The Church historians of England, tr. by J. Stevenson

1856 - 10 páginas

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Página 43 - O GOD, the heathen are come into thine inheritance ; thy holy temple have they defiled, and made Jerusalem an heap of stones.
Página 79 - Alwid,3 bishop of Lichfield, and Aldulf, bishop of Rochester, on the tenth day of the month of June, being Sunday ; he was a man remarkable for his religion and wisdom, and notably learned in the sacred writings. " Thus at this present time, bishops Tatwine and Aldulf preside over the churches of Kent ; Hingwald is bishop over the province of the East Saxons ; Eadbert and...
Página 115 - But even now there was none to do it honour : his sons, his brothers, his relations, were all absent, and of all the Conqueror's officers and rich vassals not one was found to take charge of the obsequies. At length a poor knight named Herluin, who lived in the neighbourhood, charged...
Página 50 - ... interspersed with archers, were arranged in the front rank. The others, with the exception of those who were to dispose and rally the forces, mustered with the barons in the centre, near and around the Standard, and they were guarded by the rest of the host, who closed in on all sides. The troop of cavalry and the horses of the knights were stationed at a little distance, lest they should take fright at the shouting and uproar of the Scots. In like manner, on the enemy's side, the king and almost...
Página 90 - On his return through France, he fell in love with Judith, the daughter of Charles the Bald, the king of the Franks, who probably gave a good fortune to the bride, for Charles being known as the bald, must of course have been without any heir apparent. When Ethelwolf arrived at home with his new wife, he found his three sons, or as he had been in the habit of calling them,
Página 102 - thou hast obtained the kingdom by the death of thy brother, whom thy mother has slain, therefore, hear now the word of the Lord; thus saith the Lord, ' The sword shall not depart from thy house, but shall rage against thee all the days of thy life, slaying thy seed, until thy kingdom be given to another kingdom whose manners and language the nation whom thou governest knoweth not.
Página 220 - There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler : 6 Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. 7 I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.
Página 145 - Melrose, was elected as his successor upon the third of the kalends of March [Monday, 27th Feb.], being the second day of the week, at Dunfermelin, and was consecrated on the fourth of the ides of September [10th Sept.]. How wonderfully did the hand of God bring about this election ! Hugh, bishop of Durham, 1 The 18th of September fell upon a Sunday. died on the fifth of the nones of March [Friday, 3d March], being the sixth day of the week, in the forty-third year of his episcopate. Reinald, the...
Página 251 - See the host of the king of Scotland who has defied us ; And we shall be scorned within these holds, We shall have no succour nor help from any of our neighbours." Then he invokes his lord, Henry the valiant king ; The tears along his face go falling down : " Evil was your strength, since now you are powerless ! 500 You cannot aid your baron in any way whatever. I will go to the king of Scotland, asking for a truce, Forty days space, that I may pass the sea. If then I cannot succour myself afterwards...
Página 271 - Go to the king of Scotland, who is your lord ; Say that I inform him I take from him no estate Nor fees nor inheritance, nor will I ever do so ; But let him go to king Henry, let him make his complaint That I hold the castle and tower of Carlisle By force against him as a true warrior...

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