, Gainesville, Ga.


A select school for girls, overlooking famous
Dupont Circle.

Preparation for College; Art; Piano, Violin and Voice;
Ancient and Modern Languages; Secretarial;
Athletics; Classic Dance, etc.

illustrated Prospectus. Home life carefully regulated.
Address Principal

1408 New Hampshire Ave.,
Dupont Circle, Washington, D. C.

Garrison Forest School for Girls
A Modern, Well Equipped School on a Country Estate
in the Beautiful Green Spring Valley near Baltimore.
Location Favorable for Outdoor Sports and Horseback

Intermediate, College Preparatory, or General
Courses, including Music and Art.
Special Care for Junior School Pupils.
For Catalog and Views Address:

Garrison, Md.

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For GIRLS who wish a high standard

A church school in a delightful suburb of Richmond.
Louisa de BERNIERE BACOT, Head.
R. D. 2, Box T, RICHMOND, VA.

Boarding School for Girls Accredited Academic Department. Separate oneyear Commercial Course. Two-year course in household arts for young ladies desiring to prepare them selves for successful home-making. Board, tuition and laundry, $250 per year.

For further information, address Sister Superior



Modern in method

Old in name
Notable in achievement
Specializes in the last two years of High School work
All courses completed in one semester. Students take one
course or many. Hour recitations. Six days a week
Expert faculty. New York Regents examinations. Tutor
ing department for private pupils.

C. M. DOYLE, A. B.

A. J. THOMAS, Ph. D., Directors.


Private and Class instruction in all modern languages. English included. Skilled native teachers. Reasonable tuition. Day and Evening Classes. Enroll at a BERLITZ SCHOOL in New York Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, etc.


for out of town students. Write for particulars to New York Berlitz School, 80 West 34th Street.

AMERICAN LABORATORY THEATRE DRAMATIC SCHOOL DEPT., R. Boleslavsky, Director Announce the opening of the Spring Term on Feb. 1, 1927. Course includes ballet, diction, voice production. fencing, Dalcroze eurythmics and special work in the technique of acting with MARIA OUSPENSKAYA, of the Moscow Art Theatre. Also technical rehearsals with members of the permanent company.

For catalog, address: ELISABETH BIGELOW, Exec. Sec. 145 East 58th Street, New York City


College preparatory school for the sons of

Conducted by the Oratorian Fathers.
Classes taught by competent laymen.

Preference given to applicants to Lower School.
Apply to Headmaster,

Summit, New Jersey





Prepares for any college, professional schools, State
Board examinations, business.

15th and Race Streets
Philadelphia, Pa.

OHIO Military


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Jesuit Boarding School for Boys
For catalog, write

REV. B. J. RODMAN, S. J., President

University of Southern California

Comprises the following schools and colleges: Liberal
Art, Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Music, Speech, Com-
merce and Business Administration, Religion, Social
Welfare, Education, Graduate School, Metropolitan

President, Rufus B. von Kleinsmid, A.M., Sc.D.,
J.D., D.M.C.P., Ph. et Litt.D.

For bulletins, address Registrar, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

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